elizabeth weintraub: The Very Different World of Real Estate in the 1970s - 01/24/17 08:47 AM
There are very few agents who have worked in real estate, much less in Sacramento, for as long as Elizabeth Weintraub. I don't know of any. The reason is most people start out in some other career. They don't go into real estate as a child bride, illegally traded in the sex slave industry.  Or they are dead by now. Cheery thoughts for a Tuesday morning.
I got my real estate license in the 1970s. I started out working at First American Title Company in Colorado, initially as a policy typist and when that drove me stark raving mad, then as a … (6 comments)

elizabeth weintraub: The Farm to Fork Legends of Wine in Sacramento - 09/17/16 03:00 AM
This is the 4th year of the Farm-to-Fork Legends of Wine in Sacramento, and it is not an event I have attended in the past, so I sought to rectify that oversight by buying tickets to yesterday's event. Past events were priced at $50 and this year it was $65, but the organizers could have charged $100 a ticket and the crowds would still be enormous.
Despite all of the people, the traffic flowed very smoothly, and the only really superduper long line was for the sausages. You can read more and see all the photographs in my personal blog today at … (4 comments)

elizabeth weintraub: 10 Years to Earn This Award from Sacramento Board - 03/29/16 12:03 PM
The Sacramento Association of Realtors established an awards program which recognizes agents for outstanding production. When you look at the program, you might wonder why not every agent is a member of it because the bar is not that high. It's hard when you're starting out in real estate, but after a few years, after one has become somewhat established, most listing agents would belong to Master's Club.
It doesn't mean you're not a good agent if you aren't a member, though. Some agents who work on teams do not split production reports for MLS, especially if the clients they worked … (7 comments)

elizabeth weintraub: What is That Sacramento REALTOR Doing in Her Car? - 12/05/14 12:44 AM
Other real estate agents in my office ask how I ever find the time to play an Ingress game on my cellphone when I sell so many homes in Sacramento. They probably do not realize that the cats rule my universe and, apart from intently focusing on my Sacramento real estate business, I don't spend a lot of time doing things that other people do. I don't have a lot of outside influences or social obligations, which is the way I prefer it. My circle is small and centered on very close friends, family, my team and my clients.
Which leaves … (10 comments)

elizabeth weintraub: A Crucial Message for Sacramento Listing Agents - 10/02/14 02:14 AM
I encourage Sacramento listing agents to step up their game a notch and to reach out, touch their home sellers more often. Let your sellers know what's going on with the sale of their home. Keep your sellers informed, even if you don't have any good news to report. Call, email, text. Write a letter. Make a personal visit.
Any scrap of information you get that is relevant to their home or their sales process, deliver it. Don't just sit on it. Don't think because the Sacramento real estate market is slower this fall that you don't need to continue to … (3 comments)

elizabeth weintraub: Rankings Cause Ruckus at Lyon But This Agent Plans Winter Holiday - 04/06/14 02:22 AM
Because I had to "take it easy" on doctor's orders after getting four dental implants screwed into my jaw on Friday, I spent a lot of time yesterday with my friend, the iPad. My other friends, the desktop computer and my laptop computer were resting comfortably on my office desk, but my iPad is the perfect companion when you're apt to fall asleep at any moment. It's easier to type on an iPad than my iPhone. My cats prefer the iPad, too, because they never know when angry tweeting birds might show up, which is why they feverishly paw the flat surface … (8 comments)

elizabeth weintraub: The First Hour of Season 4 of Downton Abbey at the Crest Theatre - 12/11/13 01:14 AM
Every so often, it's fun to get dressed up and go out, especially if we're dressed as somebody else. It could be argued that every time I get dressed up, I am most definitely dressed as somebody else because if social correctness was left up to me to interpret, I would never wear anything but sweatpants and a t-shirt shredded by cat-clawed holes. In fact, that's generally my incognito outfit, so I am not recognized when I venture out of the house without makeup or straightened hair. When you spot a homeless person at Dim Sum somewhere in Sacramento and wonder … (8 comments)

elizabeth weintraub: A Night Out With Myrl in Downtown Sacramento - 10/03/13 02:30 AM
Now, see, Myrl might say what happens at a rock concert stays at a rock concert, as she does in her blog today about what happened last night at The Crest Theatre, and our jaunt over to The Dive Bar, not to mention a glorious dinner at Ella -- after a happening Chanel event at Macy's. However, I made no such promise. We did go to see Gordon Lightfoot last night, and we had front row seats at The Crest.
I can tell you that when I made our initial dinner reservation at Blackbird, which they canceled on Monday because they … (12 comments)

elizabeth weintraub: The Best Website for Sacramento Home Listings is . . . - 05/17/13 02:09 AM
If a home buyer wants an overall feeling of the real estate market in Sacramento, a buyer can go to Zillow and Trulia and look at homes that were maybe once for sale and quite possibly might still be for sale, but most likely are not. There is a lot of outdated information on those sites. In fairness, these websites try to keep up with the pace and now will delete listings that are 60 days old if they are not renewed, but some agents allow the sites to renew listings that are sold. Some agents, apparently, believe it or not, … (6 comments)

elizabeth weintraub: I Can Sell That Sacramento Home Even If Buyers Can't Get Inside - 02/18/13 01:03 AM
Ed Silva wrote a blog this morning about a home in Connecticut that buyers couldn't see because they couldn't get inside. He said he couldn't sell it if buyers couldn't get inside. Mostly he was talking about snowplows and shoveling a path to the front door so buyers don't have to crawl over snowbanks; but here in sunny Sacramento, we have other problems that are unrelated to weather.
I have a home listed in Sacramento that I was forced to market to buyers by disclosing they could not get inside. Not only could they not get inside, they couldn't ever get … (6 comments)

elizabeth weintraub: What Does Weintraub, Led Zeppelin and Downton Abbey Share on Facebook? - 01/31/13 12:43 AM
When I sit down at my computer in the morning to write a blog, I never know what will pour out of my fingertips. I try not to put too much thought into it, and sometimes it shows, but I write about whatever pops into my head.  I figure the important thing is to write about what I know, what's important to me, what I care about, and that way if others have similar thoughts or agree with my point of view, they might someday give me a jingle if they want to buy or sell real estate in Sacramento. They … (7 comments)

elizabeth weintraub: Photos from French Polynesia (Rangiroa) - 12/22/12 02:54 AM
Us little island hoppers. We left Tahiti and flew to Rangiroa two days ago, and it's been total bliss ever since. Forget about oceanfront, let me tell you, the lagoon inside an atoll is the way to go. This is truly paradise, although I have to admit that I have not yet been to the Blue Lagoon, and that might be a lot more paradise-like. This is a gradual process, getting used to being in 80-degree weather, waves lapping against the support pillars of our bungalow, calm turquoise waters boasting a variety of colorful tropical fish.
Here are a few photos … (7 comments)

elizabeth weintraub: My Official 2013 Real Estate Predictions - 12/02/12 12:16 AM
One of my favorite aspects of being a Sacramento real estate agent is having the ability to write and connect with not only buyers and sellers in the Sacramento area but with real estate agents from all over the country. I receive some of the most incredible emails from my peers. One of them told me the other day that meeting me would be like meeting the President or the Pope. I think that's stretching it quite a bit, and that comment made me laugh.
Sometimes, when I walk into a seller's home, I am treated not like a real estate … (9 comments)

elizabeth weintraub: Top Agent at Lyon Real Estate is Drum Roll . . . Elizabeth Weintraub - 09/06/12 12:56 AM
So, yesterday I find out I am the top agent at Lyon Real Estate for August. That's the third time this Sacramento real estate agent has placed first for the month in the past 12 months. I guess I'm on a roll. I was driving around Elk Grove to list another Elk Grove short sale when my email dinged. I know I'm not supposed to look at my cellphone while I'm driving, but sometimes I can't help myself. I briefly glanced at my phone and saw a message that said I was number 2 in the company. I thought hey, that's … (5 comments)

elizabeth weintraub: Meet the Elizabeth Weintraub Team - 08/26/12 01:17 AM
Some people have noticed that I have a new logo. Others have noticed that I have a new website. Even some of my Sacramento clients have contacted me to say how much they like my new website at elizabethweintraub.com.
Yes, it astonishes me to know that people who no longer do business with me because I've sold their home or whatever still are interested in what I have to say. I don't know why, really. I talk a lot about Sacramento short sales, which make up more than half of my real estate business in Sacramento. I did not know that … (9 comments)

elizabeth weintraub: Meeting Real Estate Agent Mary Douglas from the Colorado Mountains - 07/22/12 11:49 PM

How is it that people you meet in person after chatting online are always exactly like you imagined them to be? Oh, I remember back in the day, like in 1995 -- which doesn't seem all that long ago to me but 17 years have passed since I met my husband online -- everybody talked about how dangerous it was to meet a stranger from the Internet. Because they might not be what they seem. Yet, every person I have ever met has never been different than I suspected.
Well, perhaps more charming, more beautiful and more delightful in person, … (10 comments)

elizabeth weintraub: The Rudy Toot Band Says You Can Go Home Again - 07/21/12 11:20 PM

A client emailed yesterday to say she realized I am on a mini vacation but she needed to immediately know an answer. Although her escrow is a short sale -- and we just opened escrow, which means we won't get approval on this particular transaction for 3 months because it's a double Wells Fargo short sale -- she needed to know if she was allowed to take her refrigerator. My husband thought I should call her at 4 AM. But that's why I am a Sacramento real estate agent and he is not. Some of us are born to … (10 comments)

elizabeth weintraub: A Soft Decline Can Be Reversed for a Bank of America Short Sale - 07/18/12 11:20 PM
People think you can't reason with a short sale bank but you can. You've just gotta talk to the right people. The right person is not always the negotiator nor the asset manager. I hate to say this, but the truth is that sort of person is just somebody who is doing a job and not necessarily a very rewarding job at that. They're not like a short sale agent, for example.
One of the reasons why I love selling Sacramento short sales for sellers is because it's personally rewarding. That's not to say it's not rewarding to sell a home … (9 comments)

elizabeth weintraub: This Sacramento Real Estate Agent Still Going Strong in a Bad Market - 07/15/12 12:36 AM
Sometimes, if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself. That kind of reasoning can hold you back from obtaining monumental success, however. Because most of the truly successful people in the world who catapult themselves to the top of the money heap rely on somebody else to do the job for them. They delegate. They choose wisely. They let go and learn how to accept, if necessary, mediocrity. Because nobody is ever gonna do the job the same way as you would. That's just fact, Jack. Yet, there is no mediocrity in my world; I won't … (7 comments)

elizabeth weintraub: Bank of America Short Sale Offers HIN Incentive Plus the Cooperative - 07/14/12 01:15 AM
The air in Sacramento's Land Park this morning smells like Snickerdoodles. Yet, I doubt any of my neighbors are baking as the sun barely breaks over the horizon. I stood on my front porch, in the wee hours of the morning, the Sacramento Bee tucked under my arm (yes, I still get the paper), watering our hanging petunias, thinking about mortgage rates (because it's on the front page, yes, 3.56%, a new low) and all the crazy stuff that happened yesterday in the life of this Sacramento real estate agent.
I listed a pool home in Carmichael yesterday that's going on … (8 comments)

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