sacramento: Can You Use DocuSign to Sign In Person With an iPad? - 01/08/11 02:36 AM
I have been reading a ton of articles about the different apps available for the iPad and downloading suggestions. People think I'm a tech wiz but that's only because I do stuff they don't or can't do. I'm really no different than your average real estate agent. I am, however, an early adopter of new technology because I'm easily lured by the "coolness" factor, and I also believe much of it tends to simplify my real estate business -- but for the life of me, I can't figure out how to use the iPad DocuSign app in person to sign a … (9 comments)

sacramento: Freddie Mac Wants You Home for the Holidays - 12/02/10 03:07 AM
The last time my sister came to see me in California was sometime in the 1980s. I was selling real estate and living in Newport Beach (Orange County) when she flew into San Francisco. Back then she was a pilot. She called me after landing -- this was before cell phones -- and asked for directions to my house. Well, take a left and drive 500 miles.
Although I've been working as a real estate agent and living in Sacramento for more than 8 years now, my sister has never come to visit. We've previously met up in Hawaii for a … (4 comments)

sacramento: Good Morning Vietnam, Bye-Bye Sacramento - 11/28/09 11:50 PM
By the time many of you read this, I will be on a plane and headed for Seoul, South Korea, where, with any luck, I will stumble onto a connecting flight for Hanoi. Yup, we're off for a two-week trip to Vietnam, with a side tour to Ankgor Wat in Cambodia. Bye-bye Sacramento.I have a feeling this is one of those "If it's Tuesday, this must be Belgium" tours. We're starting in Hanoi and will end in Saigon, eating our way through Vietnam like ravenous dogs. Although, I can say it's a pretty safe bet we won't be sampling any dog. … (29 comments)

sacramento: The Direction Your Home Faces in Land Park Can Make a Difference to You - 09/07/09 02:44 AM
When I counsel home buyers for Land Park, I typically ask them which direction they prefer their home to face. Much of the time, they look at me like I'm looney. Then it hits them, yes, the direction a home faces is a preference.
In the northern hemisphere, southern exposure gets the most sun, even though the sun moves from east to west. But the way the streets are laid out in Sacramento, especially in the core areas close to downtown such as Midtown, Land Park and Curtis Park, many streets run east and west. This means most of the homes … (9 comments)

sacramento: Sacramento: Our UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching College Comes Through in Emergencies - 05/25/09 04:01 AM
There must be some law of the universe that says if you're going to have a medical emergency, it's almost duty bound to happen on a Sunday. When I poked myself in the eye with a yucca plant, it was on a Sunday. When my husband dropped a pan of boiling artichoke water, which splashed upward and scalded his face, it was on a Sunday. As you know, doctor's offices are closed on Sundays.
Ditto for veterinary doctors. My cat, Brandon, had an emergency late yesterday afternoon. He fell face first into his litter box. It was clear he was in … (15 comments)

sacramento: Why Buying Your First Home is A Lot Like Playing ZUMA - 05/19/09 03:02 AM

OK, I admit it. Sometimes I play computer games. Not all the time 24/7 but a round or two of Bejeweled -- after a stressful phone call from an irate buyer's agent who can't understand that list prices of Sacramento short sales mean nothing -- keeps me in my usual calm, happy and peaceful state. For the past few months, I've been playing ZUMA, another addictive Pop-Cap game.
Zuma's premise is simple: A bunch of colored balls roll merrily along a path. A ball appears in the frog's mouth. The player aims and clicks the mouse to hit 2 or … (11 comments)

sacramento: Would You Like a Trader Joe's in Land Park? - 05/14/09 12:22 PM
The good news is that Trader Joe's is still considering opening a franchise store in Land Park in the shopping center at Del Rio Road and Land Park Drive in Land Park. If you like imported cheeses, organic vegetables and a place to find those unique products that can't be found anywhere else such as Adzuki rice and bean chips, gourmet ready-to-heat food or even hand-tossed pizza, you know you can count on Trader Joe's to deliver.
If you're tired of driving to East Sacramento to get your Trader Joe's fix, why not show Trader Joe's that Land Park wants its … (8 comments)

sacramento: Review of Indigo Girls at the Crest Theatre in Downtown Sacramento - 05/13/09 02:21 AM

When I received an email from the Crest saying tickets for the Indigo Girls were going on sale at 10 AM, I was in a meeting at my Midtown Sacramento Lyon office. I stepped out of the room to text my husband, imploring him to hop online to order tickets. He's not as fussy as I am regarding seating arrangements, because I prefer 4th row center stage over 2nd row off to the side, but when I'm not buying the tickets, I don't complain. Even though I am bringing it up here now. That's not really complaining in my book.

sacramento: Here's an Affordable 1926 Home in Curtis Park for $385,000: 3215 Cutter Way - 05/11/09 03:36 AM

Although this home has an outrageously beautiful remodeled mastersuite bath, there is still an opportunity for some lucky buyer to personalize and upgrade this 1926 Curtis Park charmer to build equity. The address is 3215 Cutter Way, accessible from 7th Avenue, and the location is fantastic. Cutter Way runs parallel to and is a block away from East Curtis. East Curtis is a main thoroughfare fronting the lovely William Curtis Park. Many homes on Cutter are Tudors, adding a certain amount of glamor to … (8 comments)

sacramento: Review of Jenny Lewis Concert at the Empire in Sacramento: Silky, Sultry and Sweet - 04/16/09 02:14 AM
Jenny Lewis doesn't disappoint. Members of the audience at the Empire last night were hoping to hear tracks from Lewis' new release, Acid Tongue, and Lewis and her band delivered those tunes -- while not exactly flawlessly, which is also an attraction to see a live show, but effortlessly, with spirit. If you've never heard Jenny Lewis, her voice is a Stradivarius: sweet, silky and sultry.
My husband suggested we arrive at the nightclub on R Street in Sacramento about 5:45 PM to ensure seating. There aren't a lot of tables and chairs, and this was an all-age show, with a … (5 comments)

sacramento: I Now Know Why Some Sacramento Agents Never Answer Their Phone - 04/15/09 02:35 AM
It has puzzled me for a long while now that some agents just don't answer their phone. You know the drill. They leave a message that says they will answer calls between certain hours of the day, like, oh, from 5 PM to 6 PM, creating an impression that your call is not important to them.
It has finally dawned on me why they do it. Not that I am going to implement that procedure, mind you, but I thought I'd share with you the reasons:
"The listing says 'call first, lockbox,' can I show this home tomorrow morning?" (Probably, but … (11 comments)

sacramento: Housing Market Stats for Foreclosures in Sacramento County in March 2009 - 04/12/09 03:39 AM
How low can prices drop in Sacramento County? That's the question on everybody's mind. Agents and buyers are asking if we're at the bottom, almost like little kids excitedly repeating: Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
Here are charts from Trendgraphix, which are available exclusively to Lyon Real Estate agents, that show what's going on in the Sacramento real estate market.
The first chart shows the foreclosure market in Sacramento, and the activity over the past 15 months through March of 2009:

The horrifying problem with the above Sacramento foreclosure chart is we have NO INVENTORY. The pending … (5 comments)

sacramento: Foreclosures and Housing Market Stats in Land Park / Curtis Park Sacramento for March 2009 - 04/12/09 03:09 AM
The good news is pending sales in the Land Park and Curtis Park neighborhoods of Sacramento for March of 2009 in 95818 are up 69.2% over March of 2008. Trendgraphix reports, available exclusively to Lyon Real Estate agents, show March inventory (the number of homes for sale) is as follows:
54 homes for sale 22 homes pending (in escrow) 13 homes sold Below are two charts that divide the Land Park foreclosures from regular sales. This breakdown shows that there are very few foreclosures left for sale in the Land Park and Curtis Park areas.
The first chart below shows the … (0 comments)

sacramento: Concert Review of Arlo Guthrie's Lost World Tour at the Crest Theatre in Sacramento - 04/09/09 04:23 AM

The last time I saw Arlo Guthrie perform live was at a concert with my mother in the early 1990s. He shared the stage with Pete Seeger at Northrop Auditorium on the University of Minnesota's campus. His hair is a little shorter now, but still shockingly white, not unusual for a guy who's about to turn 62 this summer.
I was fortunate to snag primo seats, in the middle of the second row, to catch Arlo Guthrie last night live at the Crest Theatre in downtown Sacramento. While my husband snatches up season's tickets to Mondavi, I subscribe to the … (11 comments)

sacramento: If You're Going to Land Park Open Houses, Check Out the Flowers in Bloom - 03/28/09 02:45 AM
Another warm spring day yesterday -- when I think back to the weather in March in Minnesota, it makes me appreciate living in the Sacramento neighborhood of Land Park 10 times over. Do you know that in Minnesota, March is generally the snowiest month? Seems to me that January gets more snow, but the natives will swear it is March.
When I showed property last Saturday, it was drizzling when we started out. We had driven no more than 2 miles when a torrential rainstorm happened. By the time we reached our destination, it had let up and the sun was … (15 comments)

sacramento: Here is the State of the Real Estate Market in Land Park and Curtis Park, Sacramento - 02/27/09 01:00 AM
When my husband and I first moved to Land Park, my husband had his car stolen. A few years later, he almost had his bumper swiped right in front of our home, but the police scared off the thieves before the thugs could remove the last of 30-some screws. That's what he got for driving a Honda. So, I bought him a Prius.
Now, if I'm driving more than one buyer to see homes in Land Park, I take my husband's car because my vehicle is a roadster. The other day I took the Prius to the car wash on Broadway … (10 comments)

sacramento: What's Black and White and Running Through Land Park? - 02/20/09 12:46 AM
There's a peculiar odor in the evening wafting through Land Park, and I'll be the first to tell you that's it's trouble with a capital T -- that rhymes with P and stands for pot. Well, not really. But a friend of mine walked out on my back porch, sniffed and exclaimed loud enough for my neighbors to hear, "Who's smoking pot around here?" Not that I really have any first-hand evidence of that smell, mind you, but I have seen with my own two little eyes what is causing it.It's skunks!
Now, if I was Barbara Duncan in Searcy, Arkansas, … (17 comments)

sacramento: Increase of Burglaries in The Pocket / South Land Park Areas of Sacramento - 02/05/09 01:17 AM
I received a notice from the Land Park Community Association this morning advising residents to be on the alert and report suspicious activity to the Sacramento Police department.
One of my own clients had a break in last month. The thieves broke a window on the back of the home and carted off electronics and jewelry. At first I thought she said, "They stole our weed," and I was thinking that maybe she shouldn't be confiding that sort of thing to her real estate agent. I mean, it's none of my business.
Then I realized she had said "Wii."
Here are … (15 comments)

sacramento: Who is Protecting the Geese and Ducks in William Land Park? - 01/31/09 02:02 AM
Poaching, theft and senseless cruelty against our geese and ducks in Land Park has been going on for a long time now, but it seems to be getting worse. Residents are reporting that more fowl are disappearing or they're finding them with broken necks. It's not just happening in Land Park, either, but seems to be fairly common in East Sacramento's McKinley Park and along the waterways in the Pocket.
The Sacramento City Parks and Recreation Department has put up warning signs, but the activity continues. Please, residents of Land Park, McKinley and Pocket, and visitors to our parks, please call … (13 comments)

sacramento: Some Agents Don't Read Listings and Some Agents Don't Read Signs - 01/25/09 02:12 AM
A drawback to being a short sale listing agent in Sacramento is the fact that the inventory stays on the market a minimum of three months before closing, which means my lockboxes can't be reassigned every 6 to 8 weeks. In a faster selling market, an agent can take 20 listings and use 10 lockboxes, because as they sell, lockboxes can be removed and reassigned to another home. Not so with short sale listings.
I had no choice yesterday but to sit in the slow moving traffic on Business 80 crossing the American River and hope I could make it in … (11 comments)

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