short sale agents: An Abysmal Chase HELOC Short Sale in Sacramento - 08/01/14 01:56 AM
It's always a pleasure to complain about a Sacramento short sale after it closes because it's payback and release time for the crap that some banks like the Chase HELOC short sales put us through. Just yakking about the complications and how I handled them helps me to move past the crisis and get on with my other life as a Sacramento real estate agent and scratching post for 3 cats.
Of course, it also opens a can o' worms for other short sale agents all across the country to then call and leave lengthy voice mail messages on my cell, … (7 comments)

short sale agents: A Twist on Short Sale Offer Submission - 01/12/13 02:57 AM
I read in Inman News this morning about a company that just won a magazine tech award for setting up a digital platform it is selling to banks. This new service provides a medium for short sale agents to send all offers to the bank for scrutiny prior to seller approval. They are doing it under the pretense of stopping short sale flopping, but seriously, how much of that kind of nonsense is really going on? Besides, if banks wanted to know how many offers a listing agent received and the terms / prices of those offers, all the bank has … (4 comments)

short sale agents: Should You Represent Yourself to Buy An Out of Area Short Sale? - 12/15/12 12:45 AM
Well, you know my answer to whether you should represent yourself to buy an out-of-area short sale. In fact, agents should not represent themselves to buy anything at all out-of-area and I question, in some cases, whether they're doing the best job that they can when they buy for themselves in an area they know. But throw a short sale into the mix, and it really complicates things.
I have an agent from Southern Cal who to save her life can't write her offer correctly to buy a short sale in Sacramento. The offer she gave me wasn't even contingent on … (7 comments)

short sale agents: How To Change Short Sale Agents - 10/30/12 12:41 AM
The public doesn't understand that they can't just call up a Sacramento short sale agent and start asking her questions when they are represented by another short sale agent. Well, they can ask questions all they want but they aren't going to get any answers from this short sale agent. I answer questions for my own clients. I am even reluctant to answer questions on other websites and in other forums because I don't represent those people. Not only that, but it's against the REALTOR® Code of Ethics to interefere in another agent's transaction.
These people are desperate. They start to … (6 comments)

short sale agents: Why Are Cash Investors Winning the Deals in Sacramento? - 07/27/12 12:31 AM
The biggest obstacle facing us short sale agents in Sacramento lately is closing the buyers' loan. Seems to have spread across the board this month. It's like a nasty little virus that gets passed around or maybe there's something foreign in their Vitaminwater, I don't know but they can't seem to close those loans. It's horrendous.
USDA says its loans are backlogged by 30 days, so one of my Lincoln short sales is now delayed. The buyer switched the loan to FHA but, even so, we're still a week behind, and I don't know if the banks will extend. The thing … (9 comments)

short sale agents: Is it Better to Hire a Woman Over a Man to Be Your Real Estate Agent? - 04/14/12 12:09 AM
I listed three more Sacramento short sales yesterday. At my last appointment, I turned to the sellers and said, "You know who I feel sorry for?" And Mr. Seller said, "Me?" Then, his wife said, "No, must be me." Well, the truth is I have empathy for all of my sellers. Doing a short sale is not always easy or pleasant. But in the end, it's a huge burden released from your shoulders. You feel like you can finally get on with your life.
But the person I feel sorry for is the person who has a phone number that is … (8 comments)

short sale agents: Why a Preapproval Letter Ain't Worth Jack Crap and What To Do About It - 02/10/12 01:16 AM
There are a lot of agents in Sacramento who watch what I do and copy me. I'd say these guys are pretty smart. Because what I do works. I prove it over and over. As a Sacramento short sale agent, I like to believe I'm fairly competent and good at my job. So, if I tend to set the standard for what a short sale agent should do to be successful, that's OK. I don't mind agents using my methods. I freely share because we're all in this boat together.
Last year I did almost 100 transactions. I'll probably exceed that … (16 comments)

short sale agents: What Do They Call Doing the Same Thing Over and Over? - 01/21/12 03:16 AM
If you are shocked by the widespread of mental illness found in the study from the Mental Health Services Administration's National Survey on Drug Use and Health, you probably do not work in real estate. The study shows that 1 in 5 people suffered from a mental illness in 2010. Heck, I could have told you that without any such study. Because I am a Sacramento short sale agent.
Who else encounters such a vast number of people in their intimate settings? You might think, oh, maybe a bartender, a hairdresser or a lawyer, but no, it's the real estate agent.

short sale agents: Here is the Most Recent Update for a Bank of America Short Sale - 10/28/11 02:59 AM
I attended another Bank of America short sale webinar yesterday. I was hoping for some breaking news but it was stuff I already knew. With the exception of one little piece of information that I bet most other agents didn't catch. And they didn't really say what they are going to do with that. I'm always searching for that little gem that teaches me something new.
Here are some of the highlights; then I'll get to the down-and-dirty part:
Single Point of Contact. The homeowner will now have an individual person to talk to at Bank of America. I suspect this … (7 comments)

short sale agents: Can You Buy Back or Lease Back Your Home in a Short Sale? - 06/26/11 03:09 AM
I really dislike those who prey on the vulnerable. I don't care if it's senior citizens they're going after or 2-month-old babies, wounded dogs or unsupervised real estate agents, there is no excuse for doing it. Go pick on somebody who can fight back. Moreover, it makes me growl Grrrr when I see it.
Nobody died and appointed me Caped Crusader, but if I spot crooks, I'm gonna say something about it. To keep my mouth shut would make me part of the problem. I would much rather be part of the solution than part of the problem. As a Sacramento … (9 comments)

short sale agents: The Bodies of Dead Short Sale Buyers Litter Sacramento Ditches - 05/25/11 03:06 AM
How long does it take for a short sale to close? That's the million-dollar question so many of my sellers ask. Much depends on the lender and your listing agent. As a Sacramento short sale agent, I have systems in place to ensure fast processing of my short sales. I get a same-day HUD from escrow. Really fast turnaround. All of my short sale documents are collected in advance of the listing so when we receive an offer, bam, the package goes to the bank.
I send the authorization early so I can get into the system, which can take 72 … (10 comments)

short sale agents: Short Sale Approval in 45 Days--Really--Maybe on This Campus Commons Short Sale - 04/15/11 04:14 AM
Although a bipartisan bill has been introduced to the legislature to shorten short sale approval periods to 45 days, I wouldn't get your hopes up that short sales will be processed faster.  Congressmen Tom Rooney and Bob Andrews introduced this bill on April 12th: Prompt Decision for Qualification for Short Sale Act of 2011. I predict banks will write their own rules and slip in loopholes.
In any case, we short sale agents on the sidelines are all clapping. It would be nice if the California short sale addendum default time period came true, but I'm not holding my breath. Instead, … (3 comments)

short sale agents: Did Your Sacramento Short Sale Agent Give You a MARS Disclosure? - 03/30/11 03:18 AM
My phone rang off the hook over the weekend but it wasn't sellers looking for a Sacramento short sale agent to list and sell their home. It was sellers who already had listed with me and who had received an email from DocuSign. My transaction coordinator sent out the MARS disclosures on Saturday. I knew these forms would be difficult to explain the minute I laid eyes on them.
The MARS forms are meant to protect the public from ripoff schemes and scam artists, especially those who charge fees in advance for negotiating a loan modification or a short sale -- … (5 comments)

short sale agents: Should Sacramento REO Agents Convert to Short Sales? - 03/25/11 04:39 AM
Lyon Real Estate sponsored a luncheon yesterday for its top producers from our office in Midtown. This is an annual event that I've missed the last 4 or 5 years because of schedule conflicts, but yesterday, come hell or high water, I planned to attend. Turns out it was high water. The rain and flooding did not let up. Awful weather.
The wind turned my umbrella inside out, twice. That's how bad it was, and I only had to walk a block from my dentist's office on 22nd through the alley to 21st. We had lunch at Kupros Bistro, which is … (18 comments)

short sale agents: Short Sales Are Not the Ugly Poster Child of Real Estate - 11/24/10 03:38 AM
I'm tired of short sales being regarded as the ugly poster child of real estate by ignorant people. As a Sacramento short sale agent, I know how exactly Rodney Dangerfield feels. It's one of the reasons I bought that Bash 'Em in the Head t-shirt the day Myrl Jeffcoat and I went to Old Sacramento for Gold Rush Days. Because it expresses my sentiment in words and in a manner I would never display.
We all have to get our amusement somewhere to regain our sanity. My sense of humor is perhaps a bit more twisted than most.
I've got turkey … (55 comments)

short sale agents: What Can a Buyer Do to Speed Up that Short Sale? - 06/21/10 02:47 AM
Sometimes, people think I have all the answers. Well, I don't. I don't have a crystal ball on my desk, either. I can't predict the future. Couldn't tell ya if it was gonna rain tomorrow. OK, in Sacramento, in June, highly unlikely. And although I've never put my shoes on backwards, I have been known to show up at the office wearing two different shoes: one black, one navy blue. But who hasn't? You perhaps? You've never accidentally slipped your feet into shoes that don't match? Well, then, I've just given you something that you can feel good about today.
When … (12 comments)

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