sacramento: Don't Assume That Professionals Know What They Are Doing - 07/22/08 02:19 AM

The cats are very upset. Everything is not where it's supposed to be. Not to mention, two of them were locked in the bedroom all day yesterday. The other cat spends most of his time in a 4 x 4 pen because he has kidney disease, plus a touch of senioritis. He was pretty oblivious to the goings and comings around him. After all, he had cat food, clean water, fresh litter and occasional pets. He was in seventh heaven.Which is where I wished I could be. But not. You see, you absolutely cannot do a major home remodel and … (12 comments)

sacramento: Being Prepared Means More Than Showing Up on Time - 07/21/08 04:24 AM

I would not walk into a listing presentation without a properly prepared CMA, which includes not only the active listings that will compete with this home, but data on the pending sales (even though they have not yet sold, I can generally weasel the price out of the listing agents) and, of course, the sold comparables. I adjust each comparable by adding or subtracting values to arrive at a price in line with the subject property. I also pull the expireds, canceled and withdrawn listings. By the time I sit down with the seller, I am fully prepared to discuss … (11 comments)

sacramento: Land Park Home to be Featured on H&G TV's HOUSE HUNTERS - 07/20/08 05:47 AM
I know I said in the past that I would never go on the cable TV show House Hunters, but a few weeks ago I found myself eating those words. Hey, sometimes it happens that we change our minds -- it's a woman's prerogative. After all, I reasoned, I've done a few TV shows, and they are actually kind of fun. Besides, I am certain I will most likely bring a warped sense of humor to the show. Mark my words, I will NOT walk into the kitchen waving my arms to pronounce that "This is the kitchen." Besides, the kitchen … (23 comments)

sacramento: Land Park Homes - Photos, Descriptions and Recent Market Values - 07/20/08 01:59 AM

The tree-lined streets of Land Park today rose from their dusty Gold Rush days, founded by names easily recognized in Land Park such as Swanston, Marshall, Cavanaugh, Caruthers, Wright and Kimbrough. Land south of the Zoo was first developed by John Sutter and known as Sutterville. Many landmarks such as the Sutterville Brewery, Riverside Swimming Baths, Edmonds Field and The Land Park Plunge have long ago been demolished. William Land (1837-1911) gave the 166-acre park to the city in 1926.
Here are 26 photos of Land Park homes and our surrounding landmarks.

All photos: Elizabeth Weintraub

sacramento: A Cactus Flower Blooms for Only One Day - 07/19/08 02:00 PM
If you miss a cactus flower bloom on the day it bursts into splendor, you have missed it forever. There is no turning back the clock. You've got to catch the moment when it arrives or it's gone.
It's very similar to a new listing that pops on the market. The minute a home that fits your parameters appears, you should take action. If you want to sleep on it, call Tom, Dick and Harry to discuss it, it's likely to be gone by tomorrow.
Homes are unique. No two are exactly the same, even if you are looking in a … (7 comments)

sacramento: Recycling and Gifting is Better than Sending Stuff to the Landfill - 07/19/08 05:12 AM
My husband is aghast that I am giving away our refrigerator. He says I should sell it on Craigslist and pocket the $300 or so we could probably get for it. He wasn't in favor of buying a new refrigerator anyway. Our Kenmore has been chugging along for almost six years without causing us one lick of trouble. It's in excellent shape, no dings or scrapes, and it's energy efficient.
But it's not as efficient as our new GE Profile with French doors and bottom freezer. Plus, let's face it, our old refrigerator is not stainless. (That's what kitchen remodels do … (10 comments)

sacramento: Vote for Barbara Harsch: Your Next President of the Sacramento Association of REALTORS - 07/16/08 01:58 AM
I'd like to pass along a message from Barbara Harsch. She is running for president of the Saramento Association of REALTORS® and, as my friend and colleague, has my endorsement. She is dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable and one of the most ethical REALTORS® I know. Please vote for Barbara Harsch on July 21st.
Here is Barbara's message, in her own words:
"We're lucky to belong to one of the best real estate associations in the country. Keeping SAR strong requires much more than just one committed and qualified individual -- it requires someone who can leverage the strengths of the entire organization, … (3 comments)

sacramento: Not Every Sacramento Movie Theater has 3D for Journey to the Center of the Earth - 07/13/08 11:30 AM
I had the pleasure of watching a personal interview between Rebecca Murray from and Brendan Fraser. Rebecca writes the Movie site for, and every woman I know has a crush on Brendan Fraser. Here is her video clip from the Los Angeles Film Festival in which Brendan says he loves and talks about the movie far longer than his PR person suggested he yak. Watching Brendan so enthusiastically describe the movie made me want to go see it. Well, that and I think those glasses are a trip. Besides, Brendan Fraser could read the phone book, and I'd … (3 comments)

sacramento: Lunching with Active Rainers in Midtown Sacramento - 07/13/08 04:19 AM
You'll never guess who came to my office last week! OK, a couple photos here will give you a hint. None other than the wonderful and talented stager from Granite Bay, Lori Polk and that serial entrepreneur, multi-faceted real estate broker from Wisconsin, Tom Braatz. When they arrived, I had an emergency offer to prepare -- you know the type, buyers were thinking about buying a home and on the way to the airport decided they must put in an offer. Since it was a Land Park home they were buying, there was another counter floating around, so we had to … (9 comments)

sacramento: IndyMac Bank Shut Down Today by Regulators - 07/11/08 11:17 AM
My husband gave me some grief when I casually mentioned in a blog that since IndyMac was closing its new mortgage business doors, yet promising to honor loan locks already in progress, buyers might exercise caution and perhaps consider another alternative. He thought I might be reading too much into the story and could get sued for suggesting that buyers be careful. And here today we receive word that IndyMac has been taken over by the FDIC.
It's unclear how many of IndyMac's 130 employees in Rancho Cordova (Sacramento) have survived job cuts.
I've gone through a bank closure before. In … (17 comments)

sacramento: Land Park is One of the Most Desirable Neighborhoods in Sacramento - 07/10/08 08:16 AM
Wherever I travel, I take photographs of homes. My passion for photography sometimes thwarts vacations as I get sidetracked. Instead of shopping at cute boutiques or dining at out-of-the-way cafés, often I end up wandering the streets of a town to admire its picturesque homes, invariably with camera in tow.
Last fall, I noticed the maple trees in Sacramento were beginning to drop their colorful leaves. The sun was sinking lower in the sky toward the afternoon, lending a soft glow on the horizon as light bounced off rooftops.
Suddenly, I felt inspired. It occurred to me that I have spent … (6 comments)

sacramento: Staying Cool in Sacramento - 07/10/08 04:01 AM
On Tuesday, I received a sign call on my Midtown listing. The home the buyer was calling about is a fixer Craftsman, and he wanted to know if I could show it to him at 2 PM on Wednesday. "But, it's going to be 108 on Wednesday," I pointed out. "Wouldn't you prefer to see it in the morning, say around 9 AM?" The home has no air conditioning.
Well, he promised to call me by noon if he wanted to see that home, and I guess he had a change of heart. Never heard from him. Even though I … (10 comments)

sacramento: Is Your Real Estate Agent a Liar? How to Avoid Working With Dishonest Agents - 07/09/08 02:01 AM
In the neighborhood where I primarily sell homes in Land Park, it's not uncommon to find agents putting up sign riders on their sign posts that announce to passersby that they are an area specialist. The problem is some of those agents have never before taken a listing in Land Park and have never sold a home in Land Park. I call that dishonest marketing.
If I were a seller or buyer, I would not want to work with an agent who is lying to me. A consumer might wonder what else the agent is lying about. Typically, there are three … (10 comments)

sacramento: IndyMac Stops Making Mortgage Loans - 07/07/08 09:55 AM
If you're a seller who is having problems negotiating a short sale or obtaining debt relief at IndyMac, consider the fact that IndyMac today says it is closing its mortgage business and laying off 3,800 employees, which is more than half of its workforce.
This means effective immediately it will make no new mortgage loans. IndyMac says it will honor its existing loan applications that have a locked-in interest rate, but borrowers who are relying on the lender to perform and fund pending loans might be feeling a little nervous these days. Those who haven't locked a rate are flat out … (29 comments)

sacramento: Has Voting Gone Out of Style or is the Public More Apathetic? - 06/03/08 09:50 AM
I'll be the first to admit that some political races can be a bit annoying and, for that reason, sometimes people lose motivation to vote. But today is California's statewide primary election. In Sacramento, for example, we are voting for mayor, a few other positions and two propositions. The polls open at 7 AM and close at 8 PM.
My husband and I went to our local polling place about 1 PM today. The place was empty. A volunteer at the door greeted us so enthusiastically that I was taken aback for a moment.
"Are you lonely?" my husband asked her.

sacramento: Sex and the City -- Why My Husband is a Saint - 06/02/08 09:22 AM
We arrived at the theater at the mall downtown Sacramento about 15 minutes before showtime on Sunday. The line snaked almost all the way to Macy's. My husband observed, "Everybody in this line is here to see Sex and the City."
How do you know that, I asked? There were at least five other movies playing.
"Because all the men look sad and the women are happy," he responded.
For those of you who haven't yet seen this film -- or maybe for those of you who would rather poke your eyes with a stick than go to this movie -- … (22 comments)

sacramento: My Car is Possessed by Aliens - 06/02/08 04:24 AM
When it comes to relying on a vehicle, little is worse than putting your key into the ignition and having nothing happen when it's turned to start. Unless it does start after a few tries. Because that gives you false hope that there is nothing wrong. OK, maybe it's just me who thinks that way. I never thought much about the few times my ignition switch appeared to be faulty. Just a quirk, I figured, like when an application on your computer suddendly quits for no apparent reason. It's just the way things are.
Last Friday, I stopped at a client's … (9 comments)

sacramento: East College Greens, Sacramento: 8956 Gulfport Way, 95826 - 05/23/08 02:13 AM
Perfect turnkey home in East College Greens. Upated and remodeled. Newer carpeting. Open kitchen (with ceramic) overlooks dining room and family room, which offers tons of light and spacious entertainment. Mediterranean flaire.
See the virtual tour of 8956 Gulfport Way.
A gracious ceramic entry leads to the formal living room with a stone fireplace and, through another entrance, the family room. Three large bedrooms. Remodeled guest bath with stone slate on walls and flooring. Master suite features double closets and remodeled bath with shower. Extra bonus room works double duty as sun room or office -- your choice.
Beautiful home boasts … (6 comments)

sacramento: On Offer #12 -- The Nehemiah Home Buyers Are Going Into Escrow! - 05/21/08 02:35 AM
Doug and Shereen, the Nehemiah home buyers I wrote about several weeks who were struggling to achieve the dream of home ownership, have finally received acceptance on an offer. It made me so excited that I found myself walking around in circles, thrusting my fists into the air and screaming, "Yes, yes" followed by -- yeeeoooowww-- "sorry I stepped on your tail, kitty."
A few days ago, Doug and Shereen were feeling discouraged. We had not yet received a response on the 11th offer submitted. Yup, another REO. The agent put the sale pending in MLS to stop phone calls, but … (16 comments)

sacramento: Short Sale Buyers Win Big -- But The Odds Are Against It - 05/13/08 03:18 AM
Sometimes, I live vicariously through my clients. When they strike the jackpot, for example, I get so excited for them that you'd think I was handed the keys to a new Lamborghini and an around-the-world first class plane ticket.
Anybody who knows me realizes that I believe short sales are no bargain for buyers. Generally speaking, there are at least 11 good reasons to avoid the short-sale market in Sacramento, but every so often, one pops up that can't be ignored.
Even though it was a long shot, when buyers called me three months ago to say they wanted to submit … (7 comments)

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