elk grove realtor: Selling Multiple Houses on the Same Street in Elk Grove - 01/08/19 08:54 AM
During the short sale years of 2005 to 2011, I sold such an astonishing number of homes in Sacramento that if you could name a street, I could probably name a house number. People ask how I could become so familiar with such a wide area of neighborhoods, and the truth is I don't really become acclimated to neighborhoods as much as I do to refining the process of selling a home.
It's how an agent becomes a top-notch expert, by doing the same types of things over and over until reaching perfection.
I might still need a GPS to find the … (1 comments)

elk grove realtor: Elk Grove Home Will Shine With a Little TLC - 12/06/18 08:16 PM
We priced this home to sell for the condition it is in and for the amount of work a buyer will need to do. Many agents said they felt it showed better than they thought it would, especially since it needs new flooring throughout and paint. When you look at the enormous size of this home, though, it's costly to update. This home is 3,000 square feet, with 5 bedrooms, an office and 3 baths.
However, the school district is desirable, and it is situated in a good location. Sure the kitchen cabinets are oak and the counter tops white gloss tile, … (14 comments)

elk grove realtor: An Affordable Home in Laguna Park is for Sale - 08/09/18 08:31 AM
There are some areas of Elk Grove where a home buyer can no longer purchase a home for less than half a million. Which is in stark contrast to the market crash years. What it tells me is whenever you can find a nice pocket of homes in a pride of ownership area at an affordable price, well, you should snatch it up.
Because these affordable homes are hard to come by. Sometimes, less expensive homes have some sort of defect, but this home appears to be in good condition. Did I mention it is really cute? You can read more in … (12 comments)

elk grove realtor: How Differently Elk Grove Realtors See Your Laguna Home - 05/31/18 10:21 AM
When I first talked with the seller of the home on Laguna Woods Drive, she had in mind a very low price, way underpriced. By more than $50,000. Usually it's the other way around, you know, sellers in Elk Grove often think their home is worth a lot more than it will fetch on the open market. But sometimes I meet with sellers who truly don't realize the gold mine they control. They see everything that is wrong with the house and not enough of what is right with it.
This seller believed that because her home was across the street from … (3 comments)

elk grove realtor: Update on Lots and Land for Sale in Elk Grove - 01/07/18 10:09 AM
Although there are only 11 residential lots / land for sale in Elk Grove at the moment, the days on market are much longer than those for single-family homes. 205 days over the past 6 months, and only 10 sales. But that did not discourage me from listing this lot in Elk Grove.
Even though I had to send my photographer back to reshoot his pictures. This has happened to me only once in the past 15 years, and it happened to be this listing. I was just not happy with his photographs, and I'm always over-the-top thrilled. Seriously, though, it is … (5 comments)

elk grove realtor: Not Every Elk Grove Listing Is As It Seems - 01/06/18 09:48 AM
My initial thought when I listed this home in Elk Grove was it would be hard to sell. That's because I had sold the home on the corner in the spring, way before construction started. In fact, the Caterpillars were digging in that phase. I noted on my Agent Visual Inspection that there was new construction happening behind the homes. Turns out they were putting up apartments within a foot or so from the setback. This meant there could be tenants staring into your living room. The buildings also cast shadows on the homes.
By fall, those structures were in the face … (5 comments)

elk grove realtor: Sacramento Buyer's Agents Say the Darndest Things - 11/26/17 10:16 AM
Do you remember that old Art Linkletter show? Kids say the darndest things? Well, it can certainly be applied to Saramento agents as well. In fact, I could write a book about it, LOL. And one thing you might not know is I actually got to chat with Art Linkletter before he died. 
That guy was going strong into his 90s. He was still out doing speaking engagements across the country, and I got to meet him in Minnesota when I hired him for a printing industry event. He was just as nice in person. You can read more in my personal … (3 comments)

elk grove realtor: Do You Need a Four Bedroom Home in Elk Grove? - 11/04/17 08:04 AM
Mentors from many years ago are the credit for the statement about why four bedroom homes are so danged popular. I remember it like it was yesterday, and with my poor perception of time passing, it pretty much was yesterday, even though it was the 1970s. The saying goes that if a buyer needs a four bedroom home, it means a three bedroom will not do.
That makes a four bedroom home in Elk Grove very popular. Because everybody is a buyer for this home, some more so than others.
Do I have a beautiful, turnkey home for you today! You can read … (5 comments)

elk grove realtor: An Afternoon in the Life of Selling Homes in Elk Grove - 09/28/17 07:36 AM
It always astonishes me when I answer my phone and on the other end is a snarly real estate agent yelling about something. We don't all come from the same cut of cloth. Some people are just loose cannons and operate that way without regard. I don't know why it surprises me when it happens. Perhaps because my sensitive ears are not used to that sort of behavior and it is startling.
Also, I was at the vet getting a second opinion on the necessity of surgery for my cat, which was in the middle of selling homes in Elk Grove that afternoon. … (8 comments)

elk grove realtor: One Acre Lot for Sale Gated Community Elk Grove - 09/23/17 08:56 AM
It's becoming increasingly difficult to buy a buildable lot in Elk Grove in a gated community that is on acreage. This particular lot is a little over one acre. It is 43,569 square feet, according to the Sacramento County Assessor (not verified) and, if you remember your real estate 101, you know that 43,560 is an acre.
The high point of the CC&Rs, and I should mention there is no HOA, is the minimum size home you can build is 3,500 square feet. You can read more and see more photos in my personal blog today at this link: Buildable Lot in … (6 comments)

elk grove realtor: This is Your New Elk Grove Home in Laguna Creek West - 09/06/17 10:04 AM
Buyers for a home in Elk Grove always seem to go crazy for single-story homes. It's that one level living that especially appeals to parents of small children, older people with aging knees and those in wheelchairs. Every home I have ever owned in my life, except for my present homes, were multiple stories, and even I appreciate single levels. For example, my husband can sit at one end of the house to watch television at night, and I never hear a sound in the master.
This new home in Elk Grove is located in Laguna Creek West. It features mostly wood-like … (6 comments)

elk grove realtor: Here's a New Listing in Elk Grove Under $400K - 08/25/17 06:54 PM
This is a home I have listed more than once. At one point, it was a distressed sale, but later the sellers decided to simply hang in there. Then it went on the market for a personal change in circumstances that later did not happen, I don't recall exactly but it might have been relocation, so the home listing was canceled.
Over this time period, I've noted how the seller's daughter grew up and is now ready for college. Life goes on for everybody else in Sacramento real estate except for the listing agent, who is focused on her job of … (8 comments)

elk grove realtor: Dairy Farms and Nearby Homes in Elk Grove - 08/21/17 08:13 AM
It was a bittersweet day yesterday as we held a marathon open house in Wildhawk West Village, which is in the Elk Grove school district. On the one hand, I am focused on my seller finding the perfect buyer for his home in that desirable school district. On the other, we had to return our adopted cat Horatio to the no-kill sanctuary in Elk Grove.
They finally had an opening, in the middle of their full-blown upper respiratory breakout. That meant Horatio no longer had to reside in my husband's office, and our own cats could stop feeling stressed and confused that a … (11 comments)

elk grove realtor: New Listing in Wildhawk West Village Hits Sacramento Market - 08/11/17 08:49 AM
Most Fridays are the perfect today to feature a new listing, but the problem is today I have two new listings to present, so one will wait until tomorrow. This new listing is in Wildhawk, a community of homes built between 2002 and 2017 near the Wildhawk Golf Course. This home is located in Wildhawk West Village.
It features 5 bedrooms, 4 baths. What makes this home highly desirable is the fact it has two bedrooms on the first floor with 3 upstairs. There is a remote master bedroom with its own bath on the first floor, and second master suite upstairs, which … (9 comments)

elk grove realtor: This Elk Grove Sale Will Leave Neighbors Wondering - 07/20/17 07:59 AM
My sellers received a free rent-back for about 3 weeks when I negotiated the sale of their home in Franklin Crossing, a newer subdivision of homes in Elk Grove. You know, I don't even know why we call that situation a "free rent-back" because that's an oxymoron.
But one thing I know for certain, the neighbors will be yakking about this sale. It will help to bring up the values in the area. You can't go wrong with a cash sale far exceeding list price. You can read the whole story in my personal blog today at this link: Franklin Crossing Home … (5 comments)

elk grove realtor: Franklin Crossing Homes in Elk Grove Last Built 2015 - 06/23/17 07:44 AM
Franklin Crossing in Elk Grove is a newer subdivision of homes, typically built between 2011 and 2015. This cluster of newer homes is just south and a hair west of one of my favorite subdivsions in Elk Grove, near Bilby and Willard Parkways. If you are taking I-5 south from Sacramento, it's about a 20-minute drive from downtown, and you'd get off the freeway at the Hood-Franklin exit.
It's a short commute past farmlands and old estates, which probably won't exist much longer. There is also a cemetery, but I imagine they'd have to leave that in the path of new construction. … (7 comments)

elk grove realtor: When an Elk Grove Buyer Won't Remove Appraisal Contingency - 06/22/17 08:53 AM
Selling homes in Elk Grove, or anywhere, for that matter, is all about compromise. It's not about being a bulldozer, as satisfying as that approach can be. It's about give and take. But don't make the mistake that compromise means 50 / 50 because it doesn't.
Somebody I associated with a long time ago started the premise that's taken hold over the years -- that every sitution needs to be win / win and therefore fabulous for both parties. Not necessarily. One party generally benefits a bit more than the other in a compromise or there would not be a need for … (9 comments)

elk grove realtor: This One Story Home in Elk Grove is Not in Zillow - 05/12/17 09:41 AM
I'm not so sure what's going on with Zillow and Trulia lately regarding new listings and the new MLS feeds that intend to populate those sites. Some of those are just not feeding to those websites. Lately, to get a listing on Trulia, well, it takes 3 to 4 days for the listing to show up. Same with homes dot com. No, that site is worse, I received an email yesterday that put a listing live on homes dot com which I had listed 6 days earlier. Six days to land on Homes dot com!
Last week, the MLS feed to Zillow … (19 comments)

elk grove realtor: What's the Deal With Sacramento Coming Soon Listings? - 05/07/17 08:40 AM
A potential client asked me the other day how could I possibly take care of his listing when I am so busy. My jaw dropped. People who are not in the business have no idea how Sacramento real estate is performed. This guy is in a business like, oh, let's say bail bonds. Telling me he has the largest bail bond business in the United States. I wanted to say, oh, yeah, so why do you live in this shithole? But if I did, then I wouldn't get that listing.
The fact is at the height of the market crash, I was … (10 comments)

elk grove realtor: Laguna West Seller Catches Flipping Bug - 04/09/17 09:10 AM
It is a sickness of sorts, no doubt it, this fixing up and selling homes bug. I had it for a while, and although you never really get cured or over it, it can settle itself down in time. Of course, selling homes for a living, I'm in the thick of it. It's hard for me not to point out to a seller that if she did XYZ, she could boost her bottom-line profit margin.
Not every seller has additional funds available to pour into fixing up a home before putting it on the market. In this market, even awful looking homes … (12 comments)

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