mls: MetroList is Constantly Evolving in Sacramento Real Estate - 10/09/14 02:14 AM
There is generally more than one way to sell real estate and to move homes in Sacramento. Couple those options with brand new technology, much of which seems to move at the speed of light, and you'll realize that real estate constantly changes, constantly evolves, and no 2 real estate agents are exactly the same. The way one agent would handle a situation is most likely very different from the way another agent might respond to identical circumstances.
You'll always find variations, and all of them can be right. Sometimes, though, systems need to be updated and revised to stay abreast … (6 comments)

mls: Rankings Cause Ruckus at Lyon But This Agent Plans Winter Holiday - 04/06/14 02:22 AM
Because I had to "take it easy" on doctor's orders after getting four dental implants screwed into my jaw on Friday, I spent a lot of time yesterday with my friend, the iPad. My other friends, the desktop computer and my laptop computer were resting comfortably on my office desk, but my iPad is the perfect companion when you're apt to fall asleep at any moment. It's easier to type on an iPad than my iPhone. My cats prefer the iPad, too, because they never know when angry tweeting birds might show up, which is why they feverishly paw the flat surface … (8 comments)

mls: How MLS Boards Don't Want Out of Area Agents Listing Homes - 03/18/14 06:41 AM
When I have to stop what I'm doing during the day to complain to my husband and wonder out loud why I am taking a listing that seems to be so much trouble, it makes sense to step back and look at the fact that maybe it's the universe's way of telling me not to bother with it.
For starters, you may not know this, but many MLS boards do not want an agent from another Board to take a listing in their board, and they go to great lengths to put a stop to that kind of behavior. They want … (10 comments)

mls: Can a Home Seller Say No to a Rental Investor in Sacramento? - 02/17/14 12:09 AM
It was a busy weekend for a 3-day weekend in Sacramento for real estate agents. Many of my listings got showings, and a couple of sellers accepted offers. But because of the holiday, the changes in MLS for status might not automatically appear like magic today. I hate to have agents send me offers for listings that have already sold because they deserve to know if a listing is pending.
Although, I did receive an offer this morning for a pending listing, and that offer had already expired. I was wondering why the agent sent it to me. The listing in … (9 comments)

mls: Resolving Lockbox Issues for Sacramento Real Estate Agents - 01/28/14 10:48 PM
Working more with sellers in Sacramento these days than buyers means I use my lockbox display key more for setting up lockboxes than opening the lockbox to retrieve keys. It still doesn't reduce the anxiety of what would happen if my gizmo doesn't work. In part, I can resolve that issue by opening the bottom key tray and releasing the lock bar prior to driving over to my seller's home.
A few days ago while setting up a file for signature and noting the number of the lockbox in my records for uploading to MLS, I decided that to be better … (9 comments)

mls: The Length of Time for a Sacramento Short Sale - 12/09/13 12:33 AM
In the time it has taken me to write a blog on my business website, insert links, upload a photograph, and write about the length of time it can take to close a Sacramento short sale, MetroList still is not working. This is a horrible thing for a Sacramento real estate agent, not being able to access MLS. This is like the sky falling down. Why don't you just shoot me now and put me out of my misery?
That's how some people feel about a short sale, believe it or not. Read more in my personal blog today on my … (1 comments)

mls: For Investors Who Wish They Were Buying Homes in Sacramento - 08/04/13 02:15 AM
Although I check my listings for showing activity every single day, it can be frustrating when I know that the Supra website is stuck. I suspect the website is stuck because sometimes it doesn't show any recent showings past noon, and then the following day, all of a sudden the showings appear. It could be in the infrared transmission on the front of the lockbox, too. It's like the information is hung up somewhere along the line.
I've never had information get hung up through MLS, though. Investors in Sacramento who are searching for listings can rely on MLS and MetroList. … (1 comments)

mls: How to Tell If that Sacramento Short Sale is REALLY for Sale - 03/05/13 12:26 AM
Sometimes, when I try to help Sacramento home buyers decipher listings in MLS, they get frustrated with MetroList and they take it out on me. Sometimes they yell. I understand how frustrating it can be when you want to buy a home in Sacramento and you can't figure out the information available to you. I wish MetroList would make it easier for home buyers but we've got the system we've got.
There is a secret, though. If you don't know the secret, you will never be able to figure out whether that Sacramento short sale is really for sale. I'll give … (6 comments)

mls: MLS Trick to Buy a Home in Sacramento - 09/18/12 11:35 PM
There are reasons why an investor is not always the best person to go into escrow with, apart from the fact they tend to financially ace out an owner occupant -- a person who wants to buy a home in Sacramento to live in. When an agent comes to this Sacramento REALTOR® with an offer from an investor, swearing up and down how easy their investor is to work with, that shoots up red flags to me. Why any agent would listen to that kind of dribble is beyond me. I certainly don't mean to.
In fact, I am often wary … (4 comments)

mls: About Purchase Offers in the Sacramento Real Estate Market - 07/15/12 11:57 PM
Real estate agents often ask me: when do you present offers? Oh, I dunno, the third Thursday of every month? I don't really understand that question. I'm not a lady who does lunch. I'm a Sacramento real estate agent who sells a lot of homes every single month throughout Sacramento. In fact, I resent the term lady since it infers that I am to live up to somebody else's expectations of how I should behave, and I don't always feel like being a lady. The business doesn't always call for it. Life doesn't always call for it.
Left-hand turn signal.
Speaking … (9 comments)

mls: Is That Home for Sale in Carmichael Because I See a Sign in the Yard - 04/12/12 11:21 PM
On my way to an appointment yesterday, a Lyon real estate agent called. She said she and her clients just got out of her car in front of my listing in Carmichael. Before she could say anything else, I said, "Here's what you do: open the doors, get back in the car and drive away. Don't look back. Just go."
This home has been in active short contingent status for 76 days. We have a half dozen offers with a few as a back-up offer, within the first week on the market. Hardly a day goes by that I don't get … (7 comments)

mls: The Market Should Bring Out the Best in Agents and Not the Worst in Us - 04/02/12 01:36 AM
When the market tanks, agents get edgy. That's no big surprise. Agents tend to get their knickers in a twist when they see their income swirling into an abyss. How will they eat? How will they pay their own mortgage? Will they still be a real estate agent next year or will they take up camp sleeping under a bridge? Real questions. Real problems. But don't beat up on each other, for crying out loud.
I cannot begin to count the number of conversations I've had lately with agents who find it difficult to carry on a phone conversation using their … (12 comments)

mls: What Will the Bank Take for That Short Sale? - 03/19/12 12:28 AM
A reporter for Investor's Business Daily quoted me as a reliable source in an article about mortgage fraud. She chose a statement that needs repeating: "A short sale is a privilege; it is not a right." No government authority is forcing banks to do a short sale. Banks grant a short sale because it makes sense to the bank to do it. If a bank can save 20% to 30% by doing a short sale over foreclosing, it will most likely choose the short sale.
But the bank will want what it perceives to be market value. Whether its perception is … (8 comments)

mls: Will a Buyer's Agent Tell a Buyer Not to Buy Her Dream Home Because the Agent is Not Paid Enough? - 02/27/12 11:23 PM
The thing about being a Sacramento short sale agent is the surprises just keep coming. No matter that I've been in the business for more than 35 years, I still haven't heard it all. Even though I've been selling short sales pretty much exclusively going on 7 years. See, one of the reasons I write this blog is because there is an abundance of new stuff every single day to blog about. There's always something horrible happening. It's the way of the short sale, grasshopper.
For starters, all of my listings contain verbiage in MLS that discloses to buyer's agents the … (7 comments)

mls: Even if You Sign a Short Sale Counter Offer You Can Lose the Deal in a Seller's Market - 02/16/12 11:28 PM
I am doing my best to bring more inventory to the market in Sacramento. Especially more listings of short sales. Because, guys, we're running outta homes to buy. It's astonishing when I look at some areas for comps and everything is either active short contingent or pending. The sellers who have the homes for sale rule. People think it's a buyer's market but it's not. It's definitely a seller's market in many areas of Sacramento right now.
Because it's a seller's market, sellers can define how and when they want to sell. It doesn't matter if the home listed is a … (7 comments)

mls: A Sacramento Lawyer Might Not Want to Hire Herself as a Client to Buy or Sell a Short Sale - 12/09/11 01:42 AM
Some people are so busy being a pompous ass that they can't listen when you try to tell them good news. They want to hear the sound of their own voice and not yours. If they would just quiet down for a moment, they might find out important information about a Sacramento short sale.
But this is the thing about talking to people from the public. Odds are some of them are jerks. They are the kind who will cut in line at the grocery store and then ram the cart into your back. They can't win with you because if … (4 comments)

mls: Is Everybody Drinking the Same Kool-Aid? - 10/06/11 04:01 AM
There are some days that seem to be filled with stupidity. There's just no other way to put it. I expect a little stupidity here and there because that's how life is. You take the good with the bad. The smart with the stupid. The honest with the liars. But it can get a little overbearing at times and make an agent wonder: Is everybody drinking the same Kool-Aid?
An agent in my office told me about her experiences after a recent closing. She represented the buyers. Buyers who thought she should give them $2,000 of her commission because that's what … (11 comments)

mls: The Single Most Important Thing for Selling That Home - 09/29/11 02:42 AM
A client implied a few days ago that I have other sources of income primarily because I am a real estate broker. It occurred to me how little the public knows about the real estate profession. They talk to friends who feed them misinformation. Being a real estate broker means I am held to a higher standard of knowledge, which can result in a higher level of personal liability, actually. But it doesn't equate to a higher commission check. I still work for Lyon Real Estate, which has its own broker.
Moreover, sometimes sellers think that we real estate agents have … (6 comments)

mls: Why Would Bank of America Hire a BPO Agent Without the Tools to Work in Sacramento? - 07/09/11 03:34 AM
I will do just about anything to sell a Sacramento short sale. Some days, I feel like Cal Worthington. I would eat a bug. Did you know that Cal Worthington just got remarried for the third time? Ha. I thought he was dead. I would stand on my head to sell a Sacramento short sale. Whatever somebody needs, I'll do. I want the transaction to close. You can't be a Sacramento short sale agent without working extremely hard and doing unseemly things that you would never in a million years have to do in a regular real estate deal.
So, yesterday, … (16 comments)

mls: What Am I Supposed to Tell My Buyer? - 03/22/11 03:56 AM
It doesn't matter to me whether a buyer's agent agrees with my belief that buyers should wait for short sale approval. Every so often one of them will call and try to read me the riot act. But I don't care. The only person I care about is my seller. I care whether the seller will close escrow on that short sale, and sellers tend to close when they have a dedicated, committed and patient buyer who wants to buy that Sacramento short sale.
Not every buyer's agent in Sacramento will advise a buyer to wait for approval. Some tell buyers … (7 comments)

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