sacramento: In Defense of First Offers: Is The First Offer Always the Best? - 10/09/08 02:44 AM

As agents, we can talk to sellers about pricing the house right until we are blue in the face, but ultimately, the price a seller selects is the seller's decision to make, not ours. There are a ton of reasons why agents take overpriced listings, but the bottom line is the price rests with the seller, and in the end, we do our best to try to get that seller his or her price.
Every Monday I send out property updates to sellers. Those reports include the number of hits obtained through a variety of web sites; I comment on … (20 comments)

sacramento: And Now for Something Completely Different in Land Park - 10/08/08 02:25 AM

Here is a fact that my husband simply cannot understand: His wife does not like eggplant, especially the common globe type of eggplant. He can dip it in batter, fry it and bake it as a Moussaka, and I don't care how much sauce it's covered with, I won't eat it. Lately, he's been chopping up the eggplant in tiny pieces and sneaking it into spaghetti sauce, like I won't know the difference. And I don't.
Japanese eggplant, the long, thin, purple type is moderately passable for me when sliced in half lengthwise, cut through crisscrossed to the skin, salted, … (17 comments)

sacramento: How Many Borrowers Will Choose Bank of America's Rescue Plan Over a Short Sale Attempt? - 10/07/08 03:33 PM

Thanks to California Attorney General Jerry Brown, an agreement has been reached with Countrywide's parent Bank of America to rescue an estimated 125,000 Californians from foreclosure. The terms are narrow, targeting owner occupants who took out from Countrywide Option ARM or subprime mortgages from 2004 through 2007, with a few provisions tossed in to assist homeowners with prime and Alt-A loans.
Starting December 1, apart from freezing foreclosures, Bank of America has agreed to waive prepayment penalties and late fees, plus offer to some ARM holders interest rates as low a 3.5% on a new refinance at 95% of loan-to-value, … (64 comments)

sacramento: Sometimes You've Just Got to Laugh At Yourself - 10/06/08 03:16 AM

At first glance, I thought a little girl had tried to etch her name into my driveway. At the bottom of the driveway, right next to the sidewalk, I discovered the letters L-I-L scratched on the cement. I asked my cement dude about it, and he assured me that when the driveway finally cures, it will not be visible. If we had any children at our home, I'd certainly let them embed their names and 2008 into the driveway, but we don't. In any case, I thought it was cute that Lillian wanted to put her name into our newly … (20 comments)

sacramento: Look What I Received -- How Do They Do This? - 10/05/08 03:28 AM
Thanks to Tom Braatz . . . I originally found this on Tom's blog and tried it out. Sent it to a couple friends, one of whom doesn't do much online, and she was totally astonished. I think it's hilarious. At the end of the video is a link where you can set up your own video and email it with your friend's names in it. … (21 comments)

sacramento: You Could Win an Ice Cream Shop in Land Park - 10/04/08 03:41 AM
If you've always wanted to run your own business in Land Park, here's a chance to land your very own ice cream and coffee shop for $150. The catch? You have to write up to a 300-word story about why you are qualified to run this business and pay your $150 entry fee.
The shop, "Here's the Scoop," is located at 3051 Freeport Boulevard, between Weller and Bidwell. Ron and Melinda Rucker have owned the ice cream store for 7 years. The Ruckers are hoping to receive enough entries to cover the cost of the contest and market value of the … (9 comments)

sacramento: The Best Advertising Campaign for This Week Comes from Target - 10/03/08 02:41 AM
Look at the great deal Sacramento's Target has for consumers this week. It's called Dollar Week.
What's simply amazing is every item in Target advertisement is on for sale for DOLLARS.
Search that advertisement to the left and tell me if you see anything that is for sale at a dollar. Or even two for $1.
That's the bargain of the century and certainly worth promoting, don't you think? Target's advertising team is so clever and creative.
Everything we sell is for dollars.
Thank goodness the prices are shown in dollars. I'd hate to have to figure it out if everything … (12 comments)

sacramento: You Won't Find Zarafa at the Sacramento Land Park Zoo, But You Can Support the Giraffes - 10/02/08 02:55 AM

I hold a soft spot in my heart for giraffes. There's a lovely quirkiness about them -- such delightful, charming and inquisitive creatures. In fact, I have several giraffes made out of wood on display in my living room. One was found at an outdoor market in Jamaica in the early '80s, and another smaller version was discovered when I cleaned out my mother's apartment after her death in 2002. I never knew she had it.
What you may not know is my husband and I once hopped on a bullet train, going from Paris to a quiet seaside town … (12 comments)

sacramento: What is Wrong With This Picture? Are Your Oranges Orange in Land Park or Elsewhere in Sacramento? - 09/30/08 02:36 AM

The weather has been unseasonably warm lately, and although Sacramento weather forecasters continue to promise cooler weather, it just hasn't happened yet. So, how does that explain why some of my oranges are turning orange? Late September is not a time for these oranges to turn color. We generally pick them in January. Yet, here is proof positive that my naval oranges are turning orange. Not only that, but they're falling off the tree.
Our home is in Land Park, Sacramento, and the orange tree is located against the back fence, right next to the garden shed. It's sheltered on … (14 comments)

sacramento: No Admittance to Land Park's Fairytale Town Without a Kid Escort - 09/28/08 02:14 AM
I'm at a huge disadvantage here. For years, I have yearned to go to Fairytale Town in Land Park. The problem? I'm not a kid anymore, even though my sister may disagree, and you can't get in to Fairtytale Town without a kid holding your hand. I can visualize some drunken guy jumping out of his F10 and screaming: "That's reverse discrimination, man!" But there's a reason for it. Fairtytale Town most likely wants to attract children and make the park a safe haven for children, but still.
I'd feel sort of silly asking a client if I could borrow their … (19 comments)

sacramento: The Reason Why Banks Are Slow to Respond to Foreclosures - 09/25/08 03:40 AM
The banks are taking a long time to decide on foreclosures for one reason: They can't do it any faster. Many asset managers are handling 500 files per month. The banks are overwhelmed with foreclosures and understaffed. Not only are they dealing with potential sales, but there are a flood of other homes in foreclosure that need to be listed and put on the market, in addition to tons of others receiving notices of default.
Banking insiders -- sources that I cannot name -- have told me the banks are withholding foreclosures from the market and releasing them when inventory begins … (19 comments)

sacramento: Newest Driveway in Land Park, Check It Out! Here's an Ocicat, Too. - 09/25/08 03:00 AM

Day three, and the driveway is finished. What do you think about that chain-link gate? I'm thinking ornamental ironwork, an electronic gate that swings open, might be a good solution. It's not that I really need a gate, because we don't have a dog, but without it, I can't really enclose the back yard and keep out the wildlife -- all those wild moose and donkeys in Land Park, you know.
My neighbor seemed disgruntled that he was required to turn off his sprinklers for a day. His sprinklers should not be spraying my property anyway, but I never complain … (7 comments)

sacramento: My New Land Park Driveway - Part 2 - 09/24/08 06:39 AM

The cement crew finished up half the driveway last night. The tool you see this guy using is called a joiner. It has a slot in the center that grooves the cement while the top of the tool smooths the joint. We discovered a clean-out for the sewer line below the former brick patio, which is why you see a hole. They placed a bucket shaped object over the clean-out to protect it and will put a grate on top when it is finished. It's a good thing I asked them to investigate what I thought was a French drain.

sacramento: Reasons to Use a Buyer's Agent on New Home Sales - 09/20/08 02:33 PM
Lots of buyers, while well meaning, don't realize that they can hire a buyer's agent to represent them on a new home purchase from a builder.  Buying new homes from a builder is really no different than buying a resale home. You're better off hiring a buyer's agent.  For example, tonight I negotiated a transaction for a buyer in Natomas. She bought a brand new condo. Her next-door neighbor paid $237,000 for his condo, and it closed escrow 10 days ago.
My buyer bought the model -- which meant she got all the artwork and furnishings in the home, including a … (12 comments)

sacramento: Greenhaven and Pocket Neighborhoods in Sacramento See Inventory Drop - 09/19/08 06:21 AM

Like the rest of Sacramento, the Greeenhaven / Pocket areas in ZIP 95831 have experienced more than a 50% drop in inventory (homes for sale) over the past 15 months. From a high in August of 2007 of 130 homes, the inventory has plunged to only 64 homes for sale in August of 2008.
Pending sales and closed sales have continued to climb from January of this year forward and then dipped in August. We often see a resurrection of sales in September and a renewed interest after kids go back to school, so it's possible that dip could be … (3 comments)

sacramento: High-End Homes in Sacramento Area Used For Pot Farming - 09/17/08 02:37 AM
Elk Grove and Natomas aren't the only neighborhoods targeted anymore for indoor pot farm growing operations. Seems the pot growers are expanding into other Sacramento neighborhoods and upgrading their pot farm operations.
I last wrote about Sacramento's indoor pot farms in September of 2006 and the Elk Grove pot house busts in September of 2007. But it ain't over yet.
Police arrested six suspects Tuesday and raided several homes. The police say the growers probably learned the hard way that neighbors in Sacramento and Elk Grove will report suspicious activity if the homes have boarded-up windows or black curtains over them. … (22 comments)

sacramento: College Greens / Rosemont Housing Market Stats for 95826 - 09/16/08 04:59 AM

Here are the housing market stats for August, 2008, in ZIP 95826, which encompasses College Greens and Rosemont.
You can see that inventory has fallen 65% from a high of 190 in September of 2007. Yet pending sales and closed sales have risen over the past 15 months. If inventory continues to drop, that could push prices higher. Much of the activity in the market in 95826 has been due to REOs and short sales. A flood of bank-owned homes could drive prices down, but if inventory doesn't increase, we could see home prices rise in College Greens and Rosemont.

sacramento: Are Ya Gonna Move Into the BETTER Land Park neighborhood East of Riverside? - 09/11/08 04:08 AM

Some of you may remember when I wrote about the home across the street from me going on the market. I suspected the owner might be thinking of selling when I saw him painting the exterior and clearing out brush from his overgrown yard. He bought his Land Park home only a few years ago. I asked him if he was selling, and he denied it.Then, 2 days later, a competitor's sign pounded into the yard. I ran into the seller while dragging the trash cans to the street. He says, "Hey, I see you're doing really well; I get … (9 comments)

sacramento: The Number of Missing Sacramento Lockboxes is Rising - 09/03/08 08:54 AM
The question lately is not where is the darn lockbox so much as why is there no lockbox on this home? It's stated "vacant / lockbox" in MLS, yet many agents aren't putting lockboxes on their listings. Do they have any idea how bad it looks to buyers who show up at home after home only to discover the agent hasn't put a lockbox on the house?
It's against the Sacramento MLS regulations to put a contractor's box on these types of listings. If an agent uses a contractor's box, the agent must also supply a Supra lockbox. If not, they … (20 comments)

sacramento: Do You Take Off Work on Labor Day? - 09/01/08 02:40 AM
Because of cell phones and computers, how do you get away from work on Labor Day? I just heard the trucks on my street scraping up garden refuse, so I know that some Sacramento city workers don't take off Labor Day. I suspect it's because they can earn time-and-a-half. Plus, it's an early morning job. But do you take off Labor Day? Relax with the family, go to the beach or on a hike or maybe just stay home and read a book?
I received an email this morning from an Lori Kim Polk, wishing me a happy Labor Day and … (40 comments)

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