sacramento: Land Park Community Association to Hold Special Meeting in Land Park this Sunday - 01/24/09 12:59 AM
The president of the Land Park Community Association described in an email the "turbulent beginning" of the LPCA meeting held last Wednesday. She reported "tedious discussion" and much "interruption," concluding that the rival group within LPCA was trying to "take over the community forum agenda," adding that residents of Land Park supported following her initial agenda.
The Land Park Community Association will hold an Emergency LPCA meeting this Sunday, January 25, 7 PM, at the Eskaton Monroe Lodge on Freeport in Land Park to discuss petitions for bylaw amendments.
I wish somebody would videotape this and put it on YouTube.


sacramento: Double Ending the Short Sale vs Giving the Seller Highest and Best Shouldn't Be a Dilemma - 01/20/09 02:09 AM

Many Sacramento listing agents are receiving multiple offers, and not just on REOs or short sales. Any attractively priced, well appointed home in a desirable Sacramento location is likely to draw the attention of more than one buyer. The listing agent plays an important role toward helping the seller figure out which offer to accept because the highest offer isn't always the best offer.
On top of that, sometimes the listing agent will bring his or her own buyer to the table. In that case, the agent is operating in dual agency but it does not relieve the agent from … (15 comments)

sacramento: Land Park Community Association Calls a Roundtable for January 21st -- LOOKOUT - 01/18/09 12:55 PM
I received an email tonight from the president of the Land Park Community Association. Full disclosure: she is an agent at my Lyon Real Estate office. The president is calling for a special roundtable discussion meeting next Wednesday, January 21. It will be held at the Eskaton James Monroe Lodge, 3225 Freeport Boulevard, in Land Park, 6:30 to 9:15 PM.
Given the recent hysterics from an opposing group, this meeting could be interesting. Members might leap from the floor, drawing knives, maybe guns, and they could maim each other in front of our very own eyes. The opposing group, given to … (3 comments)

sacramento: Review of the Mavis Staples Concert at Mondavi Center in Davis, CA - 01/18/09 01:02 AM
My husband and I had the pleasure last Wednesday of attending the Mavis Staples show at the Mondavi Center in Davis, California. If you're reading this and you're not from around here -- here being Sacramento -- you are in for a treat if Mavis Staples comes to your town. Some of you of a certain age will remember the Staple Singers from the 1950s and 1960s, and already know what a treasure, a blessed honor it is to hear Mavis belt out her heart. She's part soul (R&B), part rock-and-roll and part gospel. I am particularly attracted to her music … (8 comments)

sacramento: Free Fishing in Land Park Next Saturday: Sacramento Anglers Over 16 Need a Fishing License - 01/17/09 02:14 AM
There is nothing in the world that compares to the feeling you get when your bobber suddenly plunges below the water's surface and your fishing pole almost flies out of your hands. You can get that experience right here in William Land Park, across from the Zoo on Land Park Drive next Saturday, January 24th, when the California Department of Fish and Game hosts a free fishing clinic in Sacramento. Fishing begins at 8:30 and runs until noon.
This event is part of the Fishing in the City program, created in 1993 by the state of California to encourage urban fishing. … (12 comments)

sacramento: Shocking News About Countrywide's New Short Sale Demands - It's Below the Belt, Even For CW - 01/15/09 04:17 AM
If I hadn't heard the words from Countrywide's short sale negotiator myself, I may not have believed it. Countrywide started out in this business as a bottom feeder, and I offer this story as evidence that Countrywide is returning to its roots. The demand Countrywide made yesterday on a short sale was vicious with an evil undertone.
A common factor among many short sales today is some lenders want the sellers to make a cash contribution at closing. That's not unexpected in some transactions. We had negotiated that contribution for the sellers down to $2,500, even though the sellers did not … (178 comments)

sacramento: Property Taxes on a Short Sale or Bank-Owned Home in California - 01/10/09 02:59 AM
A client asked me the other day if he would get a refund from Sacramento County for buying a short sale home. All those REOs and short sale transactions involve transferring the present tax base until the home is reassessed. If you bought a home for $200,000 that sold for $500,000 a few years ago, your taxes may be presently computed on the $500,000 value. The taxes amount to about $6,250 a year, versus $2,500 on the new value. It means you will overpay the taxes until the assessor's office catches up with the recorded sale numbers.
There will be no … (17 comments)

sacramento: California State Furloughed Workers: Have You Checked Your Home's Value Lately? - 01/10/09 02:47 AM

Here's a news flash:
Beginning February 6, California state offices will close the first and third Fridays of each month. I realize we have a $40 billion-dollar deficit in California, but how are state workers going to survive this? It's estimated that state workers' income will shrink by 10%. Most people already spend more than they earn, unfortunately, so I expect this maneuver by Schwarzeneggger's administration will cause chaos throughout the state.
Not to mention, most people shudder to even think about going to the DMV.
Some state workers may end up having to sell their homes. Others may be … (6 comments)

sacramento: Some Gardens in Land Park, Sacramento, Are Crippled From Frost - 01/09/09 01:57 AM
It seems that this winter is a bit colder than last year. While we've received a reprieve from the type of rainstorms that hit last year -- such as the January 4th storm that knocked a tree down on my home in Land Park -- it's been frostier. Last Sunday morning, I walked across the lawn and it crunched under my feet. The philodendrons under my maple tree sagged and the lilies hugged the ground. I was devastated.
But what really stood out in the icy air was my giant cactus, that which I nursed from a six-inch high stalk last … (14 comments)

sacramento: A Remarkable Sacramento Home at a Remarkable Price is a Winning Combination - 01/08/09 12:47 AM
8621 Sebrell, Sacramento, CA 95823, priced appropriately at $175,750.
This is a stunning single-story, three-bedroom, two-bath home in the Elk Grove school district with soaring ceilings and an open floor plan. It will take your breath away. The interior has been custom finished, featuring interesting angles, arches and beautifully crafted ornate woodwork.The kitchen is huge and open to the family room, plus there is space for a breakfast table in the kitchen. Cherry manufactured wood floors throughout match the cherry cabinetry in the kitchen, along with a complementary built-in china cabinet. The kitchen appliances are high end, Miele and Thermador stainless … (5 comments)

sacramento: How Quickly Should a Real Estate Agent Respond to a Potential Client? - 01/06/09 12:55 AM
Years ago, when I was buying a home in Land Park, Sacramento, and in the process of moving from Minneapolis, I had hired a real estate agent who rarely communicated with me. I would email her and she would not respond. I would leave her voice mails and she would not return my phone calls. Being several thousand miles away and trying to close a real estate deal was stressful enough, but working with an agent whose communication skills were sorely lacking was even more frustrating. It's not the way I choose to do business.
You learn a lot when you're … (42 comments)

sacramento: Interview Questions for a Short Sale Specialist Led to an Interesting Conclusion - 01/05/09 11:41 AM
I never set out to be a short sale or foreclosure specialist; it just happened. More than half of my business in 2008 was from representing short sale sellers and foreclosure buyers, with a few short sale buyers thrown in for good measure. But when I stop to look at the sold housing stats from November, 72% of the sales in Sacramento were foreclosures, so that's where the bulk of the business is nowadays.
It amused me when a short-sale seller emailed me over the weekend with a list of interview questions. She was a smart seller to ask how many … (13 comments)

sacramento: Just Because It's a Short Sale Doesn't Mean It Doesn't Deserve Adequate Marketing - 01/04/09 02:58 AM
Everybody is trying to save money these days. Some do it by decreasing services or charging extra for things that were previously free. It's not my imagination that airline seats, for example, are being moved around. Airlines that used to tout "extra legroom" have changed their mottos.
We flew United to Hawaii over Christmas, and economy class seating was so restricted that my knees were practically to my chin, and I'm not a tall person. The plane was packed, a full flight, so I couldn't change seats.
On the way back, we had a stopover in LAX. When we printed our … (13 comments)

sacramento: Even Though I'm Not Going to Be Thinking About Real Estate -- You Know I Will - 12/24/08 10:00 PM
It's raining this morning in Sacramento as I write this, and we're headed out for the airport. I don't know why they have flights this early to LAX. Nobody in their right mind should have to be at the airport before 5 AM. It's such an awful hour.
I've never flown anywhere on Christmas Day before. If I'm lucky, the airport parking lot will be empty, and there will be no long line for security wrapped around the terminal.
At least all my escrows are tidied up and ready to close in my absence. I worked late into last night to … (24 comments)

sacramento: There's Always a Kid Who Has to See For Himself - 12/24/08 01:47 AM
If you've never licked a frozen flag pole in the winter, you probably have no idea what it feels like to be shivering in the cold with your tongue stuck to a cold piece of steel. Count yourself lucky. It goes without saying that you're also a fortunate person if you've never thrust a screwdriver into an electrical socket. I've done both of those things. I freely admit my stupidity.
Some lessons are best learned from experience. The best lessons, of course, are those we learn from other people's mistakes, but those are often hard to come by or, for other … (21 comments)

sacramento: Here is My Nomination for Best Movie of 2008 - 12/23/08 02:01 AM
If you haven't yet had the chance to see Slumdog Millionaire, don't let this opportunity pass you by. It's showing at the Tower Theatre in Land Park, Sacramento. Slumdog Millionaire is my top choice for the best movie of 2008. It's warm yet evil, fascinating yet simple, inspiring yet sad, and it kept me glued to my seat despite its two-hour run time. It's a Hollywood movie at its finest.
My girlfriend, Lisa, will tell you I'm not always the best judge of movies, but that's because I dragged her to see Phantom of the Paradise starring Paul Williams in 1974. … (13 comments)

sacramento: Are You Working With a Real Estate Agent is an Easy Question to Answer, Isn't It? - 12/22/08 01:45 AM
What if you were thinking about going into business for yourself and was told that you'd work long hours, drive all over town for days on end, share your expertise and wisdom with a client with absolutely no guarantee that you'd ever receive compensation for your work, would you be eager to go into the business? Yet that's what some buyer's agents do in real estate.
I referred out-of-town buyers to an agent in an outlying office of Lyon Real Estate because I don't work in the Sacramento foothills and felt I would be doing the clients an injustice if I … (43 comments)

sacramento: After a Request for Repair Has Been Completed, Should the Buyer Ask for a Reinspection? - 12/20/08 01:47 PM
How a home buyer handles a Request for Repair depends on what type of repairs are needed. For example, if the water heater needs to be replaced, a buyer might specify a brand of water heater and ask that it be installed with a permit, if a permit is required. However, if the repair is structural, a buyer may be better off asking for a closing cost credit and hiring his or her own contractor.
The reasoning is sellers will often choose to pay as little as possible to fix a problem when the money is coming out of the seller's … (39 comments)

sacramento: Paying Loan Points on a Mortgage May Make Sense - Here's How to Decide - 12/19/08 01:35 AM
Is the grass always greener on the other side? It seems to happen more often lately that buyers go into escrow and within a week decide to change lenders. They switch based on points or interest rate. Some can't figure out whether paying points to get a lower interest rate is better than paying no points to get a slightly higher rate. They enter mortgage lending hell.
I try to explain that it's better to choose a mortgage broker or a banker based on honesty, performance and long-term relationship expectations, but that advice sometimes falls on deaf ears. It's human nature … (11 comments)

sacramento: Interesting Dilemma -- When is a Material Fact Not a Material Fact? - 12/18/08 02:11 AM
Sometimes it's difficult to figure out whether an agent could be compromising his or her fiduciary relationship with a seller or violating the law regarding material facts. Real estate agents in CA are required to disclose material facts to a buyer. It doesn't matter whether the agent is a listing agent or a buyer's agent, all material facts must be disclosed.
A material fact is a matter that, if known by the buyer, would cause the buyer to pay less for the home or perhaps even walk away from the purchase; it's a matter that affects the transaction. Typically, if an … (34 comments)

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