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Sacramento real estate and housing market, from Galt to Lincoln. Local observations about Sacramento restaurants, special events, music concerts and the Sacramento lifestyle, including great places to vacation around the world.



There is your Sacramento Realtor, hanging out between the A and M in the Sacramento logo for our Farm to Fork Festival. And that thing behind me? Looks like a helicopter, right? Pretty space agey, high-tech.Since my husband works at the state, we have free parking for these events, but we could h...
The olden days of selling short sales can change an agent. Why, I know some agents who would not step foot into a short sale property, especially if it wasn't maintained. They did not want to climb over piles of toys, clothes, papers strewn all over the floors. And the attitude hasn't much change...
After crawling through crap the last few days, I am very happy to present my stunning new listing in Arden Manor. It's always such a pleasure to take a listing when there is nothing in the home I could improve. No furniture to move. No odds and ends to dispose of. Nope, everything is picture perf...
The real estate market in Sacramento is starting to feel like two divided groups of people. Where have you heard this before? Sellers have not quite realized our seller's market is over and still think they can attract wild prices. Buyers expect to negotiate and they want a good deal. Very opposi...
Ever since last spring, one of my listings was the target of a Sacramento appraiser's Tweets. In the best interests of the seller, I decided not to discuss the listing nor the situation that ensued. Primarily because the seller has been through enough, and I did not want to jeopardize her chances...
If a tree falls in the woods, did it make a sound? You know, if you email a customer, meaning a person who has specifically requested more information from you, and that person does not reply, are they ignoring you? It makes me wonder whether we have become so insensitive to digital communication...
You hear more talk about buyer's closing costs and not seller's closing costs in Sacramento. Most likely because the difference between the two is pretty basic. The buyer generally takes money out of her savings account to close escrow. She needs to deposit usable funds into escrow. On the other ...
Yup, that is a photo of me 22 years ago building the first and only garage I've ever built. My husband did not want to build a garage but he also did not want to pay twice as much (or more) to hire a contractor. Besides, I had presented compelling evidence that it was not difficult to build a gar...
Home buyers begin their shopping experience on the internet. It's not a secret that many Sacramento home buyers navigate to popular online websites that try to aggragate MLS listings. Even our own MetroList competes with its paid subscribers for eyeballs. Home buyers think it's all about the prod...
Looking for unicorn buyers is always a bit more tough than appealing to the masses for a Sacramento Realtor. But once you know the sellers' parameters and expectations, you either accept the job or decline. As a Realtor, I generally accept. Even when I suspect it may take longer to sell the house...

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