crest theatre: If You're Going to San Francisco, You May as Well Visit Jelly Belly - 11/24/13 02:44 AM
I really don't know what fool put together the schedule for my last trip to San Francisco, because we did way too much stuff for a two-day visit from Sacramento. Not only that, but we had much to do upon coming home to Land Park. That included going out to dinner and then over to The Crest Theatre for a show / concert by Thomas Dolby. It was hard to find much room in my stomach for spicey Thai when I had recently consumed an entire bag of Jelly Bellies. Not to mention, a few more samples of Jelly Bellies, and … (7 comments)

crest theatre: For All of You Sacramento Downton Abbey Fans - 11/01/13 01:09 AM
Sometimes I miss the old day of television, you know, when shows went off the air and came back on in September. Nowadays, we TIVO everything, so I'm lucky if I even know whether the show is on regular broadcast television or cable or if we're watching a BlueRay, because my husband takes care of the remote. And you know what? I don't care. I'd rather not have to fuss around with the stinkin' remote because the universals don't work correctly and we have 6 remotes to play with. I always push the wrong button and end up calling Comcast.
There … (4 comments)

crest theatre: Searching for Sugar Man is Not the Best Title Yet a Moving Movie - 01/27/13 11:01 PM
I try to take Sundays off, depending on the flow of phone calls and business at hand, but as a Sacramento real estate agent it's not always possible. Fortunately, I have a pretty understanding spouse who doesn't put up much of a fuss when I have to handle a business item that pops up unexpectedly on a Sunday. It's not like a phone call takes me much more than ten minutes or so to wrap up, and I can do so while we are driving to the Crest Theatre as we were yesterday to see Silver Linings Playbook. That was a … (7 comments)

crest theatre: Looking at Real Estate Websites From Both Sides Now - 05/20/12 11:44 PM
Here is another chapter of if I could change the world. I woke up this morning with Judy Collins on my brain. Strains of bows and flows and angel hair and ice cream castles in the air suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Probably because we have tickets to see Judy Collins at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento this November. I don't think I've ever seen her in concert, although I did buy her album Wildflowers in 1967. This was back in the day when you could have one hit song on an album and people would buy it.
I suppose I … (19 comments)

crest theatre: Lindsey Buckingham, Whole Earth Festival and a GMAC Short Sale - 05/14/12 12:35 AM
If mama ain't happy, nobody is happy. That's the motto they should print on greeting cards for Mother's Day. But then some wiseass might say that every day is mother's day. Just like they used to tell us that every day was children's day when we were kids, but we knew better. And, fortunately, there were plenty of things to do in Sacramento yesterday to keep mama happy.
Not that I have a mom anymore. I'm an orphan. And I'm not a mother. Although some people might disagree with that statement, especially some short sale negotiators. But that doesn't stop me … (11 comments)

crest theatre: A View and a Note From Downtown Sacramento - 05/09/11 03:50 AM
How complacent have we become that when something doesn't work right, we just take it for granted? We say, OK, it's not working now but it will probably work later, and we go about our day doing something else. Sometimes, we might unplug an electronic component and plug it back in, or remove the battery and replace it, which may or may not correct the problem. But that's about as proactive as we become.
We're not willing to invest more time in these types of projects for a variety of reasons. It could be because things that stop working are outside … (5 comments)

crest theatre: What is Wrong With the World? - 05/06/11 01:19 PM
What is wrong with the world? What is wrong with people? Those are fundamental questions that many of us ask every day, especially those of us who call ourselves a Sacramento short sale agent. Two things I want to say about this. The first is a seller in Land Park emailed me yesterday because he received a nasty anonymous letter. No return address in a plain white envelope addressed to him personally. It was about the For Sale sign in his yard.
You know who can find the name of a seller very easily? Any subscribor to MLS. Any real … (8 comments)

crest theatre: Robin Williams is Coming to the Sacramento Crest Theatre on Sunday - 10/16/10 03:51 AM
Sometimes, the odds are against you, especially when they are 50/50. That might sound like a peculiar thing to hear from a woman like myself. I'm generally a lot more positive than that, but I have learned from experience that if the odds of success are 50/50, chances are strong that something will go wrong -- because let's face it, half the time they do. Otherwise, the odds would not be 50/50.
For example, it makes me nervous to buy tickets online. Tickets for anything. You know how you get that screen that says "you have 3 minutes to complete" whatever? … (7 comments)

crest theatre: Here is Steve Earle in Concert at the Crest Theatre Downtown Sacramento - 10/06/09 03:16 AM
Despite my busy day yesterday -- cleaning up my short sale listings, doing a presentation to Lyon agents, attending a short sale closing -- I mustered up the energy to go to the Steve Earle concert at the Crest Theatre last night. The stage was bare, except for a table holding 2 bottles of water, a microphone, couple of speakers and 2 instruments. Most shows start on time at the Crest, but this one began about 15 minutes late.
Steve Earle walked on stage, dressed in faded blue jeans, a red and brown plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up to … (10 comments)

crest theatre: Review of Indigo Girls at the Crest Theatre in Downtown Sacramento - 05/13/09 02:21 AM

When I received an email from the Crest saying tickets for the Indigo Girls were going on sale at 10 AM, I was in a meeting at my Midtown Sacramento Lyon office. I stepped out of the room to text my husband, imploring him to hop online to order tickets. He's not as fussy as I am regarding seating arrangements, because I prefer 4th row center stage over 2nd row off to the side, but when I'm not buying the tickets, I don't complain. Even though I am bringing it up here now. That's not really complaining in my book.

crest theatre: Concert Review of Arlo Guthrie's Lost World Tour at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento - 04/09/09 04:23 AM

The last time I saw Arlo Guthrie perform live was at a concert with my mother in the early 1990s. He shared the stage with Pete Seeger at Northrop Auditorium on the University of Minnesota's campus. His hair is a little shorter now, but still shockingly white, not unusual for a guy who's about to turn 62 this summer.
I was fortunate to snag primo seats, in the middle of the second row, to catch Arlo Guthrie last night live at the Crest Theatre in downtown Sacramento. While my husband snatches up season's tickets to Mondavi, I subscribe to the … (11 comments)

crest theatre: If You Fall From a 10-Story Building and Land On Your Back, Your Eyeballs Pop Out - 01/02/09 12:31 PM
While on vacation last week, I finished reading "When You Are Engulfed in Flames," by David Sedaris. I've read everything Sedaris has published -- some of you may know him as the brother of Amy Sedaris or maybe you were in the audience with me when he came to downtown Sacramento to speak at the Crest Theatre last year. I always learn something from him -- such as did you know if you fell from a 10-story building and landed on your back that your eyeballs would pop out of your head? Yeah, it's true. He spent time at the coroner's … (11 comments)

crest theatre: Kris Kristofferson in Sacramento -- It's All About Choices - 10/23/08 04:43 AM
Looking through our schedules last month, my husband and I discovered we were holding tickets for two performances on October 22nd. One show was Laurie Anderson's Homeland Tour at the Mondavi Center in Davis. The other was Kris Kristofferson at the Crest Theatre in downtown Sacramento. Between the two, I gravitated toward Laurie Anderson, but the truth is we saw her a couple years ago and, she is performing in Berkeley this Friday.
We were lucky that an associate in my office agreed to take the Mondavi tickets from us, and my husband was able to score tix for the Berkeley … (20 comments)

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