homes in land park: The LPCA is a Benefit to Living in Land Park Sacramento - 10/08/18 09:18 AM

How many neighborhood associations throw you a free BBQ picnic? In addition to offering volunteer opportunities for residents to become involved in the neighborhood, the Land Park Community Association holds fundraisers like a Taste of Land Park as well.
The LPCA keeps us informed about community projects and when we might be able to expect that long-awaited bridge over Broadway to cross the river from West Sacramento. You can read more and view more photos in my personal blog today at this link: Land Park Community Association Membership BBQ a Real Sunday Treat.

homes in land park: Saying Goodbye to Our Land Park Cactus Garden - 10/01/18 10:23 AM
My husband is not a guy who likes change. As we get older and more set in our ways, change is difficult for many people. Then there are the people who like changes simply because it shakes up things, makes life different, offers variety, a chance to explore, learn, grow. And you can bet which direction I lean, LOL.
So you can imagine the shock my husband lives with day after day, never knowing when I might pronounce the death of something and the arrival of something new. Hopefully this new thing will make our lives better by increasing the amount of … (3 comments)

homes in land park: Get Daylilies from Amador Flower Farm Before Cold Snap - 09/16/18 09:24 AM
From our home in Land Park to the Amador Flower Farm on Shenandoah in Plymouth, it takes about an hour to drive. But it's a beautiful panamora, tranversing Jackson Highway 16: golden rolling hills, sturdy oak trees, gorgeous blue sky. My husband's plan was to stop in Midtown for lunch because he recalled there being no nice restaurants between us and Plymouth. Or, maybe that was an excuse to go to dim sum, I dunno.
But I immediately thought of the Sloughhouse Inn, which has since been transformed. You can see a lot more photographs and read more in my personal blog … (4 comments)

homes in land park: Supporting Community Events Like 2018 Taste of Land Park - 05/22/18 09:32 AM
The interesting thing about the 2018 Taste of Land Park is we have lived in Land Park now for 16 years, and we just attended the 17th Annual Taste of Land Park. Yup, never participated in the past. How lame is that? Well, in all fairness, I've been busy every single  Sunday for the past 16 years.
If I wasn't traveling somewhere exotic, I was either holding or managing open houses or finishing up my writing at Now that I quit my second job (finally, after much gut wrenching), I suddenly have more time available on Sunday. And we put … (2 comments)

homes in land park: New Listing for Sunday Open House in Land Park - 03/09/18 08:59 AM
We have new inventory! I have 5 open houses scheduled for Sunday, March 11th, including this new listing in Land Park. Just hit the market yesterday in Sacramento. Buyers are drawn to Land Park for its vintage homes, tree-canopied streets and close proximity to downtown restaurants and The Sacramento Kings Golden 1 Arena. Not to mention the Zoo, Fairytale Town and the enormous 166-acres of William Land Park.
This new listing in Land Park is a 3 bedroom, 1 bath, featuring hardwood floors and a remodeled kitchen and bath. A hard-to-find feature is its two-car garage! Covered patio used as a family … (4 comments)

homes in land park: The Invisible Homeless Population in Land Park - 10/02/17 08:38 AM

If you ask most people in Sacramento whether any homeless people live in their neighborhood, they would probably be unaware. I think that's because people often do not "see" homeless people. They are invisible to many people, even though they are right there.
Part of it is sometimes people don't know how to react. They don't know if they should try to help or ignore, and they feel uncomfortable doing either, so they pretend it doesn't exist.
I remember a listing I sold in Land Park that backed up to a gas station. There is a bus stop alongside the property. The … (7 comments)

homes in land park: A Weird Happening at Taylor's Market in Land Park - 10/29/16 03:25 AM
When I shared with my sister yesterday what happened at Taylor's Market in Land Park, she texted back: Ha, You're too honest. You know, I don't think there is anyway a person can be too honest. Well, in retrospect, I guess not using discretion would be one way to be too honest. Like when a woman fishing for compliments asks how she looks, you're not supposed to say she looks like a nightmare on Elm Street.
I'm talking more about honesty when it comes down to doing the right thing. Not getting away with something that would be dishonest because you know … (8 comments)

homes in land park: June is the Month to Paint in Sacramento - 06/01/16 04:23 AM
Everything was moving along rather smoothly yesterday when I wandered out into the yard to see my sidewalk guy distributing piles of decomposed granite where a flagstone / cement combo sidewalk was to be installed. I asked whether he knew he was supposed to pour concrete. Miscommunication error, but I've only learned enough Spanish to find the train station or order food. Darn, darn, darn.
Finally got him back on track. He left, saying he would come back in about an hour, and then his sister-in-law called to say he was in the hospital. Somebody had hit his truck on the freeway. … (4 comments)

homes in land park: Letting Go of Things That Have Outlived Usefulness - 05/16/16 01:15 AM
My sister in Minneapolis is somewhat of a packrat. You can't open her closets without stuff falling out, and let's not even talk about having to crawl over four-foot high piles of crap in the basement. I think of her when I need inspiration to clean up my own life and to declutter. Our motto is nothing can come into our house in Sacramento if something doesn't go out.
But sometimes, stuff has to go simply because it has outlived its usefulness and purpose in our lives. Which a person might not realize unless a person takes stock of her situation. I … (14 comments)

homes in land park: A Bike Riding Adventure in Land Park Sacramento - 03/20/16 02:23 AM
As my friend Tina and I sat on the stone bench in William Land Park, soaking up the sun and watching the activity around us, my mind wandered to the last time I felt this way, gloriously glad to be alive. One of those moments in life when you say to yourself: it just doesn't get any better than this. Know what I mean, jelly bean?
The last time I had that feeling was when Hella Rothwell and I had gone snorkeling at Two-Step Beach on Big Island. We were sitting on the rocks, on top of a towel, drying off in … (10 comments)

homes in land park: How Much Do You Think Solar Panels Add To Your Value? - 01/23/16 05:11 AM
If you're like me, you'll probably be shocked. I keep thinking about installing solar panels on my house. At one point we were told by SMUD that we didn't qualify because one of our trees provided shade over 10% of our roof, but that tree has since long crashed into the house during a winter storm in Land Park, and we now have plenty of roof exposed to sunlight.
It's a 50-year roof. It looks so good that even though it's almost 20 years old, people sometimes stop by my house and ask for the name of the contractor, thinking it's a … (11 comments)

homes in land park: Tips About Buying or Selling a Home in Land Park - 06/13/15 02:25 AM
My housekeeper could improve her house cleaning skills somewhat. Even though we gave her an unsolicited raise recently and requested that she spend more time vacuuming cat hair off our sofas, other areas have been a bit neglected. When I spilled water on the floor after she cleaned last week and wiped it up with a paper towel, the towel was black with a filthy film. To me that means she's just pushing the dirt around and not really cleaning the surface. It looks clean when she's finished, but after a while the dirt can pile up. I really needed the … (7 comments)

homes in land park: Sunday Afternoon at the Movies Brings a Bunch of Purchase Offers - 06/08/15 03:15 AM
With my two new listings on the market in Sacramento, I received a bunch of purchase offers over the weekend. The first thing I did, of course, was go to the movies on Sunday because it's always best to wait until after the open houses to consider an offer. Some buyers, when they find the perfect home to buy, are prepared to write an offer right there on the spot, and buyer's agents who embrace technology have the ability to do just that.
But let me tell you, the movie about Brian Wilson, Love & Mercy, playing at The Tower Theatre in … (8 comments)

homes in land park: There is Still Time to Buy This Home in Land Park - 03/06/15 12:20 AM
Looks like the crooks on Zillow are running over to Trulia with photos from Coming Soon on Zillow and posting homes for rent that are actually for sale. I caught one of my new listings of a home in Land Park today in Trulia as a rental scam. Usually I wait 24 hours for Trulia to download new listings because it takes Trulia longer than Zillow to update its inventory. But today I put the address into Trulia, because I keep hoping my new listings will appear sooner than later, and lo and behold discovered some crook had already swiped my … (3 comments)

homes in land park: When Sacramento Mortgage Borrowers Don't Fit Right in - 03/03/15 12:07 AM
I don't get out very much to mingle with other people unless I'm with my husband or my team members, so it was doubly nice for me to attend a birthday party last night at the Riverside Clubhouse in Land Park for an agent in my office who turned 80. She is such an inspiration to me -- to everybody she knows, I imagine. She's accomplished, has a wonderfully big heart, and has been in the real estate business almost forever.
In fact, when I first moved to Sacramento and we were looking for homes, I almost bought my home in … (6 comments)

homes in land park: Tenants and Homes in Land Park - 02/24/15 11:42 AM
A tenant at one of my listings sent me a text message a while back warning that I better be careful about how I communicate with her if I wanted good reviews. That kind of threw me for a loop because I don't work for the tenant, and I certainly wasn't asking her for a review. Then it dawned on me that she was threatening me by saying if I didn't comply with whatever she wanted, she might go online to say something horrible about me. And this is why I don't think online reviews on certain types of websites carry … (7 comments)

homes in land park: Sewer Inspections Aren't Just for Home Buyers - 02/17/15 11:06 AM
When was the last time you enjoyed a good home movie video of your sewer line? I bet you can't recall the last time you watched that show. Most sewer inspection companies can give you a video or send you the file via email for your records if you ask. As Sacramento Realtors, we generally advise our buyers of older homes to obtain a sewer inspection, and it's not unusual for said inspections to disclose problems. Why is it then that we rarely think about ordering a sewer inspection for ourselves, as homeowners? Don't we deserve our very own video?
You … (4 comments)

homes in land park: Inspecting Homes in the Rain and a Land Park Bath Remodel - 12/02/14 10:57 PM
This Sacramento REALTOR battled three-for-three yesterday in our torrential downpour; we need rain so desperately that I am just happy to see water falling from the skies and forming puddles in the street. I covered both sides of my territory, too, driving from Land Park to Roseville, then out to Lincoln and finally over to south Sacramento. Could not fully accomplish my objectives.
The home in Roseville was locked up tight and none of the keys worked. I was grateful for the porch roof that kept the raindrops off my head.
The lockbox in Lincoln was missing the key basket; which … (4 comments)

homes in land park: Get a New House Number for Your Home in Sacramento - 07/29/14 02:19 AM
We were out showing homes in Land Park last week to a first-time home buyer in Sacramento, just like any other week in Sacramento real estate. This home buyer expressed displeasure over the number of the house she was considering buying. I'm not going to tell you what the house number is because it's picayune to this story and I don't want to offend the home seller who probably has no difficulty with the number whatsoever.
Suffice to say that as a Sacramento real estate agent, I and my team strive to meet perfection, which means satisifying our client's whims, regardless … (7 comments)

homes in land park: Can Agents Skip the Interior Inspection to Price Homes in Land Park? - 05/20/14 11:13 AM
I realize that sellers know us Land Park agents are familiar enough with real estate in our own neighborhoods, especially when we live in Land Park on top of selling homes in Land Park, that we should know instintictively the value of a home in Land Park. I do know pretty much what a three-bedroom, two-bath home built in 1935 will fetch on the open market, but much of it will also depend on where it's located on the street and on which street the home is located. Also, I need to see the home in person and get a feeling … (5 comments)

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