lockbox: How MLS Boards Don't Want Out of Area Agents Listing Homes - 03/18/14 06:41 AM
When I have to stop what I'm doing during the day to complain to my husband and wonder out loud why I am taking a listing that seems to be so much trouble, it makes sense to step back and look at the fact that maybe it's the universe's way of telling me not to bother with it.
For starters, you may not know this, but many MLS boards do not want an agent from another Board to take a listing in their board, and they go to great lengths to put a stop to that kind of behavior. They want … (10 comments)

lockbox: Resolving Lockbox Issues for Sacramento Real Estate Agents - 01/28/14 10:48 PM
Working more with sellers in Sacramento these days than buyers means I use my lockbox display key more for setting up lockboxes than opening the lockbox to retrieve keys. It still doesn't reduce the anxiety of what would happen if my gizmo doesn't work. In part, I can resolve that issue by opening the bottom key tray and releasing the lock bar prior to driving over to my seller's home.
A few days ago while setting up a file for signature and noting the number of the lockbox in my records for uploading to MLS, I decided that to be better … (9 comments)

lockbox: A Tale About a Sacramento Lockbox - 05/26/13 03:44 AM
Every so often, I'll meet up with a seller who doesn't want a lockbox. They've heard horror stories on the Internet, I suppose, where all horror stories seem to reside these days. But a lockbox is really for the seller's convenience. It means the seller doesn't have to rush home from the movies to let a buyer's agent into her home or worry if she's out of town for the weekend that her home won't be shown.
In some parts of the country, it is customary for the listing agents to show homes but, in California, it's unreasonable to expect an … (6 comments)

lockbox: MetroList Leads My Priority Worst Rankings for the Day - 05/27/12 01:35 AM
Which would you rather wake up to? Rebuild your email database or cat puke? It's a tough decision, but I think I'm gonna go with ishy, squishy cat puke between the toes. I try to keep my deleted emails under control but that danged Equator No Reply fills it up quickly.
That's because Equator now sends an email to say I have an email in Equator. It used to send the email content. That was pretty cool because I could read what it was about. It doesn't do that anymore. And every time an email is generated in Equator, I get … (5 comments)

lockbox: A Buyer's Agent is Your Key to Short Sale Offer Acceptance - 05/06/12 12:52 AM
Stop selling your buyers and start selling yourself, I want to tell buyer's agents. But it's not really my place to say it. I'm just a Sacramento short sale agent. I represent sellers. I refer buyers to my trusted team members and work exclusively with sellers. My job is to get the bank to accept their short sale and close that puppy. I do it quickly, efficiently and quietly, without a lot of drama, if I can help it.
But this seller's market is taxing on everybody. It's really hard on sellers. Oh, you might think it's all fun and games … (9 comments)

lockbox: Call First, Lockbox: What Does this Mean for a Sacramento Listing? - 04/21/12 12:42 AM
My sellers know that I track activity, all the comings and goings at their home. That's one of the reasons to use a lockbox. The little infrared gizmo beams all agent access info directly to a website for me. As a Sacramento short sale agent, I follow up on my listings. I email agents who show and ask if they have questions. It gives me an excellent way to obtain buyer feedback for my sellers as well.
When a seller of a new short sale listing emailed to say he had an evening showing yesterday, I looked up the agent information … (7 comments)

lockbox: The Market Should Bring Out the Best in Agents and Not the Worst in Us - 04/02/12 01:36 AM
When the market tanks, agents get edgy. That's no big surprise. Agents tend to get their knickers in a twist when they see their income swirling into an abyss. How will they eat? How will they pay their own mortgage? Will they still be a real estate agent next year or will they take up camp sleeping under a bridge? Real questions. Real problems. But don't beat up on each other, for crying out loud.
I cannot begin to count the number of conversations I've had lately with agents who find it difficult to carry on a phone conversation using their … (12 comments)

lockbox: The Elk Grove Short Sale That Took Almost a Year to Close - 03/20/12 12:02 AM
"Oh, you probably think that all real estate agents drive around in Porsches and wear designer clothes." I accused a caller of harboring those beliefs the other day and laughed as I listened to him vehemently deny those thoughts. We both laughed. I laughed for a different reason. I laughed because I was indeed dressed in Eileen Fisher and driving down Interstate 5 in my Porsche. You see, as a Sacramento short sale agent, I have to find my chuckles somewhere. The short sale business is not all slap-stick comedy.
Much of it is helping homeowners let go of their homes. … (5 comments)

lockbox: Are Buyer's Agents Allowed to Talk to the Seller? - 02/07/12 01:22 AM
I received an offer last from a buyer's agent for one of my short sale listings in Sacramento. This is a home that just came on the market in a high demand neighborhood. The agent gushed and cooed about how much her buyer loved loved loved this home. He loved it so much that he offered 90% of list price. This is not even worth a comment. But you can't help but figure the agent had a hand in it.
Some agents are struggling with buyers. I hear from those, too. They have a hard time explaining the market. When they … (8 comments)

lockbox: If You Wanna Know Who is Responsible for Fixing that Fence, Go Look in the Mirror - 01/12/12 03:06 AM
All agents get these kinds of phone calls. You can't sell short sales in Sacramento without hearing when something awful happens. If a house is vacant in a targeted neighborhood, odds are something terrible will happen. Somebody will swipe the AC unit out of the yard or kick in the door to steal appliances.
Every so often they go so far as to cut off the lockbox. That's hard to do because I've done it myself with a reciprocating saw. It took me a whole 20 minutes, with a lot of vibration and noise. Why the listing agent left his lockbox … (5 comments)

lockbox: Is It Possible For a Sacramento Short Sale Agent to Never Meet the Sellers or See the Home? - 10/02/11 04:03 AM
I closed a short sale in Sacramento County last week in which I had never met the sellers. I had never seen the home, either. If you can believe that. I drove out to Elk Grove to pick up my lockbox and realized this was a home I had not put the lockbox on. I didn't put the lockbox on it because I didn't shoot the photos, and I didn't inspect it. One of my team members did it for me. That's rare, because I am very much a "hands-on" agent.
Being a hands-on agent means I will probably never make … (5 comments)

lockbox: Why Would Bank of America Hire a BPO Agent Without the Tools to Work in Sacramento? - 07/09/11 03:34 AM
I will do just about anything to sell a Sacramento short sale. Some days, I feel like Cal Worthington. I would eat a bug. Did you know that Cal Worthington just got remarried for the third time? Ha. I thought he was dead. I would stand on my head to sell a Sacramento short sale. Whatever somebody needs, I'll do. I want the transaction to close. You can't be a Sacramento short sale agent without working extremely hard and doing unseemly things that you would never in a million years have to do in a regular real estate deal.
So, yesterday, … (16 comments)

lockbox: When Your First Mortgage Payment is Due Depends on When You Close - 07/02/11 03:24 AM
I was hoping to close at least 12 escrows in June but that didn't happen. It seems that 3 Sacramento short sales rolled into July. But it doesn't matter to me when they close as long as the sellers are happy. The most important thing to me as a Sacramento short sale agent is that my sellers are thrilled with my work.
The reasons for the delay on all three short sales lie with the buyer's lender and the buyer's loan. Not my sellers' fault. We're on target. I can't remember the last time I wasn't on target.
That's why I … (7 comments)

lockbox: The Bodies of Dead Short Sale Buyers Litter Sacramento Ditches - 05/25/11 03:06 AM
How long does it take for a short sale to close? That's the million-dollar question so many of my sellers ask. Much depends on the lender and your listing agent. As a Sacramento short sale agent, I have systems in place to ensure fast processing of my short sales. I get a same-day HUD from escrow. Really fast turnaround. All of my short sale documents are collected in advance of the listing so when we receive an offer, bam, the package goes to the bank.
I send the authorization early so I can get into the system, which can take 72 … (10 comments)

lockbox: About Multiple Showings and a Short Sale Duplex With a Pool in Greenhaven - 03/16/11 03:24 AM
One of my sellers called yesterday to say his home had just hit the market and he already had a bunch of phone calls from buyer's agents. They were asking to schedule appointments. Most of my listings, whether they are short sales or otherwise, are listed as "call first, lockbox." But many buyer's agents don't know what that means. They think it means to make an appointment. It doesn't. It means to call first and then go.
The seller asked if he was being rude to an agent when he let her know another agent was already showing at the time … (8 comments)

lockbox: When You've Got to Climb the Fence to Get That Lockbox - 01/26/11 02:00 AM
If you think that by locking your gate you are keeping intruders out of your yard, think again. Maybe you're keeping the deer and the antelope at bay, but if somebody really wants to get into your yard, say, even a gym-challenged, almost 59-year-old, 5-foot woman, anybody can probably scale that fence, if she was smart about it. Well, yeah, determination counts, too. I am typically a pretty determined person.
A client asked if I would withdraw her listing from MLS last week. We had sold her home for $15,000 over list price because at the time we received an offer, … (8 comments)

lockbox: Some Short Sales Take So Long to Close That I Can't Always Recall Where I Put the Lockbox - 11/15/10 02:56 AM

You can't be effective in the real estate business, much less in the Sacramento short sale business, if you don't pull your little ostrich head out of the computer every now and then and get outside. Granted, it may be raining, but I think we all need to reconnect with nature just to get a little perspective, even if it's a wet perspective. So, when my husband and I drove back from San Jose to Sacramento this weekend, we decided to take the southern route and cruise through the Sacramento Delta country. Gorgeous scenery. Lakes. Ponds. Streams. Channels. Rivers. Wetlands. … (14 comments)

lockbox: Here is a Roseville Short Sale in Crocker Ranch for $230,000 - 09/20/10 02:49 AM
What do you do when a lockbox won't open? Every so often, a Supra lockbox jams, and I get a call. Maybe the last agent crammed the key in sideways. Maybe it's moisture in the air or temperature changes that causes it. I don't know, but I know how to fix it because I've been down that road. The trick is to remove the lockbox by releasing the shackle. Then, holding the lockbox by its shackle, repeatedly smash it on a concrete surface. Trust me, it will unjam. You can't break a lockbox.
So, that's where I am headed this morning … (5 comments)

lockbox: 10 Things Your Agent Should Never Say - 08/16/10 03:03 AM
A Lyon agent called me over the weekend to ask about writing an offer on one of my Sacramento short sales. I explained that the sellers had a counter offer out but the agent who wrote the offer didn't seem all that trustworthy. Because when I asked him if he had actually showed the home to his buyers, I was looking at my online account at Supra. This account shows me my lockbox activity, the names and contact information of every agent who has accessed any particular listing. This agent's name was not on that list.
The agent had assured me … (10 comments)

lockbox: Here is the Best Place to Find your Sacramento Short Sale Agent and Why - 07/28/10 02:58 AM
I drove 68 miles round-trip yesterday to remove a lockbox, and I learned something new. I finally figured out why I sometimes get communication error messages on my Supra display key. It's not because the display key malfunctions. It's because the lockbox is in the sun. That little red rectangle communicates with the display key via infrared. If it's sitting directly in the sun for a long period of time, the infrared rays from the sun knock out communication with the display key. Who knew? Makes perfect sense, though.
So, the thing to do is block the light to the lockbox … (7 comments)

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