lowball offers: When the Highest and Best Offers Contain a Lowball - 04/05/19 08:44 AM
My partner JaCi Wallace just listed a home for us in Sacramento that attracted a lot of attention. We could have suggested a higher list price to the seller but the problem was the home was in original condition. Been rented for a few years. Probably no updates since the early '90s. So we had to find that "sweet spot." We received multiple offers quite a bit over list price as buyers fought for it. 
The amazing thing in this is if we had listed at the highest and best offer price, we probably would have received lower offers . . . … (14 comments)

lowball offers: What Does it Take to Pull the Trigger on Home Buying? - 12/03/18 12:44 PM

Rarely do I oversleep in Hawaii, but this morning I did not wake up until the Lowe's contractor guys were hitting my Ring Doorbell, which chimes very loudly in our master bedroom. BTW, I highly recommend getting the Chime feature doohickey for that contraption. Pulled me out of a sound sleep.
I had almost forgotten about the conversation I had about buyers with an agent yesterday. Maybe because I was too busy fending off the agents who wanted to "discuss" sales prices on certain properties. They were trying to "build a case" for their lowball buyer. That buyer sitting on the sidelines, … (3 comments)

lowball offers: Why is the Buyer Unhappy With a Low Appraisal? - 07/21/18 08:36 AM
No matter how many times I say it, still a bit astounding when people exhibit narcissistic behavior, as though the world completely revolves around them. I want to fall back on logic and believe they will eventually see the other side or at least one other way of looking at the situation, but no. Sadly mistaken. Too wound up in their own existence. To some extent, aren't we all?
After soothing over sellers' expectations over a low appraisal, I was also prepared for the buyer to be unhappy about the low appraisal. Never met the buyer, and I know nothing about the buyer … (12 comments)

lowball offers: Do You Ignore Clients Who Hold Unreasonable Views? - 01/28/18 09:21 AM
There are some agents in Sacramento who flat out do not work with clients they deem to be too much work. By that I mean buyers and sellers who hold unreasonable views. You know, everybody and their uncle has ideas about how an agent should sell a house or the procedure they should use to buy a home. Often, these potential clients are unreasonable about some aspect.
Sure, it can be tempting to say no thanks when a seller wants to list a property at a ridiculous price. It's even easier to walk away from a buyer whose plan is to lowball … (9 comments)

lowball offers: How to Handle a Lowball on Thanksgiving - 11/24/17 08:45 AM
Proof exists I am not the only Realtor available on Thanksgiving. You would think that most agents take the day off, if not everybody. Yet I had a showing for a home in North Highlands. Who does that? I mean, do buyers say, hey, it's my only day off, Man? 
On the other hand, I received a lowball offer on a different listing. Just showed up in my email without warning, don't you love those? You can read more in my personal blog today at this link: How About a Thanksgiving Lowball to Go With Your Butterball?"

lowball offers: Will Buyers Just Make an Offer if a Home is Overpriced? - 09/21/16 10:38 AM
There are times that it's not worth it to fight with Sacramento home sellers who want to argue. I know it's hard to believe that a home seller might think he or she has more experience and knows the industry better than a professional who's out in the trenches day in and day out, but it happens.
I am on the seller's side. Even if they mistrust all Realtors and think we're all money-grubbing idiots who don't give a crap about them, I am still on the seller's side. Plus, I have more patience than they do. I will wait it out. … (0 comments)

lowball offers: Evaluating Lowball Offers for Elk Grove Home Sellers - 01/17/15 04:00 AM
When I called an out-of-area agent who sent me a handful of lowball offers for homes in Elk Grove recently, the defense was no other agent in Sacramento called to "ream out" like I did. As though somehow I was unusual, and maybe I am, but not for that reason.
For starters, I didn't see the conversation as a "ream out" as much as asking why would the agent send lowball offers that a) don't conform b) are missing elements and c) are on pending sales -- well, seems sorta pointless to me, and creates a lot of unnecessary work. Why … (6 comments)

lowball offers: When a Buyer's Agent is a Day Late and a Dollar Short - 12/08/14 01:06 AM
It was a weird Sunday for purchase offers to be flying into this Sacramento listing agent's email. When I travel on the road (not driving), I'm generally reading my emails on my cellphone and opening attachments, hoping that I don't lose my data connection. I read just so far to reveal the sales price, and when it's really low, I stop reading the offer and forward it to another email address so I can send it to the seller without the buyer's agent's address in it.
The first offer I opened was the lowest I had received among quite a few … (6 comments)

lowball offers: At What Point Do You Take a Lowball Offer on a Short Sale? - 02/21/12 11:05 PM
OK, I'd like to answer that question by saying never. But that wouldn't be true. Sometimes we take a lowball offer on a Sacramento short sale. But not often. The reason is the market is so hot some buyer somewhere is likely to pay market value . . . or close enough to it for government work.
Agents are all over the board right now. The other day I had a buyer's agent give me peculiar advice about a Bank of America short sale. He swore that he closed a Bank of America short sale in which the bank didn't care … (4 comments)

lowball offers: A Good Reason to Not Lowball a Sacramento Short Sale - 02/14/12 02:01 AM
Some short sale agents in Sacramento might forget whom they represent. In case you're wondering, if you're a listing agent, it's the seller. Because a listing agent has fiduciary with the seller and because MLS requires it, all offers received by the listing agent must go to the seller. Doesn't matter if it's a lowball offer. Doesn't matter if the buyer's agent pecked it out with a dead chicken's foot dipped into blood, all offers go to the seller.
I try to prepare my sellers for the onslaught of offers they will receive. It shocks some. But I send all offers … (5 comments)

lowball offers: You May Wonder Why Buyers Are Having a Tough Time Buying a Sacramento Short Sale - 02/09/12 01:54 AM
I've been closing short sales for many years. In fact, I close a huge volume of short sales. Even so, as a Sacramento short sale agent, I still haven't seen it all. I know this to be true because every single day I seem to learn something new. That's part of what keeps my profession interesting. I freely share what I learn in this blog and with other real estate agents. But lately there seems to be a lot of aggression and hostility among agents in Sacramento. I don't know if it's because sales for them have dwindled or maybe it's … (25 comments)

lowball offers: Wow -- Look at This Eye Opener of the Short Sale Market in Sacramento - 02/06/12 01:53 AM

You might ask when you look at how many buyers are trying to lowball short sales: are home buyers stupid? Or, are their agents stupid? See, I don't think home buyers are stupid; I suspect they are confused and frightened. Their real estate agents? I bet their agents are just trying to do their job to the best of their ability in a really tough real estate market in Sacramento.
It's not easy for agents in Sacramento at the moment. I say this for myself, yet I am the number one agent at Lyon Real Estate for last month. Yes, … (6 comments)

lowball offers: Sacramento Buyers Can Get a Good Deal on a Short Sale Without Lowballing the Price - 09/10/10 02:44 AM
I'm seeing a weird disconnect lately for Sacramento short sales. Part of the problem, I suspect, is the fact that buyers feel a bit uneasy due to our fragile economy. They are probably uneasy because they are confused about where the Sacramento real estate market is heading. They also might be working with an agent who is trying to make a personal career decision such as whether the agent should stay in real estate or look for a full-time job elsewhere. Without strong guidance, some buyers are left to flop about like a goldfish out of water.
Some of the offers … (5 comments)

lowball offers: How Sacramento Buyer's Agents Can Make or Break a Buyer's Offer - 09/19/09 02:42 AM
In a perfect world, a buyer's agent submits the buyer's offer to the listing agent; the listing agent sends that offer to the seller, the seller signs and returns the offer to the listing agent who, in turn, forwards the executed contract to the buyer's agent. Yet, in the world of Sacramento real estate, what goes on in the middle really determines whether the buyer's offer gets accepted. And this is where buyer's agents sometimes mess up.
The hard, cold fact is it's often the listing agent who determines whether a buyer's offer is accepted. Sure, it's the seller's ultimate decision, … (18 comments)

lowball offers: Is It Possible to Buy a Home Priced Under $300,000 in Land Park? Where Are the Deals? - 02/13/09 01:25 AM

Many first-time home buyers for Land Park think they cannot afford Land Park prices; however, that is not necessarily true. The secret is to hire an experienced Land Park real estate agent who can find them for you. Some homes in Land Park are overpriced, but only a Land Park real estate agent can tell where they are because those listings aren't screaming: Come make a lowball offer and we'll accept it.
Here is a list of the available Land Park homes for sale priced under $300,000 and an analysis of recent activity.
Available Homes for Sale in Land Park

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