first time home buyers: Myth-Busting Mortgage Credit Scoring - 05/15/18 10:02 AM
The originator of this original piece of content, Gene Mundt, from Chicagoland, has created tons of useful information throughout the years, primarily for homebuyers who have questions about obtaining a mortgage. Because an increasingly large number of buyers are not privy to the behind-the-scenes information. They really do not know what goes into processing a loan or why they might not be accepted despite a preapproval letter. Then you've got the guys who think buying the right to obtain a FICO score is the way to go when it's not. Read on.
Myth-Busting Mortgage Credit Scoring
Over the … (6 comments)

first time home buyers: Sellers: Just Fix It and Don't Offer a Buyer Credit - 03/13/18 08:59 AM
I went out to Natomas to talk with a seller yesterday who has been working on his house for 10 years. Long distance. He has little flooring, no counter tops, cabinets that scream for paint and outdated light fixtures. He wants a price that is not in line with the neighborhood, and he's doing the wrong things to get a higher price. 
As gently as I could, I tried to explain to him what our market demands from sellers. I even play-acted being a first-time home buyer and entering his home. Thrusting my hands on my hips: where are my hanging light … (8 comments)

first time home buyers: Charming Updated Foothill Farms Home is Affordable - 10/08/17 08:39 AM
Welcome to my new listing, a charming Foothill Farms home that is not only affordable but also updated. It is situated among wonderful neighbors, says the seller, who really hates to move away from them. She can't stop talking about how much she loves her neighbors, which is a good thing. One of them came over as she was preparing the home for sale, in the middle of the night, and helped her to move the refrigerator back into the house from the garage.
The reason the refrigerator was in the garage was because some other agent the seller had interviewed told … (11 comments)

first time home buyers: First Time Home Buying Scams in Sacramento - 10/06/15 08:51 AM
Navigating stuff online has been increasingly complex and it's even harder for a first-time home buyer in Sacramento. They don't know what to believe. They go to Zillow and find listings that are sold, and to Trulia to find listings that are not on the market, and even has some time lags to it so new listings are not immediate.
Yesterday I received an email from what was disguised to look like but was really an outfit in Australia called RealSatisfied. It asked to link reviews to our Nerds number and license number in It said it sent me … (6 comments)

first time home buyers: What Home Buyers Want Today vs 40 Years Ago - 11/16/14 11:19 PM
There are times in just about every Sacramento real estate agent's life when she realizes that first time home buyers today have little idea how many amenities they get in a home versus what people used to wish for years ago. I don't mean just four walls and a roof over your head, but the items that a home buyer hopes to find in a home. Those little details on your wish-list that can make a big difference and ultimately increase your overall satisfaction with your home and life in general.
Yes, home buyers today pay attention to the little details, … (9 comments)

first time home buyers: Bad Faith Purchase Offer Negotiation Can Produce Bad Results - 09/19/14 01:46 AM
Do ya really wanna buy this house? That's what I would like to ask home buyers when I receive a signed purchase offer from their agent. But since I am representing the seller, that's kinda hard to do because the buyer's agent doesn't want me interfering. I am also not allowed to interfere. But buyer's agents don't always spend enough time with their clients to truly make these people clients. Some of them are just a customer who stopped by a real estate office to sign a purchase offer and not really a client in my mind.
Then we've got the … (6 comments)

first time home buyers: Don't Let FHA Repair Requirements Blindside Home Sellers in Sacramento - 02/01/14 12:44 AM
For the most part, FHA repair requirements are nowhere nearly as restrictive and problematic as they were years ago, especially if you're selling a fairly newer home in Sacramento. But those older homes that will probably be purchased by first-time home buyers, well, you've got a high chance that the buyer will use FHA financing, making the sale subject to FHA repair requirements.
FHA has weird guidelines. You don't need to have a refrigerator or a dishwasher but there better be a stove in the kitchen. The windows can contain cracks, but there better not be any peeling paint anywhere in … (6 comments)

first time home buyers: The Abrupt Turn of Sacramento Real Estate Market is Like Herding Cats - 08/16/13 02:12 AM
I made Myrl Jeffcoat laugh out loud the other day when I blurted that some homebuyers in Sacramento are little shits. These guys don't know what they're doing, and they refuse to listen to their real estate agent. One of the reasons to work with a buyer's agent in Sacramento is to lean on that agent's experience and expert advice.
For example, you buy a home and sign a counter offer that says the seller will do no repairs at all, that the home is sold in its "as is" condition. Yet, buyers will still ask the seller to make repairs, … (4 comments)

first time home buyers: Can You Buy a Home Under Market Value in Sacramento? - 03/04/13 12:15 AM
I hear horror stories from agents in Sacramento about first-time home buyers. Some agents tell me that their first-time home buyers -- and even some investors (who should know better because hopefully they've been around the block) -- are thinking they can still buy a home under market value in Sacramento. That's a horror story. Most agents would grab the garlic, extend crossed forefingers and back away.
I'm not saying a buyer can't but it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. Hardly worth all of that effort to come up empty handed. There are not enough homes for sale … (6 comments)

first time home buyers: How Not to Write an Offer for a Home in Sacramento - 03/02/13 01:07 AM
Today I am writing about a webinar I have agreed to do for a Bay area REALTOR® association on how to get purchase offers accepted, with an emphasis on short sale offers. Getting offers accepted is the main problem we are experiencing in the Sacramento area markets and, by extension, the Bay area suffers, too. I imagine the entire state of California and across the country has similar markets in select metropolitan areas. The problem is too many buyers and not enough homes to buy. This means many buyers are experiencing offer rejections.
As a Sacramento real estate agent who as … (2 comments)

first time home buyers: This is the Reason to Be a Listing Agent in Sacramento - 07/04/12 11:32 PM
A fellow real estate agent in Sacramento once told me that she prefers to work with first-time home buyers because they are more grateful than sellers. She said they were totally thrilled to be handed the keys at closing, more so than those who are handing over the keys. They didn't complain. They didn't nag her about why isn't their home selling. I guess she moved up a notch or two in their eyes. And that approach works for her.
I'm very much the opposite. I love working with home sellers. Especially sellers of a short sale. I know that sellers … (4 comments)

first time home buyers: Here is How Not to Buy a Short Sale in Sacramento - 03/12/12 01:55 AM
When I take a hot listing, I know it. I suspect most Sacramento agents know when they spot a hot listing. It's not just price that makes it hot, although, an attractive price doesn't hurt. Especially if it's at that entry-price level that falls within popular price ranges which, in particular, motivate first-time home buyers. It's the condition, layout and style of the home that can drive buyers crazy with desire.
After we sign the listing paperwork, I give my sellers an estimated time line to contract acceptance. When I tell them we'll be in escrow in 7 days, they stare … (5 comments)

first time home buyers: If You Don't Want a Dual Commission That's Fine Because Agents and Short Sales Are Expendable, He Said - 02/19/12 11:28 PM
Investor is such a dirty word in media. Look at how media is treated on the courthouse steps in Sacramento, trying to film investors buying foreclosures at a trustee's auction. Some of those investors are real estate agents and they act like barbarians. In some ways, the term investor is misleading, too. It infers that these are people who are making money. But an investor doesn't always make money. Just ask those retirees who invested in mutual funds.
When I hear the term investor, I have mixed feelings. Because when a buyer calls me to say he or she is an … (9 comments)

first time home buyers: Buying or Selling a Home in East Sacramento is a Little Bit Quirky Today - 07/12/11 03:13 AM
I met with an East Sacramento seller yesterday who has a home he wants to sell. It's a 2 bedroom he bought a long time ago, and there is plenty of equity. I will put this on the market in a couple of weeks. Whenever I meet with sellers to talk about selling a home, especially a rarity such as a home with equity in Sacramento, I show them how others will look at their price.
Because it doesn't really matter what I think or what the sellers think or even what other agents think. Only 2 things matter. How the … (8 comments)

first time home buyers: How Long Will It Take to Sell My Home in Sacramento? - 05/23/11 03:04 AM
Anybody who knows me knows I am not a big fan of sports. Any kind of sports. I rarely even watch the Olympics -- winter / summer or special. The big kahuna in baseball or football can pass me by annually and I don't blink an eye. I'm not that interested in men and women competing on a physical level.
But throw me into an arena with a home to sell and a seller who wants to sell it, and I'm gonna hit a home run. I'll size up the wind velocity if it will help with my plan. I've made … (4 comments)

first time home buyers: This is a Preapproved Short Sale Price for a Home in Fair Oaks at $180,000 - 08/27/10 03:49 AM
I met the sellers of this new short sale in Fair Oaks about 4 years ago, back when they were first-time home buyers. I had purchased a rather expensive item from an establishment the seller managed and mentioned I was in real estate. A year later, the buyers remembered me and called. We looked at homes. We wrote 13 offers. Count them, 13 offers. More than I've had ever had to write in my life for a buyer.
Then we found this home in Fair Oaks. The then-seller of that home paid for a brand new roof and gutters. I remember … (9 comments)

first time home buyers: Do You Believe in East Sacramento Short Sales? - 08/08/10 03:42 AM
A short sale or no short sales, when buyers don't conform to the marketplace, many agents will dump those buyers because they view those people as a waste of time. Conforming to the market means the buyer is looking in the price range the buyer can afford to pay, and the buyer is willing to buy one of those available homes. Now, I don't work with insane people, if I can help it, but I will work with buyers I like -- even if they don't fit the mold -- as long as they are serious about buying a home.
See, … (8 comments)

first time home buyers: Say Hello to Elizabeth Weintraub's New Team Member, Linda Swanson - 07/30/10 03:36 AM
I am honored and excited to introduce my team member, Linda Swanson. Linda joins the Elizabeth Weintraub Team with 21 years of real estate experience. She was first licensed in 1989 as a salesperson and a few years ago received her broker's license. We are working together very closely.
You probably have no idea what it's like to work in a giant real estate sandbox all by yourself. You know, nobody to talk to outside of your clients and your cats. Lots of Sacramento real estate agents socialize with each other but I have precious little time to stand around the … (8 comments)

first time home buyers: What's Better Than a Four-Bedroom Pool Home in Elk Grove? - 06/04/10 03:05 AM
Because first-time home buyers make up the majority of home buyers in Sacramento, I work with a lot of first-time home buyers. It never amazes me what types of questions they ask. I tell all my buyers there are no dumb questions. If a person has no experience in buying a home, an agent should be there to guide every step of the way.
Every so often I might get asked a question that is amusing, though. Like last week. A buyer did not understand why the seller wouldn't give him the keys. Even though the transaction has not yet closed, … (6 comments)

first time home buyers: Do You Spend More Time Buying a Car Than Choosing a Mortgage? - 06/01/10 02:45 AM
A survey released last month by Zillow showed consumers spend more time buying a car than shopping for a mortgage to buy a home. However, when you look closely at that survey, it makes sense. There might be more to buying a car than researching a mortgage. For one thing, you've got to decide on which car to buy. I think consumers start with the manufacturer, then they choose a model and, finally, they select options and discuss delivery dates.
When choosing a mortgage, home buyers are buying a bag of money. All money is the same. It's the cost of … (17 comments)

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