homes in sacramento: Bay Area Investors Fight Over Homes in Sacramento - 06/18/16 12:58 AM
Usually I explain to potential sellers that owner occupants will pay more for a home than an investor, but that doesn't seem to be the case this summer among entry-level homes in Sacramento. It's making me think about buying rentals again, and my husband is saying, no, no, we already own two houses. (He doesn't expect me to agree.)
But it does make me wonder. I suspect Bay area investors see prices rising and figure it's now or never because next year homes in Sacramento will cost more. They are paying cash and bidding against each other. On the other side of … (9 comments)

homes in sacramento: How to Sell 2 Homes to Buy One as a Couple - 02/08/15 02:18 AM
Sometimes home buyers are reluctant to share their plans with a Sacramento REALTOR because they are afraid that one of us might sell them something or make them buy a home before they are ready. They are especially relucant to share any personal information with an agent they just called to view a home. We are often treated like door openers, as though we have no right to know who they are or why we are showing homes to them, which is understandable but not right nor standard procedure.
Couples who each own a home and plan to sell them to … (6 comments)

homes in sacramento: What Kind of Agent Truly Wants Every Sacramento Listing? - 10/01/14 12:12 AM
My husband accused me the other day of wanting to take all of the listings in Sacramento, list all of the homes for sale, and I almost bonked him on the head with the heel of my Sarah Parker Jessica shoe. Why would he say that? I don't want every single listing. He says that's how he felt as a journalist, when he worked at a daily newspaper, he wanted all of the stories. He didn't always get all of the stories, but he wanted them.
Well, that might be true of journalism but that's not true in real estate. I … (7 comments)

homes in sacramento: Fixing Sacramento Listings Can Backfire on Sacramento Agents - 02/28/14 12:46 AM
Everybody who knows me realizes that I am not in the business of trying to swipe another agent's client. Not only do I believe it's unethical, it's also prohibited by the Code of Ethics. I would also not want another agent to try to do it to me, so I tend to practice the Golden Rule in life. But yowza, when sellers call me to say that they are unhappy with their agent and want to switch agents, begging me to tell them what's wrong with their listing and how to fix it, it seems the last 3 times I've tried … (8 comments)

homes in sacramento: Where Do You Find Buyers for Sacramento Homes in Poverty Ridge? - 02/21/14 01:13 AM
A buyer emailed a few days ago to ask about buying a million-dollar home in the Poverty Ridge neighborhood in Sacramento. However, this particular buyer already had chosen a real estate agent, and this listing was not my listing. It might seem like I list every home in Sacramento, but I can assure you that I do not.
The buyer has an agent because everybody in Sacramento pretty much knows somebody somewhere, some living breathing body, who possesses a real estate license. It's why we ask buyers if they are working with a real estate agent because we don't want to … (4 comments)

homes in sacramento: Online Real Estate Porn of Homes in Sacramento - 02/13/14 12:27 AM
I received an atta-girl letter yesterday from a reader of my articles about homebuying on Just out of the clear blue. It sounded like something I would force a person to write if I tied them up and put a gun to their head -- it was pretty flowery and flattering. It just surprised me that some person would read my words and care enough to write to me. I get these every so often and they really make my day. It's nice to be appreciated. It's not mandatory but it's nice. Especially since I can be really opinionated. That's … (7 comments)

homes in sacramento: No Wonder Home Buyers Call Every Real Estate Agent in Sacramento - 02/05/14 11:07 PM
I found a business card folded in two that dropped when I opened my front door this morning. It was from a real estate broker in South Land Park, although I live in Land Park. He had scrawled on the back of it: I May Have a Buyer for This Home. You'd think he would have looked up the owner in the tax rolls but then you'd be thinking that he solely targeted my home when what he really did was blanket all of the homes on my street. He stuck cards in every door of every house.
I question the … (11 comments)

homes in sacramento: The Myth Behind Those Back-on-Market Homes in Sacramento - 01/30/14 01:43 AM
This spring real estate market in Sacramento is off to a rocky start, at least in my little camp in the universe. It seems that every time I take a home off the market and place it into pending status, there is some kind of issue with the buyer that should have been resolved prior to writing an offer. What I call an "Oops" status. Except it's like a 30-foot-deep snow blizzard, so I just say Oops to be funny, otherwise, I'd be tearing out my hair.
Over the last dozen years, even through the real estate crisis, a listing agent … (8 comments)

homes in sacramento: Selling Homes in Sacramento in September is Stupendous - 09/28/13 01:44 AM
I suppose if you've just had dental crowns cemented on your front teeth, that repeating the alliteration: selling homes in Sacramento is stupendous would make you sound like a snake cornered by a dog. My girlfriend just got dentures, and she's having a terrible time talking. I suggested she practice by repeating the phrase: San Francisco. I'm filled with handy suggestions, just ask me about selling homes in Sacramento.
Just don't ask me how many I have closed because I don't honestly know at the moment. What I do know is some that were supposed to close while I was in … (5 comments)

homes in sacramento: How to Know When You'll Get 3 Offers for that Sacramento Home - 06/02/13 03:00 AM
I know that home buyers can't believe it. They spot a home sitting on the market and they think they might be interested, but they'll wait to see if the price comes down. I don't know why they are so timid. They should just write an offer. But they won't. Until many many days go by, and maybe the prices moves a little bit and maybe it doesn't, but then they'll decide to write an offer.
That's when they hear there are 2 more offers. And they immediately jump to the conclusion that real estate agents are lying to them when … (3 comments)

homes in sacramento: A Home in Fair Oaks and a Home in North Sacramento - 04/25/13 01:25 AM
I had a double listing day yesterday. Signed all of the paperwork for a listing in Fair Oaks and for another newer home listing in North Sacramento. Met a photographer from the Sacramento Business Journal at my seller's home in Fair Oaks.
Then I had to get up at oh-dark-thirty this morning to clean up cat puke, feed whining creatures and take my husband to the hospital for an outpatient routine procedure, which I am not allowed to discuss or talk about or he will, I dunno, explode, I suppose. So my lips are zipped. I don't want to see him … (3 comments)

homes in sacramento: Is It OK to Write About Sex? - 11/18/12 01:02 AM
You know, I say yes, it is OK to write about sex if you want. It's OK to write about whatever you want in a blog because it's your blog. If people don't like it, they won't read it. If they don't read it, they might not ever call you. Do you care? I'm not overly invested. I blog because I have something to say. If I expected everybody to agree with me I'd be working at Fox News with other like minded people, but no, thank goodness I sell homes in Sacramento.
And I never know what I might write … (9 comments)

homes in sacramento: Robot Buyer's Agents are Replacing Robot REO Agents - 11/16/12 12:11 AM
If you're a newer agent looking for business in Sacramento, it's kind of hard to throw a rock and not hit a cash investor. They are everywhere. They are like termites in a water-soaked wall under the kitchen sink. They are multiplying overnight in the thousands. Many of them are arriving in droves from the Bay area like some kind of Stephen King horror novel. They are also from other states. Like Idaho.
And they are looking for robot agents to write offers for them. Just sit at that computer and type up offers the minute a new listing hits MLS, … (6 comments)

homes in sacramento: Preparing a Home for Sale in Sacramento - 08/21/12 12:47 AM
Don't forget to clean out the garage. At my house, the garage is a place where things go to prepare to die. It’s like the stopping ground before a final death. The weigh station before the graveyard. The hospice, like Denver International Airport. It’s for things we aren’t quite ready to part with, things that we might have some use for down the road and would be devastated, I imagine, if we could not find it in the garage when this immediate and urgent need arose. Of course, I can’t ever recall going out to the garage to find a stored … (4 comments)

homes in sacramento: A Tip for Getting the Edge When Buying Homes in Sacramento - 08/02/12 11:16 PM
In this Sacramento real estate market, it doesn't matter how many offers the seller has received. Yet, agents continue to call and ask that question. Why doesn't it matter? Because any well priced home will be sold within hours if not within days of hitting the market. If a listing agent doesn't have an offer when the buyer's agent calls, you can bet an offer is on its way. Maybe 10 or 20 offers are in the works. It just doesn't matter.
What does matter is how strong is your purchase offer? How well written is your offer? Have you included … (6 comments)

homes in sacramento: How to Use Strategy and Not Games to Sell a Home in Sacramento - 07/08/12 01:14 AM
One of my team members said at dinner last night that my home sellers are really nice to buyers. Apparently, that's the scuttlebutt in Sacramento real estate if that home is listed by Elizabeth Weintraub.
Often buyer's agents will text to ask when I am presenting offers to my sellers. I present offers as soon as I receive the offer. I don't play games. I might consider playing a game if it would be more profitable to my seller, but those kinds of games typically are not, so I don't. Games are games. Strategy is strategy. It's easy for sellers to … (11 comments)

homes in sacramento: Whose Listing Is It, Anyway? - 01/15/10 01:07 AM
It's hard, at times, to tell if a person is joking around or not when you receive an email. I am not a big fan of smiley faces, but against my better judgment, I can be guilty of slipping them into emails. That's because not everybody appreciates my wry sense of humor. And sometimes I'm so busy that I literally don't have time to make sure my parenthesis is facing the right way. It's easy to type a frowny face by mistake. I'm so happy that you sent me a photo of your new baby; she's adorable. Frowny face.
We can … (14 comments)

homes in sacramento: Home Buyer Tax Credit Can be Applied to Your 2008 Tax Return - 03/04/09 01:08 AM
Buy a home in 2009 before December 1, and the IRS says you can apply that $8,000 first-time home buyer credit to your 2008 taxes. IRS has revised its Form 5405, which you can access on the web site.Of course, if you want to apply the credit to your 2009 tax return when you file next year, that's permissible as well. But some home buyers might prefer to offset their tax liability for 2008, and this is a good way to do it. It all depends on whether you want the big tax refund in 2009 or 2010.Qualified home buyers … (15 comments)

homes in sacramento: Sacramento Metrolist MLS To Feed Listings Directly to Trulia - 01/28/09 12:55 AM
Almost every day a Trulia user posts a question in the Q&A section about a RealtyTrac home that isn't for sale. That's because RealtyTrac lists homes on Trulia that have received a foreclosure notice, which means the owners have fallen behind on their payments. It doesn't mean the home is on the market. With any luck, the Sacramento Metrolist MLS, which is a separate company from the Sacramento Board of REALTORS®, will put a stop to that practice.
A little birdie told me that Metrolist is finalizing a deal with Trulia to send listings directly to Trulia and that Trulia will … (16 comments)

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