land park: How to Find the American River Bike Trail in Old Sacramento - 09/23/13 01:53 AM
A client's daughter moved out of a condo I sold in Woodside Sierra last month and into an apartment in Old Sacramento, right above the American River Bike Trail. She said she can see the river from her bed. It seems like it would be a lot of fun to live in Old Sacramento because it would be like being on vacation all of the time. Yup, even more fun, says its new resident, is the fact the bartender across the street is fabulous, and she swears that she can't be happy in her move if she doesn't have a good … (2 comments)

land park: Even This Old Sacramento Real Estate Agent Works Out - 01/16/13 12:32 AM
Growing old and losing my mind doesn't bother me at all -- not that the two are necessarily synonymous with each other but what the hey -- because I've got a quick glimpse of what life would be like. Yup, just pick up the Wii, slip in a game disk and turn on the TV. Instantly, you slip into that video and all sense of what goes on around you vanishes. You become part of the video game. It's a good stress reliever, and it's fun, which is probably why so many millions of people have a Wii or a similar … (6 comments)

land park: Spring Time in Land Park, Sacramento - 05/16/11 02:17 AM

Where did springtime go? This was our weather yesterday in Land Park, Sacramento. It's so cold this morning our furnace is running. I better go catch it.
My husband shot this video with his new iPhone.

land park: Ever Think About How Baby Giant Anteaters Look Like Aliens? - 03/13/10 12:51 AM
A couple of days ago, a baby giant anteater was born at the Sacramento Zoo in Land Park. This was a first for the Sacramento Zoo. I was mesmerized by the photo of the giant anteater and thought about going over to the Zoo to see if I could snap a photo. But the infant is confined to close quarters in a den with its mother, Amber, so the best that I can do is give you that link where you can see the actual photo for yourself.
The baby giant anteater looks just like an alien. And you know I've … (15 comments)

land park: Do You Do Things Because You've Always Done Them or Because You Want To? - 01/10/10 01:02 AM
Some people would say that when a person looks back on the path one's life has taken and decides to make changes, it's because one has reached a "certain age." Personally, I disagree, probably because I'm the type of person who often reflects on the direction I am moving and wonders if that direction is the road best taken. For example, those reflections are the reason I ended up in Sacramento.
But I am also a creature of habit. I suspect to some extent we all are. You may head to Starbucks each morning to get a latte. Because that's what … (20 comments)

land park: November 2009 Facts and Trends for Land Park and Curtis Park - 12/15/09 01:11 PM
Good news for the real estate market in Land Park and Curtis Park. Last month, we saw 15 sales close in the ZIP of 95818, out of 47 listings. In addition, 21 sales were pending, most likely slated for closing this month. Well, except for one of my short sale listings, which probably won't see the light of day until early February at the rate Chase Bank is moving. But still, sales are up 15.4% over a year ago at this time.
Below is a chart that shows the median sales prices in Land Park and Curtis Park over the past … (2 comments)

land park: An Easy Way to Protect Vulnerable Plants from Frost in Land Park and Throughout Sacramento - 11/20/09 02:01 AM
The only person I've ever known who truly loved winter down to the core of her very soul was my mother. She adored winter. She loved the way the sun's glint reflecting off frozen windswept snowdrifts could blind a person. How sub-zero temperatures could cause metal earrings to sting one's earlobes and make the nostril hairs inside one's nose hang like icicles. She's dead now. That's what loving winter does to you.
Me, not so much. I'm not a big fan of winter. In fact, I grew up believing that California and Hawaii were among some of the best places to … (9 comments)

land park: Buying a Home in East Sacramento Means Sharing a Bit of History - 11/16/09 01:04 AM
Part of my success in real estate is due to paying attention to my intuition and purposely scrutinizing the emotional impact of homes, especially as an agent selling homes in such landmark neighborhoods in Sacramento as Land Park and East Sacramento. These tree-canopied areas feature many older, classic homes, and each is generally unique, loaded with history. I can feel it. It's like a sixth sense or something.
If you don't get a vibe when you walk into a home, it's probably because you're not receptive to it. I think everybody has the ability to do it. Some people probably don't … (9 comments)

land park: Google Docs is a Great Way to Publish Daily Updates on Short Sales to Your Website - 11/11/09 12:35 AM
My husband is a savvy shopper, always looking for bargains and buying stuff on sale. Thank goodness he's not into those big discount chains and coming home with armloads of toilet paper. I've been to homes where the bathtub was the only place left to stash an oversupply of toilet paper. But he does tend to buy larger quantities of an item when it's on sale.
He was thrilled when he discovered that Target over on Broadway had Fancy Feast on sale. Our older cat, Brandon, loves Fancy Feast canned cat food. Turkey and Giblets. Maybe he's a Thanksgiving cat at … (44 comments)

land park: What Caused the Power Surge in Land Park This Morning? - 07/22/09 01:47 PM
I always get up early. I like the peace and quiet in the morning. No phones ringing, no emails coming in, just a nagging cat wanting to know when he's going to get fed and he eventually gives up and goes back to sleep. Even the birds are silent before the sun comes up.
This morning, about 6:30 AM, I was sitting at my computer typing away when all of a sudden I heard this loud crack and ping. Everything electrical in the room where my home office is located went out.  I didn't notice it because my eyes were glued … (8 comments)

land park: If You Live in Land Park, You Should Become a Member of the Land Park Community Association - 07/20/09 04:26 PM
We are so lucky in Land Park that our community association, the LPCA, has expanded its member directors. We've grown to 15 board members to better represent the people of Land Park. The LPCA hosts BBQ family-style annual picnics in the park, as well as dedicating itself to addressing the concerns of such matters as the Sacramento park funding crisis, improvement projects and public safety.
Membership for Land Park residents is only $15 a year. Membership entitles Land Park residents, which includes homeowners and tenants alike, to crime report roundables, help with Land Park neighborhood watch programs and assistance with National … (1 comments)

land park: Look at The Moon Over Land Park in Sacramento - 07/08/09 01:53 AM

Is it a full moon? I had to look it up and, sure enough, according to the U.S. Navy, last night at 9:21 PM, the moon was full. I shot this photo about 6 AM this morning. It's what the moon looks like setting over Land Park, Sacramento.
Although I'm not a big believer in astrology, despite my wacky attempt at a bit of humor with my Real Estate Horoscopes for 2009 -- which caused some readers to say they were never, ever, going to read another thing I wrote, not if they lived to be a million years old … (11 comments)

land park: How About a Land Park Sacramento Short Sale That's Not in a Flood Zone? - 06/15/09 02:19 AM

Almost unheard of in Sacramento -- as we are at the mercy of the Sacramento River and the American River, not to mention the Folsom Dam -- but some parts of Sacramento are not located in a flood zone, and neither is this Land Park short sale. It's located high on a hill. I live a few blocks away and have researched the time it would take to vacate during a possible flood. I have 8 hours before my home could be underwater, and I'm talking about flood waters, not a short sale situation.
This Land Park home boasts all … (7 comments)

land park: Does Being a Sacramento State Worker Jeopardize Home Buying Dreams? - 06/08/09 03:54 AM
An agent who represents a Sacramento home buyer for one of my short sales called last week to say his buyer is facing a 5% pay cut and may no longer be able to afford the home he wants to buy. The agent wanted to give me advance notice so I could put a different buyer into back-up position on that home, which I truly appreciated. Many of my short sale listings have 5 to 20 offers each.
But it made me wonder about Sacramento state workers and whether some might be stretching themselves a bit too thin to get into … (10 comments)

land park: More Photos of William Land Park WPA Rock Garden in Land Park, Sacramento - Part 3 - 06/04/09 02:57 AM
If you haven't met Myrl Jeffcoat, a busy agent in Sacramento, you're in for a treat. She's simply delightful and filled with interesting stories about what it was like to grow up in the Land Park area. I try to get together with Myrl at least every couple months or so for lunch. We ferret out interesting restaurants in Sacramento to explore.
One of my favorite lunch-time spots is Ricksha on 10th Street, just north of W Street. Their box lunches are $5.99, and I guarantee you'll wobble out of that place satiated and happy. Myrl and I had lunch at … (9 comments)

land park: 19 Short Sale Offers and They Just Keep Coming for This Sacramento Short Sale - 06/02/09 03:37 AM
Home sellers in Sacramento are enjoying an unusual window of opportunity right now. If your home is priced attractively, in good condition and located in a desirable area, you are most likely receiving multiple offers. It's very tough to be a buyer in this type of market, especially if the mindset is lowball offers. You can submit an offer at list price and get it rejected.
Sellers are in the driver's seat. Sacramento sellers -- and especially Sacramento short sale sellers -- have the chance now to get possibly the highest price for their home that we may ever see over … (19 comments)

land park: Everybody Has Nationwide Calling Plans But Me, Do You Believe That? - 05/31/09 03:08 AM
Along with the upside of being a real estate agent and writing for a national web site such as, there is also a downside. It's easy for consumers to find my telephone number. I could remove my cellphone number from my website, but what's the point? I want people to be able to call me. Especially home buyers and sellers in Sacramento.
Sometimes short sale buyers call me because they are frustrated with their agent or the way their transaction is going. It's hard for them to understand that a) as a REALTOR, I can't interfere in another agent's transaction … (15 comments)

land park: When Was the Last Time You Saw a Unicyclist in Land Park? - 05/30/09 02:54 PM
You never know what you might see in Land Park, especially the closer you get to William Land Park. The Sacramento SPCA (SSPCA) held its annual Doggy Dash event today at William Land Park. I sponsored one of my client's dog packs in the race. Amy McMullan supports the Pit Bull club known as Sacramento Responsible Pet Bull Lovers.
On the way there, what did you suppose I spotted? A unicyclist riding just a few blocks away from the park, on the corner of Land Park Drive and 12th.
I thought you might enjoy seeing a photo or two of this … (9 comments)

land park: Check Out the WPA Rock Garden at William Land Park in Sacramento (Part I) - 05/26/09 02:29 AM
One of the things that I like best about living in the Sacramento neighborhood of Land Park is the fact I can walk along our tree-canopied streets to just about anywhere. I walk not only to typical places such as restaurants, gift shops, boutiques, the Land Park Tower Theatre or Taylor's Market, but we have our very own William Land Park, which boasts over 11 acres of gently rolling grassy hills and a golf course, jogging trails, ponds, baseball field, an abundance of trees, picnic areas and more.
Tucked away on the southeastern side of the lake is a hidden treasure … (9 comments)

land park: You Can Ride a Panda on the Carousel at the Sacramento Zoo in Land Park - 05/22/09 06:56 AM
Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! And throw into the mix a praying mantis, giant panda, dung beetle, wart hog and anteater. The Sacramento Zoo in Land Park opened Wednesday the long-awaited Conservation Carousel, financed by a loan through U.S. Bank and private donations.
If you've always wanted to ride a baby giraffe or poison dart frog, now is your chance. The ride features 32 different animals. Each animal is hand-carved from wood and imported from Ohio. What? We have no artists in Land Park who can carve a pink flamingo out of redwood?
Rides cost $2.00. The Sacramento Zoo … (8 comments)

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