east sacramento homes: Photos of Homes in the Pacific Northwest and East Sacramento - 11/11/13 01:21 AM
Some of the emails I get from spammers are quite amusing because it's obvious that English is not the writer's primary language. Today I spotted an email called: Don't be a Doormat and Let Your Door Walk All Over You. But I did open the email from a writer in Portland, Oregon, who said she liked my photo gallery of homes in NW Portland. I have a photo gallery of homes in Vietnam that I started but I never finished it because I had to write verbiage to accompany each photo, and honestly, everything I wrote sounded so similar. Not to … (5 comments)

east sacramento homes: A Truly Affordable Updated Duplex in East Sacramento by Trader Joe's Just Came on the Market - 02/19/11 04:20 AM
What's the next best thing to living within crawling distance of Trader Joe's in East Sacramento? Living within crawling distance of Trader Joe's in an updated duplex that you bought for less than $300,000, that's what. Not only that, but it comes with a couple of garages and extra parking. How do you like those apples? With a few slices of guyere from Trader Joe's, I bet.
This is buying a home and buying an investment rolled into one transaction. You've got a one bedroom unit in the front, which is presently rented on a lease at $950 a month, and … (4 comments)

east sacramento homes: Real Estate Agents and Their Clients Reside in Different Worlds - 07/10/10 03:46 AM
I truly believe that consumers live in one world and their real estate agents reside in another. We see things from totally different perspectives. As a Sacramento short sale agent, I don't expect sellers or buyers to walk in my shoes, but I do try to walk in theirs. For example, for years I have subscribed to newly matched listings from MLS for the neighborhoods in Sacramento where I live and work. I keep tabs on homes in Land Park, Midtown Sacramento and East Sacramento.
I simply signed myself up for listings a while back. That's because I want to see … (13 comments)

east sacramento homes: Check Out the Hardwood Floors in This Land Park Home - 05/22/10 02:59 AM
Gardening is a great way to reduce tension during my somewhat stressful days. I work out of my home office in Land Park, showing homes in Land Park, Curtis Park, East Sacramento and Midtown. I also list Sacramento short sales all over town. So, you can imagine my days are filled with a lot of activity. Usually, I will take several breaks during the day -- distract myself by pruning bushes or dead-heading roses. It's a great stress reliever. But lately, although my stress level is down, my yard has gotten out of whack.
For example, my camellias and orange tree … (9 comments)

east sacramento homes: How Elizabeth Weintraub Shows Homes in Land Park and the Sacramento Core - 01/22/10 01:06 AM
I'm often amazed when I receive an out-of-the-blue offer for a listing, meaning the buyer's agent has not made prior contact with me. It's sort of like they figure that buying a home in Sacramento is on par with flipping through a Macy's catalog. Photographs and the sales price of a home tell only part of the story. There is always a story.
This weekend, I'm showing homes in Land Park, Midtown, East Sacramento and Carmichael to several sets of home buyers. I work with buyers based on the homes that they want to see and the homes that I think … (13 comments)

east sacramento homes: The Worst Thing That Could Happen to a Real Estate Agent - 01/21/10 01:01 AM
What's the worst thing that could happen to an East Sacramento agent? Or to any real estate agent, for that matter? Well, apart from rolling over a guard rail in the rain. Over the last week, 2 vehicles at different locations slid off the freeway while going around a curve and landed on the road below. They survived, thank goodness.
We've had so much rain and wind in Sacramento; it's like an obstacle course driving through East Sacramento and Land Park -- swerving to avoid downed tree branches, blown over trash cans and unemployed real estate agents angrily stomping in rain … (19 comments)

east sacramento homes: Representing More Than One Buyer for the Same Home is a Lousy Idea - 01/18/10 12:52 AM
Because today is a holiday for most people, I booked back-to-back appointments this morning to show homes in Land Park, Midtown and East Sacramento. Which means my email in-box and voice mail will most likely be full by the time I return to my home office. If I never stepped foot out of my office, I'd always be caught up but, unfortunately, that's not how the world of real estate works. I generally don't answer my phone nor reply to emails when I'm with clients. I try to focus on them.
As I began putting together the tours for these buyers, … (12 comments)

east sacramento homes: Best Day Out of the Year to Buy a Home in Sacramento is Only a Few Days Away - 12/23/09 12:12 AM
I was amazed yesterday when I called 2 agents on 2 listings and both agents answered their cell phones. Christmas week is generally pretty slow, and many agents in Sacramento go on vacation at this time. I've spent most of this week so far following up on my Sacramento short sales and requesting extensions of the short sale addendums for the banks. Trying to get buyers' agents to respond is almost like pulling teeth.
However, I understand why some agents like to take the week off. It's not that I don't celebrate Christmas, because I do, but I try to work … (14 comments)

east sacramento homes: Buying a Home in East Sacramento Means Sharing a Bit of History - 11/16/09 01:04 AM
Part of my success in real estate is due to paying attention to my intuition and purposely scrutinizing the emotional impact of homes, especially as an agent selling homes in such landmark neighborhoods in Sacramento as Land Park and East Sacramento. These tree-canopied areas feature many older, classic homes, and each is generally unique, loaded with history. I can feel it. It's like a sixth sense or something.
If you don't get a vibe when you walk into a home, it's probably because you're not receptive to it. I think everybody has the ability to do it. Some people probably don't … (9 comments)

east sacramento homes: Nothing to Wear and Nothing to Buy Except This East Sacramento Home That is Not Upside Down - 11/09/09 01:00 AM
Few guys understand what a woman means when she opens her closet and declares: I have nothing to wear. Guys look in the closet and they see clothes jammed in so tightly that one might break a hanger yanking something out. Wall-to-wall clothes. They scratch their heads and wonder how can a woman say she has nothing to wear when it's obvious that she has 6 times more clothing than them. In fact, it looks like the entire fall collection from Macy's in that closet.
See, here's the thing. When a woman says: "I have nothing to wear," it means she … (16 comments)

east sacramento homes: Trees in Land Park Battered by Tuesday's Rainstorm - 10/14/09 01:36 AM
Sacramento reluctantly welcomed the first storm of our fall / winter rainy season yesterday. Heavy rain flooded streets; wind gusts up to 48 MPH knocked down trees, landing some on top of buildings. Drivers in Midtown Sacramento jammed cars into each other -- one ran a car into a building. It was a wet and wild day.I spent part of the day trying to re-stake a couple of young trees in my yard in Land Park. The maple tree I had planted 2 years ago in the front yard had lost one of its stakes, and the wind whipped it so … (14 comments)

east sacramento homes: How Sacramento Buyer's Agents Can Make or Break a Buyer's Offer - 09/19/09 02:42 AM
In a perfect world, a buyer's agent submits the buyer's offer to the listing agent; the listing agent sends that offer to the seller, the seller signs and returns the offer to the listing agent who, in turn, forwards the executed contract to the buyer's agent. Yet, in the world of Sacramento real estate, what goes on in the middle really determines whether the buyer's offer gets accepted. And this is where buyer's agents sometimes mess up.
The hard, cold fact is it's often the listing agent who determines whether a buyer's offer is accepted. Sure, it's the seller's ultimate decision, … (18 comments)

east sacramento homes: More Than 50% of the Listings in Sacramento are Short Sales - 06/23/09 02:36 AM
An agent cornered me in my Lyon Real Estate office a while back to ask why I bother with short sales. He could not believe that I can actually earn a living in real estate by being a Sacramento short sale agent.
I have no fear of short sales because I am pretty much a fearless person. I was standing on my back deck last night about 9 PM staring at the stars when I spotted a skunk a few feet away from me. I stomped on the deck, waved my arms and hollered, "What the hell are you doing in … (18 comments)

east sacramento homes: Have You Ever Considered Remodeling Your Car? - 02/01/09 01:19 AM
Everybody knows that the moment you drive a brand new car off the dealer lot, the value drops when those tires hit the street. Still, there's a certain appeal to buying a brand new car. There's an agent in my office who trades in her car and buys a new car every year. She just gets tired of her vehicle. She doesn't lease; she pays cash.
I took my car to Tom Stephens Mercedes in East Sacramento last week for its annual service. Stephens is the best Mercedes auto shop in Sacramento; he used to be a manager at Mercedes, and … (24 comments)

east sacramento homes: Who Says There Are No Good Deals in East Sacramento? - 11/13/08 01:56 AM

It seems a lot of my business comes from people who say they have called a lot of other real estate agents -- what am I? Chopped liver? -- However, by the time they get to me, they are so happy to talk to an East Sacramento real estate agent who answers her phone that they are beside themselves. I had such a call a week ago.The buyer emphatically said she was not ready to work with a real estate agent but had questions about my listing. We talked a little. I listened. Asked questions. She responded. Then I suggested … (12 comments)

east sacramento homes: Captain Kirk Ran a Tighter Ship Than This East Sacramento Car Rental Agency - 06/05/08 09:13 AM
Whenever I have rented cars in the past, it's always been through an airport car rental agency. This week, I had the displeasure of dealing directly with an Enterprise car rental near a residential neighborhood of homes in East Sacramento. First, I called the rental agency that morning to make a reservation and requested a smaller-sized vehicle. I also made an appointment to pick up the vehicle between 11:15 and 11:30.
When I arrived at 11:20, I was informed that the car I had reserved was not available, but Enterprise would give me a free upgrade. I don't know about you, … (9 comments)

east sacramento homes: Bono and Real Estate and Diamonds and Fire Extinguishers - 05/07/08 09:09 AM
They (that ubiquitous they) say that regardless of what Freud says, the only person who can truly interpret your dreams is you. And like most people, I have some doozies. Last night I went to Dublin and ended up at Bono's apartment by mistake. I walked in and wandered around, admiring the scattering of diamonds and emeralds about the apartment. Because that's exactly how Bono would decorate, right? Peeking into the living room, I spied Bono and The Edge, sitting on the sofa, thumbing through a travel magazine. They were quite startled to see a stranger standing there, gawking. 
I felt I … (9 comments)

east sacramento homes: Wanna See Ronald Reagan's Former Home in East Sacramento? - 04/24/08 10:08 AM
Ah, I remember it like it was yesterday. But it happened in 1967. When the news reported that Nancy Reagan declared the Governor's Mansion a "fire trap" and that she refused to live there, tongues lashed out, calling her a snob. Why, the Governor's Mansion, built in 1877 and purchased by the State in 1903, was good enough for 12 California governors, and many critics viewed Mrs. Reagan's snub as elitist.
Ronald and Nancy Reagan moved into a $1,200 a month rental in East Sacramento, located at 1341 45th Street, in an exclusive area called the Fabulous 40s. Many newspapers of … (15 comments)

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