sacramento realtor vacation: Hawaiian Airlines Makes Trip to Sacramento More Bearable - 03/07/19 03:00 PM
This photo is of the newly remodeled A330 First Class section on Hawaiian Airlines. Surprised me because I wasn't expecting it. Generally, it's one of the older models I hop aboard in Honolulu. The new remodel places pods, in groups of 2, three across. I probably would have noticed it on the seating chart if I had made my own reservation but I did not. Instead, because I called Hawaiian to extend my stay for another month, the customer service rep selected the seat.
Really loving this new set up. See that guy's toes next to me? He is resting on a … (10 comments)

sacramento realtor vacation: Best Grossing Musical of All Time At Aloha Theatre - 03/04/19 09:13 AM
When I asked my friends if they would like to see Mamma Mia! at the Aloha Theatre, they, unlike my husband, were enthusiastic. One of my friends' roommate is in the production, so they thought we could get free tickets. I don't know why they believed that idea but I was oppossed to the idea of waiting for free tickets. Why? You can get a ticket to the show at the Aloha Theatre for $10. (They surely do not charge enough.) Even near-the-stage seats are only $28 each.
So, I did the responsible thing, went online and bought the darn tickets. The … (15 comments)

sacramento realtor vacation: Kona Country Club Restaurant Offers View and Great Food - 02/27/19 08:54 AM
The scuttlebutt at the morning coffee group in Kona is the Aloha Vista Bar and Grill changed management last year, which is why we are seeing a lot more advertising for it, I suppose.
Greg, who used to be a former police officer, tends to show up at coffee on Wednesdays because his wife gets a massage nearby, and he mentions the place. (In fact, her massage therapist is fabulous as I can now witness first hand.) Greg says he and his wife often have breakfast at Aloha Vista Bar and Grill because it's a nice way to start the day.
I … (4 comments)

sacramento realtor vacation: The 13th Avocado Festival on Big Island - 02/24/19 09:53 AM
Thirteen years doesn't seem like a long time, but I guess it does to a 13-year-old girl. And speaking of that, what a horrible age to be, 13. I would not wish that on any girl much less her parents. That's about the age when we should lock them up and not let them out until they turn 18. However, 13 years is how long we've had the avocado festival on Big Island.
There were almost more vendors than people, but we got there in mid-afternoon with only a couple of hours left, and Hawaii does not allow alcohol at these … (3 comments)

sacramento realtor vacation: Special Bed and Breakfast Near Kailua-Kona - 02/19/19 10:04 AM
You know how sometimes you feel pulled toward a certain place and don't know why? Or, maybe it's just my curious nature, wanting to stick my nose into every nook and cranny and look under rocks for crawling bugs. Sometimes you get places stuck in your head, too, like Tasmania, where I am going next year.
Although, after watching the Nanette comedy special several times, performed by Hannah Gadsby, I don't know if I will like the people there. She says they discriminate, and I don't care for that sort of attitude. Still, it will be interesting to experience an island … (6 comments)

sacramento realtor vacation: What Not Thinking Ahead or Paying Attention Gets You - 02/17/19 10:41 AM
Even though I have been in Hawaii since November, I have yet to perfect the art of grocery shopping for myself. I have a really good excuse for it because I haven't had to grocery shop for myself for 20 years at least. Much has changed in grocery stores.
Who knew how many selections we needed for paper towels or tissues? The deodorant aisle is a mystery. Whatever happened to the choices of only Dial, Irish Spring or Dove? I have discovered you have to really pay attention to the cost per ounce or number of items inside the packaging. Too many … (7 comments)

sacramento realtor vacation: Is It Possible to Get Bad Customer Service at Apple ? - 02/03/19 09:26 AM
At first blush, I wasn't sure the Apple store in Kona was really an Apple store. I'm still not certain. I stopped by the store last year to pick up a couple of cables. The place was packed and it took a long time to get somebody to ring up my purchase, but I don't recall anything unusual about it.
However, I was astonished that when I stopped by the store last week, it would not sell me a MacBook Air. My plan was to order through my local store and after it arrived at the store, bring down my MacBook Pro … (8 comments)

sacramento realtor vacation: How About a Nice Hawaiian Laulau? - 01/22/19 09:03 AM
What is a Hawaiian laulau? I know what some of you are thinking. You might be wondering if a laulau is a luau; however, you will see that a luau is spelled differently. Laulau also translates as leaf, leaf. Now you might happen to sample laulau at a luau or, if all else fails, you will more than likely make it at home.
One of the things I like about laulau is it has a complex taste with a simple structure. Plus, cooking in a crockpot, you can leave the house for 8 hours and when you get home, dinner is ready. … (8 comments)

sacramento realtor vacation: Great Place to Walk 2 Level Miles in Kona - 01/21/19 10:09 AM
We spotted a couple of guys running along the Maka'eo Walking Path in Kona but at the time of day we were there (mid-afternoon), it was pretty quiet. Not a soul gardening. Not a soul relaxing under the Australian  Fire Tree to read a book. Nobody but mongooses darting about.
This walking path provides a way to not have to walk uphill. My neighbor, when he goes out for a walk, does extreme walks, and he is almost 70. He walks at least 5 miles. When you live on the slope of a volcano, inclines are steep. You can easily walk into … (14 comments)

sacramento realtor vacation: Off-Beaten Path Tour: How Vanilla is Made in Kona - 01/19/19 10:12 AM
It may surprise you to learn that vanilla beans come from vanilla orchids. I know, right? If you're like me, you can hardly wrap your head around the fact a vanilla bean needs to go through a process to become vanilla extract. On top of which, you might not know that you can make your own vanilla extract by adding alcohol to the beans.
And we have a vanilla factory right here in Kona, which is open for tours.
When I think about it, we use vanilla all over our houses. From hand wash to lotion to air fresheners. You can … (9 comments)

sacramento realtor vacation: Hard to Reach Kona Beach is Worth the Trip - 01/18/19 10:17 AM
Finding secluded, out-of-the-way beaches in West Hawaii is one of the great joys in life. And while we did not make it to the beach billed as the most beautiful in all of Hawaii, we will do it, even if I have to do it myself. We had already walked to the closest beach to the first parking lot, followed by strolling along the shore to the other end when we realized it involved a much further trip to the last beach.
By that time, we had already found both of the two Hawaiian monk seals who live on the island, resting … (14 comments)

sacramento realtor vacation: Photos of Low Tide in Kona on Old Airport Road - 01/15/19 09:47 AM

We got to the beach out on Old Airport Road yesterday with about an hour left of low tide. My plan was to hit the beach earlier but we had commerce to attend to. More specifically, we were on a search for a mortar and pestle. I made grilled shrimp on skewers a few nights back, yes, I actually cooked dinner for my husband, and I needed a mortar and pestle to smush kosher salt into chopped garlic. Every so often I discover we do not have an essential item at our vacation house.
Some people just stared at us when we … (10 comments)

sacramento realtor vacation: Hidden Gem for Japanese Fine Dining in Honolulu - 01/06/19 10:43 AM
When I asked Hella where she wanted to go for dinner on Friday night in Honolulu, she suggested we choose a restaurant at my hotel. That seemed fine with me. So I called the Japanese restaurant at the New Otani Kaimana Beach Hotel. Did not view the menu or even check out the location. Just knew there was a floor level button for it in the elevator.
We had tickets to see Patton Oswalt at the Blue Note in Waikiki, so we chose an early dinner time of 6 PM. The hotel called to say if we came at 6 PM, the … (5 comments)

sacramento realtor vacation: Surprise Encounters With Rude People in Waikiki - 01/05/19 09:38 AM
With the exception of a two-word, 7-letter expression that is pretty much a one-size-fits-all comeback, most of us are not instantly ready to emit a snappy return insult when a complete stranger suddenly lobs a verbal attack in our direction. I'd like to think it's because we are civilized and were not raised in a barn. But it's probably because we are too wrapped up in our activities to notice some weirdo lurking in the corner, fuming, panting and preparing to attack an innocent bystander.
It's an assault to our daily lives and interactions, these unexpected bursts from strangers. It temporarily freezes … (18 comments)

sacramento realtor vacation: A Drive Along the Southeast Coast of Oahu - 01/04/19 09:40 AM
We have now moved into the part of my vacation which is a vacation from my vacation on Oahu. I had originally planned to spend only four days in Waikiki with Hella to celebrate New Year's. But then my husband told me that Patton Oswalt is scheduled to perform tonight at the Blue Note.
Hey, some good has come from all of my Hawaii travel in that I now have the level of status on Hawaiian Airlines that lets me change my return flight without charge. So I moved my flight up a few days and changed hotels as Hella is … (6 comments)

sacramento realtor vacation: What Kilauea Looks Like at the End of 2018 - 12/28/18 08:09 AM
Hard to believe that prior to 2018, the last big eruption from the volcano Kilauea on the Big Island happened 35 years ago. At that point in my life I was completely engrossed in selling real estate in Newport Beach (southern California). I do not recall listening to music or even watching television in the early 1980s, but I do remember that event. Back then every volcanco I compared to Pompeii. Picturing a city frozen in time, people covered in lava as they prepared dinner.
When my husband and I first viewed Kilauea it was by helicopter. I was amazed at how … (8 comments)

sacramento realtor vacation: Where the Lava Created New Land in Hawaii - 12/26/18 11:19 AM

There are plenty more photographs and close-up shots of the lava in my personal blog today of the new land formed in Hawaii. Even though the eruptions were in the spring, there are spots where the lava is still hot to the touch. Most people see this from either the air or by sea, but you can get there by land, too.
I know this might not interest many of you, but for those of you who love rocks like I do, you will appreciate this. In my blog I talk about what happens if you remove a lava rock from Pele's … (8 comments)

sacramento realtor vacation: Coming Home to Sacramento is Delayed - 01/31/18 09:41 AM
Ah, the best laid plans. Don't you know it? It also goes to show that if you tell yourself something for long enough, eventually you'll begin to believe it. I told everybody my last day was January 31. Super Blue Blood Moon day. Never looked at my calendar. I also wondered if it's possible that I unintentionally sabotaged myself because I just did not feel like leaving the islands.
Not to mention, I get so much work done when I'm in Hawaii. I realize this is contrary to the reason most people go to Hawaii, but not for me. I'm not distracted; … (7 comments)

sacramento realtor vacation: The Last Half of a Two-Day Trip to Honolulu - 01/22/18 09:57 AM

Island fever is a phrase people use to describe how bored they are, but I honestly cannot see how a person could be bored on Big Island. In my opinion, it's the best of all the Hawaiian islands. It offers such a wide variety of climates, geography, plants, animals and the people are so friendly. You can paddle board in the morning and be in the snow by the afternoon.
Some of my neighbors have never been to another Hawaii island, other than changing planes in Honolulu. I don't know how you choose to buy a vacation home on the Big Island … (14 comments)

sacramento realtor vacation: Buying a Paddle Board is a Personal Experience - 01/20/18 09:54 AM
When you buy a new car, most people would test drive the vehicle prior to purchase, right? So, I think it only makes sense to try out a new paddle board before buying. All paddle boards are not the same. When you don't really know anything about a paddle board, you might not realize you should demo. I surely did not.
Further, when you notice paddle boards on the water, most of them are a certain length, and rounded at the front, a typical width, and those would be the types of boards available at many rental places and resorts. My distant goals, ever … (7 comments)

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