sacramento: The Days are Getting Shorter and Showings are Getting Longer - 11/06/08 04:06 AM
Buyers for Midtown asked if I would show them property yesterday afternoon which, as Chris Ann Cleland points out, is a lot more fun than beating your head against the desk after hammering loss mitigators and negotiators all day. The buyers were from out of town and didn't know the Sacramento Midtown area very well, so I decided against suggesting that I drive with them. I drive a roadster, which holds all of two people, so I typically drive with my clients (if there are more than one) or I borrow my husband's car, the oh-so-economical and environmentally friendly Prius.
Driving … (18 comments)

sacramento: How is the Market Treating You? - 11/05/08 01:33 AM
How many agents right now are terribly busy, they say, but spinning their wheels? I have talked with other top producers in my office who say they are swamped but aren't making any money. It makes me wonder, what are they doing?When I go to parties and people ask, "How is the market treating you?" I reply, "Great. 2008 might be my best year ever." They look at me like I am a leper. But it's the truth. This has been a good year for me. Am I supposed to feel badly about that or make excuses for everybody else? I … (19 comments)

sacramento: Advising Buyers on Ways to Hold Title: Agents Cannot Suggest Ways to Hold Title - 11/04/08 01:27 AM
Home buyers often give little thought to the ways to hold title. I hear escrow officers ask the question over and over, and watch buyers' puzzled faces as they grope for answers. How to hold title is something buyers should decide upon about the same time as they receive a lender preapproval letter, but unless their agent brings it up, they might not give it a second thought.
Be aware that real estate agents are not licensed to practice law, so we can't advise buyers, unfortunately. It's a legal question that is best answered by a real estate lawyer. But let's … (9 comments)

sacramento: What Are You Trying to Do? Make Me Go Deaf? - 11/03/08 03:45 AM
You're gonna go deaf, they tell you. I can hear my mother's words now echoing beyond the grave: "If you don't turn down that stereo, you're going to lose your hearing!" Yet, I still, even in my older years, gravitate toward the front of the stage. Heck, I'll stand right in front of the speakers if I can.
But let me back track. About six months ago, I began to hear a low humming noise in my neighborhood. I live in Land Park, a Sacramento neighborhood situated between the I-5 freeway and the railroad tracks and south of the W-X freeway. … (15 comments)

sacramento: When the Dreams That You Dare to Dream Really Do Come True - 11/02/08 12:24 PM

The invitation arrived from Evite a week ago. It was a shotgun wedding, the invitation announced, to be held Saturday afternoon at 2:05. Imagine my delight when I saw that two of my favorite clients were finally trying the knot. They decided to get married on Saturday because come this Tuesday they might be denied the opportunity to pledge themselves to each other in the institution of marriage.Their original plan was to marry in the back yard of their new home in the Med Center (Sacramento), a 1920 high-water bungalow, but the steady rainfall moved the ceremony indoors. More than … (11 comments)

sacramento: When Clients Call About a Home Repair Problem, How Far Do You Go? - 11/01/08 02:06 PM

One of the promises I make to all my clients after we close escrow is that I don't go away after closing. After the commission check is deposited into my checking account, I don't disappear. I will stay with my clients and help them forever, or until I kick the bucket, which first occurs.
I feel like I owe my home sellers and home buyers my experience, advice and assistance, even if it's something simple like who has the best sale on shoes in town. They know they can always call me, and I will respond. I don't know how … (16 comments)

sacramento: How Was Your Halloween? - 11/01/08 03:30 AM

As a kid growing up in Minnesota, I trudged through many first snowfalls on Halloween. We put on long johns under our costumes, grabbed our Applebaum's grocery bags and headed out into the blowing snow and cold. No measly snowflakes were going to put a halt to our quest for Baby Ruth, Clark bars and Butterfingers. In California, though, it's the rain that can drive away kids.
Ordinarily, we get a few hundred trick or treaters down our street in Old Land Park. I was prepared, too, with a 50-pound box of Ghirardelli chocolates (a gift from clients). Halloween at … (14 comments)

sacramento: A Close-Up View of What Fall Looks Like in Land Park - Sacramento, CA - 10/30/08 03:46 AM
Last year about this time I shot photographs of homes in Land Park -- just as the sun was beginning to sink into the horizon -- which cast a glow among the shadows and fallen leaves. This time I chose a more intimate view. In fact, you might be amazed to know that every single feature was found in my very own yard in Land Park.

For those of you outside of California, this is a bird of paradise. It grows like weeds and consistently produces new flowers after the dead foliage is cut away. These flowers attract a lot … (32 comments)

sacramento: No New Target Store for Land Park - Target Halts Plans to Expand - 10/29/08 02:01 AM
Here I was bracing myself for having no place to shop when the Land Park Target on Broadway closes up in January for expansion, and yesterday I read that Target has called off its remodeling plans due to the depressed economy.
I have mixed feelings about it.
In a way, I'm relieved that the store will stay open, which means I won't have far to drive to pick up laundry soap, cases of diet coke or canned cat food. On the other hand, I was looking forward to the newly expanded store, with a second level and impressive architectural style, not … (12 comments)

sacramento: Can You Find Homes in Land Park and Curtis Park on - 10/28/08 04:15 AM
A representative from called me to announce that had redesigned its web site, which I already knew because I read Inman News and receive daily Google alerts. Curious to check it out and view it from a consumer's perspective, I popped over to this morning.
Wow, the site is beautiful. It's supposed to offer easy navigation and enrich the personal search experience. From all appearances, it is a vast improvement. For one thing, the top of the page has a search box, which lets users look for homes in a certain ZIP code or neighborhood. I entered 95818, … (15 comments)

sacramento: Here is How to Cancel Halloween At Your House - 10/27/08 03:48 AM
Consider this my advance notice: Hey, you still have time to cancel Halloween at your house. Oh, I know what you are thinking . . . has she gone bonkers? What is she talking about? Heh, heh. But I am totally serious about spreading this much needed piece of advice, especially to my neighbors in Land Park, Sacramento. In Land Park, we get a ton of traffic, constant door-bell ringing and even the parents try to hold us hostage for Snickers.
I realize there are millions of adults (and children, let's not forget the kids) in the U.S. for whom Halloween … (27 comments)

sacramento: Kris Kristofferson in Sacramento -- It's All About Choices - 10/23/08 04:43 AM
Looking through our schedules last month, my husband and I discovered we were holding tickets for two performances on October 22nd. One show was Laurie Anderson's Homeland Tour at the Mondavi Center in Davis. The other was Kris Kristofferson at the Crest Theatre in downtown Sacramento. Between the two, I gravitated toward Laurie Anderson, but the truth is we saw her a couple years ago and, she is performing in Berkeley this Friday.
We were lucky that an associate in my office agreed to take the Mondavi tickets from us, and my husband was able to score tix for the Berkeley … (20 comments)

sacramento: Who Else Wants to Buy a Short Sale? - 10/22/08 07:29 AM
At my office meeting this morning, an REO agent said Countrywide's stats are showing 1 out of every 5 short sales are successful. Then, other agents expressed concerns over closing a short sale, and some mentioned that they deliberately eliminate short-sale listings from their buyer's daily emails of new listings.
In part, I understand why some Sacramento agents don't like to work short sales, but the thing is unless a buyer's circumstances dictate a solid reason why a short sale is not suitable for that particular buyer -- for example, maybe they need to close within 30 days or so -- … (18 comments)

sacramento: Forging a Path and Putting Things Into Perspective - 10/20/08 03:13 AM

I studied my young cactus garden in Land Park for months, walking through the sand and drawing circles with a long stick, figuring some day I'd have the time to go to the nursery and buy stepping stones, and those circles left embedded in the sand were where the stones would lie.The cactus garden came into being when my 40-foot birch tree fell on the house last January. Mostly because I had removed half the deck, chopped up the tree stump and pondered putting in a grassy area. The lawn idea hit a wall when I found out I could … (20 comments)

sacramento: Mandatory Flood Insurance for Certain Areas of Sacramento Becomes Effective in December - 10/16/08 03:28 AM
Flood insurance will be required by December 8, 2008, on all mortgaged homes in the north Sacramento area, which includes Natomas. The following ZIP codes, comprising more than 26,000 homes, will fall under flood insurance requirements: 95833 to 95838 and 95815.
Basically, it boils down to this: if you buy a flood insurance policy now, you pay the lower rate for one year, at which time your renewal rate will be based on the Standard X zone rate. If you do not buy a flood insurance policy until December 8, your rate will be not be grandfathered, and you will pay … (14 comments)

sacramento: Sacramento Area Sales are up 250% Over Last Year - 10/15/08 02:30 AM
REOs and short sales are driving the market in our tri-county region of Sacramento. “Inventory is down 30% from last year, sales are up 250% from last year, and pending sales are up 270% from last year,” said Michael Lyon, CEO of Lyon Real Estate. In fact, our September inventory (the number of homes for sale) has dropped 31% over the same time last year.
Here are the September stats for Sacramento County, which has had pending sales rise 7% over August and inventory drop another 3%:
Homes sold under $200,000: 52%
Homes sold between $200,000 and $400,000: 41%
Homes sold … (13 comments)

sacramento: Sometimes Clients Can Forget You're a Real Estate Agent - 10/14/08 03:13 AM
Yesterday, being Columbus Day, meant there was no mail, agents couldn't call the banks to follow up on short sales and many workers got the day off. But not title and escrow companies.
I met clients at my office to walk them over to the title company for signing loan documents. These buyers had been looking for a long time to find their dream home in Midtown Sacramento and were finally going to closing on a home on which they battled multiple offers and won a Request for Repair. It had been a long road.
We met in the lobby of … (20 comments)

sacramento: This Land Park Deck in Sacramento is Finished! - 10/13/08 02:48 AM

I haven't yet decided if I will put the flower pots back on the deck because I've sort of come to like them on the cement sidewalk and, besides, there is a pathway between the pots and the deck. You know how it is when you water plants, right? Water drains out the bottom, and even with little feet under each plant -- which we have -- water runs down the deck. Over time, it can cause cracks in the cement. Still, this Land Park deck in Sacramento is ready for entertaining.
My husband hasn't noticed it yet. It … (15 comments)

sacramento: My Land Park Deck Gets a New Paint Job - 10/12/08 02:38 AM


My husband headed out of town last Thursday. As I watched his car pull away, it dawned on me. Shoot. I have been so busy working that I forgot to line up a home improvement project. He never knows when he leaves what he'll find when he comes back to our Land Park home except that I will have undertaken something new and different. I do this to spare him the inconvenience. That's because all home improvement projects involve some type of lifestyle compromise, even if it's something as simple as, "Hey, I can't use the back … (14 comments)

sacramento: Home Sellers Choose Listing Agents For Reasons I Don't Always Expect to Hear - 10/11/08 03:38 AM

I never know where new business might come from, but I generally know why. Most of my business comes from one of two places: the Internet or referrals. I know that the reasons these people are contacting me are because they heard good things about me or they read my web site and are familiar with my background.
However, yesterday, my painter asked me whether homes in Land Park were selling well. I gave him a few statistics, mostly summing up that my neighborhood is fairly stable and well priced homes with character sell pretty quickly. That's when I found … (14 comments)

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