bank of america short sale: The Sacramento Short Sale That Lasted Over 2 Years - 09/04/14 02:21 AM
My partner in crime and I are going out to Waterboy to celebrate our endurance over closing this Sacramento short sale in Carmichael, which lasted for more than 2 years. You get to know people fairly well when you're working with them over a two-year period. With the bulk of my real estate sales in Sacramento, I meet the sellers, offer staging ideas, shoot professional photos, pick a price, suggest the buyers pound sand when they try to renegotiate and successfully close the transaction, all within a few months. These are not long relationships. In fact, with some, especially the escrows … (9 comments)

bank of america short sale: Why Agents Work on a Short Sale When Sacramento Short Sales are so Few - 05/13/14 10:36 AM
Somedays you just get lucky. You're in the right place at the right time. Like when I moved to Sacramento many years ago and went back to selling real estate. Right place, right time. Look at yesterday, I had hopped over to Macy's at the downtown Sacramento mall for a needed errand. Wow, is that place deserted. I stopped by the Eileen Fisher department, just as a stroll by, and holy cow on the sale rack was hanging a beautiful pair of black straight-leg skinny pants, bearing a tiny paisley print. It was in my size, too. Luck.
Originally $248. On … (0 comments)

bank of america short sale: The Problem With Chase Bank HELOC Short Sales in Equator - 03/25/14 02:06 AM
This morning, not for lack of anything better to do, I rip into Chase Bank because it feels so good to stop talking about its inept short sale HELOC department. Those second loans at Chase Bank are like a thorn in our sides in Sacramento, especially during a HAFA short sale, because Chase does not seem to have any procedures in place to properly execute a short sale in Equator for its junior loans.
We've been working on computers for a long time. For me, it's been since 1988. Why the junior loan department at Chase struggles to work in the … (8 comments)

bank of america short sale: Working That Green Tree Short Sale in Sacramento - 02/18/14 12:31 AM
It seems lately that every time I turn around, I am bumping into a Green Tree short sale in Sacramento. Some of my short sales have a Green Tree loan in first position but most of them are in second and hard money. I had a conversation with a Bank of America negotiator a few days ago about Green Tree because Bank of America wanted to offer the sellers a Cooperative Short Sale. Well, that's all fine and dandy if there is no second lender, but a second lender can throw a wrench into a Cooperative Short Sale transaction, and Green … (3 comments)

bank of america short sale: The Bank of America Short Sale Service Release - 12/04/12 10:59 PM
The buyers for this Sacramento short sale are still hollering and screaming about the service release. They want to sue Bank of America and Seterus and probably everybody else connected to the transaction because their short sale was rejected after being what they deemed to be "approved" in their eyes. Except it was not approved. A preapproved Bank of America cooperative short sale is not a short sale approval. It is a preapproved price and the bank has agreed that the seller can participate in the short sale review, but it is not an outright approval. This is a very important … (4 comments)

bank of america short sale: The Bank of America Switch from HAFA to Cooperative Short Sale - 10/31/12 12:09 AM
This is my second or third Sacramento short sale in the last few months in which Bank of America has switched the borrower mid-short sale to a Cooperative Short Sale. We started out as a HAFA and were switched. I always start out as a Cooperative Short Sale if I can. That's because it's typically much easier on the borrower, and when the borrower is happy, so am I. Plus, generally the Cooperatives don't involve a hardship letter or financials, but there is no guarantee that the bank won't ask for those documents. It always reserves the right to request financials.

bank of america short sale: Don't Sit Around and Whine About a Bank of America FHA Short Sale - 10/28/12 02:26 AM
It's easy to point the proverbial finger of blame at a Bank of America negotiator in a Bank of America FHA short sale. That's because there are so many moving parts to an FHA short sale that Bank of America negotiators have a very hard time handling them. Some of them have a hard enough time working on regular short sales as there is still little consistency across the board. But throw HUD into the mix, and it really messes up stuff. There are so many rules and regulations. Plus, the guidelines constantly change. It's different when you're dealing with the … (8 comments)

bank of america short sale: Where Do You Get a Short Sale Package? - 10/19/12 12:56 AM
Bank of America called me for the third time yesterday on a short sale file that's not mine. Every time the bank calls, I tell them yes, the sellers had completed a third party authorization but I no longer represent them. I don't represent them because they screamed at me on the phone. Ordinarily, people do not scream at me. That's kind of a weird thing to have happen. But I realize a short sale can put a great deal of stress on a seller, and not everybody reacts to stress in the same way. I give people a break. I … (7 comments)

bank of america short sale: Beware if You're in Escrow With a Bank of America Short Sale - 10/13/12 12:52 AM
An alarming thing is happening to Bank of America short sales. Especially the Cooperative Short Sales that have already been approved.
I've got a bunch of Cooperative Short Sales pending in Sacramento. This means we've already had the price and the property approved by Bank of America. In my case, we've already sold the property, too, to a short sale buyer, and probably for more than list price and maybe all cash.
In some instances, we have received the short sale approval letter on that Cooperative Short Sale. Can Bank of America cancel that short sale at the very last minute? … (18 comments)

bank of america short sale: A Bank of America HAFA Short Sale Pays Ten Bucks a Day - 10/11/12 12:23 AM
What is it about those Bank of America HAFA short sales that make you want to poke out your eyeballs? You know what they say about insanity, right? Insanity is when you do the same thing over and over and expect different results. Well, I am not insane because I know when I accept a HAFA short sale transaction that I must negotiate through Bank of America, it will take a long, long time. It won't take the 30 days the government tells you it will take. It will take months and months and months. It could run into years if … (11 comments)

bank of america short sale: Lady Gaga and Bank of America Short Sale Counters - 09/15/12 01:33 AM
Yeah, I am not the only short sale agent stupid enough who could throw together Lady Gaga and a Bank of America short sale counter offer, but I am the only short sale agent who would do it on Active Rain. Oh, wait. Maybe Mary Douglas would do it. But she is far from stupid. She is one of the smartest and kindest agents I have ever met.
You've got to have a heart to work in real estate. Especially if you're selling short sales because the parties rely on you. I know they rely on this Sacramento short sale agent … (6 comments)

bank of america short sale: Why Are Cash Investors Winning the Deals in Sacramento? - 07/27/12 12:31 AM
The biggest obstacle facing us short sale agents in Sacramento lately is closing the buyers' loan. Seems to have spread across the board this month. It's like a nasty little virus that gets passed around or maybe there's something foreign in their Vitaminwater, I don't know but they can't seem to close those loans. It's horrendous.
USDA says its loans are backlogged by 30 days, so one of my Lincoln short sales is now delayed. The buyer switched the loan to FHA but, even so, we're still a week behind, and I don't know if the banks will extend. The thing … (9 comments)

bank of america short sale: A Soft Decline Can Be Reversed for a Bank of America Short Sale - 07/18/12 11:20 PM
People think you can't reason with a short sale bank but you can. You've just gotta talk to the right people. The right person is not always the negotiator nor the asset manager. I hate to say this, but the truth is that sort of person is just somebody who is doing a job and not necessarily a very rewarding job at that. They're not like a short sale agent, for example.
One of the reasons why I love selling Sacramento short sales for sellers is because it's personally rewarding. That's not to say it's not rewarding to sell a home … (9 comments)

bank of america short sale: Bank of America Needs a Family First Program - 06/11/12 11:55 PM
Odds are if I have a problem with a Bank of America short sale, it's due to AMS. Overall, Bank of America has been a lot more focused on solving its short sale issues than a few other banks I won't name. Most of my Sacramento short sales go pretty smoothly when they involve Bank of America. Except for an AMS HAFA short sale. I suppose it probably comes down to choosing the devil you know, for Bank of America, over the devil you do not. The least of the evils out there. And thank goodness Bank of America isn't blaming … (7 comments)

bank of america short sale: Failed Bank of America Loan Modifications are Short Sales in Disguise - 05/29/12 11:05 PM
I was reading a client response letter this morning. My former client wrote, "Elizabeth was excellent and made our short sale process so much better than it could have been. We have heard horror stories . . . " And it made me wonder how does she really know how awful it could have been? I try not to focus on the negative crap in a short sale. I don't always share with a seller every little horrid thing that happens either because I try to spare feelings. But the truth of it is short sales are not always a pleasant … (10 comments)

bank of america short sale: The Apple Pie of Sacramento Short Sales is No Dessert - 05/26/12 12:37 AM
Imagine you're having dinner at a restaurant. You've finished your meal and are awaiting for dessert when your cell phone rings. So, you excuse yourself from the table, grab your cell and head out to the parking lot to talk. When you come back to your table, everybody is gone, the table is cleared, and the waiter elbows you to ask: "Do you have a reservation?"
You wonder if this is the Twilight Zone. You say, "I just want to eat my apple pie." No, the waiter says you must call a special 800# and make a reservation. Then, they will … (9 comments)

bank of america short sale: Bank of America Wants You to Do a Short Sale - 05/22/12 12:11 AM
I don't know much about front-loading washing machines except that they use less water (which is great for our environment) and are horribly expensive. I know even less about whether I can stop the machine mid-cycle and open the door. Wouldn't water run all over the floor? But this is something one would want to do if one accidentally locked her cat in the washing machine.
That thought crossed my mind yesterday when I could not find my cat, Jackson. He wasn't in the living room or the family room. I called him and he didn't come. Didn't see him in … (12 comments)

bank of america short sale: Don't Get Suckered Into Short Sale Mortgage Fraud - 05/18/12 11:25 PM
It's hard to think like a crook. Part of the problem is crooks are often not very smart. I mean, if they were smart, they would think of some other way to make a living than to be a crook. Because there are other options, you know. You don't have to turn to a life of crime to pay the bills.
I'm not talking the guy who shows up to rob a bank and leaves evidence of his home address at the teller's window. Or the burglar who breaks into your home and leaves his cell phone on the kitchen counter. … (9 comments)

bank of america short sale: Back When Life Was a Bit Easier and Less Stressful Than the Sacramento Short Sale Market - 04/17/12 11:31 PM
The photo you see here was shot by my good friend LadyJake in 1976. She posted this on another site a few days ago. As you've correctly surmised, I am standing in the center. It's hard to believe this was shot 36 years ago when I was working as a title searcher for First American Title in Boulder.
I lived at that time in Nederland, Colorado. And there is a big reunion scheduled this summer for past and present residents of Nederland and Caribou Ranch from that particular decade. The biggest problem is many of us don't recall each other or … (4 comments)

bank of america short sale: Banks Write the Rules for California Short Sales - 04/17/12 12:37 AM
Interesting blow up at the California Assembly yesterday. AB 1602 was pulled from committee moments before Attorney General Kamala Harris was to speak. That's the bill that says banks can't have their cake and eat it too. In other words, this bill says banks can't consider a loan modification while they are pursuing foreclosure. Of course, the banking industry is against it. Because banks write the rules.
If you don't think banks write the rules, you've been living under a rock or not involved with short sales. As a Sacramento short sale agent, I have first-hand knowledge of how banks write … (14 comments)

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