2014 winter vacation: Coming Home to Land Park From Vacation - 01/11/15 01:54 AM
Everybody needs a little vacation from a vacation in my world. If not for the time zone change alone when you've traveled a long distance but for the realization that the hamster wheel is spinning and it's time to jump aboard. After I get back to work, I always feel recharged and roaring to go after a vacation, but I do admit that working up to it can be a bit of a challenge.
When I left Molokai, the last leg of my 30-day winter vacation, I mentioned to my cab driver that to stay at that hotel for 30 days … (7 comments)

2014 winter vacation: When You Least Expect a Miracle - 01/08/15 01:29 AM
Without going all woo-woo on you, let me say that sometimes things happen out of the blue at exactly the right time, and you might wonder why. I know I do when it happens. Like money showing up out of nowhere just when you need it. Have you ever had that happen because I surely have. I recall years ago worrying about where I would find a big chunk of change for something unexpected and, lo and behold, a fat check for a class action settlement (of which I was unaware) showed up in my mailbox. These kinds of things happen … (7 comments)

2014 winter vacation: How Sacramento REALTORs Can Relate to Molokai's Wot Wot - 01/06/15 01:47 AM
The general manager of the Molokai Hotel assured me last night that the restaurant, which is presently under re-construction, will be ready in 8 weeks, or at least by Christmas, and he guarantees it. Emphatically. Which will most likely make a huge difference in the experience at this hotel; I can see lunches around the pool and evening dinners at oceanside. At the moment, there really are no hotels on the island that offer an onsite restaurant service.
People generally stop by the bar for a drink on their way to dinner somewhere. Many of the other restaurants in the closest … (7 comments)

2014 winter vacation: Difference Between a Death Notice and an Obituary - 01/04/15 04:13 AM
My husband is forever correcting people who call a "death notice" an "obituary." But people don't know, and he shouldn't try to hold them accountable when they don't work for a newspaper. Yet he is right, a death notice vs a obituary are two distinct types of published information in a newspaper about a person who has died. An "obit" is generally written by a staff member on the paper, and it's reserved for a person of distinction in the community or , in some cases, a celebrity.
My mother had an obit published after she died, and the reporter for the … (14 comments)

2014 winter vacation: Winter Storm in Molokai but Life Goes On as Usual - 01/03/15 03:55 AM
The muffin I am eating for breakfast says on the wrapper that it has 220 calories per portion and serves two, so I am consuming 440 calories in a lousy muffin when for that amount I could be stuffing Black Forest German Chocolate cake with Devil's Food Frosting down my throat. But it is food, so I am trying not to complain much.
At my location in Molokai, there are no restaurants and also no cellphone service for me. We had a huge storm last night that battered houses, pounded the harbor; the wind whirled, whistled much of the night, puddles … (8 comments)

2014 winter vacation: A Stopover Vacation in Molokai, Hawaii, from Vanuatu - 01/02/15 04:27 AM
Stumbling upon, quite unexpectedly this morning, the snack machine on the path to other rooms at Hotel Molokai was a sheer surprise. Tucked away under a hut. Why, we have Molokai coconut water available for a buck, ten, and let's not forget those tasty goldfish treats, cholesterol-free yogurt nuts and Classic Lay's Potato Chips. I discovered it on my way back from breakfast -- where I had luckily scored a plastic spoon to add to my growing collection of plastic utensils, necessary for survival. Also, grabbed an apple for a late afternoon snack.
All of this happened after wondering when I woke … (5 comments)

2014 winter vacation: Happy New Year's Day From 3 Countries - 01/01/15 03:48 AM
I got to spend New Year's Day in three different countries this year over two different days, which were both New Year's. I started out in Vanuatu at 5 AM, hauling my luggage up the driveway at Havannah Resort, because the security guy went the wrong direction and was lost. The guy who drove me to the airport announced that he had not slept in two days but at least he doesn't drink, and he drove 25 MPH all the way to the airport, swerving to avoid bodies of revelers passed out in the road flat on their backs.
At the … (8 comments)

2014 winter vacation: Leg 5 of My Vacation Journey Starts Today - 12/30/14 12:16 PM
Frederick of the Havannah Resort in Vanuatu asked me last night if I wanted to join everybody for a cocktail and watch the Fire Show. But honestly, I don't have any interest in New Year's Eve celebrations with a bunch of couples from Australia who just want to be left alone to their own devices. Plus, I got to see a spectacular fire show at Eratap Resort and don't feel a need to be entertained.
I've gotten really grumpy, I guess, in my old age, in that I'm satisfied to read a book or listen to music or just sit here and … (8 comments)

2014 winter vacation: This Agent's Last Real Estate Closing for 2014 - 12/30/14 03:43 AM
These Vanuatu geckos are getting used to me screaming at them now. I spot their shadows as they cautiously approach the threshold to my villa and immediately clap my hands while warning them in a loud voice to get the hell outta my room. They scamper away. Not messing with this crazy woman, they must think. I have yet to see a really BIG gecko, which has gotta tell ya something about how they are treated by others on the island.
Although, as my husband is fond of telling me, they do eat the bugs, but I doubt they make much … (10 comments)

2014 winter vacation: Drinking Kava in the Village of Tanoliu, Efate Island - 12/29/14 07:12 AM
Frederick, one of the owners of the Havannah Resort, stopped by my breakfast table to ask how things went last night with my walking tour of the village of Tanoliu. I couldn't stop saying enough nice things about my experience. Resort life is not a real life, it's manufactured, but the villages and the people who live there are very much real. That's the part of Havannah Harbor I wanted to see, and I had an excellent opportunity to do so yesterday, escorted by a woman whose husband's brother is the chief of the village.
Then, Frederick asked me what my … (10 comments)

2014 winter vacation: What You May Find When Searching For Nemo - 12/27/14 05:07 AM
It seemed like a good idea to get a manicure a few days ago, but now that I'm looking at my nails I'm wondering why I bothered. You would think that it would be hard to chip a nail for a woman who does nothing more strenguous than lifting a glass of champagne while on vacation in Vanuatu, but somehow I manage. Not only have I chipped a few nails, but I scraped the top of one nail trying to protect my snorkel.
As I headed toward a dock yesterday, I could see heavy ropes hanging underneath, which didn't leave a … (13 comments)

2014 winter vacation: Not a Big Fan of Lizards in Vanuatu - 12/26/14 04:06 AM
At the moment, I am sitting upright with my laptop computer in my lap, furiously typing so I can finish and move. A B52 bomber just flew through the doors on my deck, buzzing my right ear, and rammed its head into my sofa. I am not turning around to look where it crash landed.
Although I do have to be a lot more cognizant of my surroundings, I've noticed. I feel it is necessary to watch where I walk and study the ground, the trees, the vegetation. I don't want to step barefoot on a piece of broken glass, for … (7 comments)

2014 winter vacation: It Should Not Be Shocking to Learn a New Trick - 12/25/14 04:29 AM
The escrow officer who handles most of my sellers' real estate transactions often goes to exotic places to SCUBA, and I have always been in awe of her ability to do that. It's not quite the same thing when you're watching fish on television, even if the cats seem to enjoy the action, as when you're under the sea and witnessing colors of tropical beauties in person. Which I can't do.
I also have never learned how to snorkel. Wasn't in the lineup of things that I can do well, sorta like water skiing, so I avoided it like no tomorrow. … (9 comments)

2014 winter vacation: The First Leg of a Sacramento Realtor's Winter Vacation - 12/09/14 07:56 AM
By the time you are reading this, my husband will have dropped me off at Hawaiian Airlines at the Sacramento airport and I will be in the sky, getting the heck outta dodge before the winter storm. Fortunately, I have used the entire preceding 24 hours to check and double-check that I have every charger, every cord, every mechanical device that I could possibly use, all in my one small Victorinox carry-on. Other people carry on clothes or makeup but I bring a Mac laptop, juicepacks, emergency backups, iPad, iPod, iPhone, Nikon, all the little gizmos that I can't do without on … (8 comments)

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