wells fargo short sale: The Insanely Superior Short Sale With Jennifer Kelly at Wells Fargo - 05/02/13 06:56 AM
When you've been in real estate for as long as I have, it's easy to forget what working for a corporation can be like. Some of us were not meant to work for corporate America in a direct capacity. By some of us, I'm probably referring to myself. I just can't do it. I've had times in my life when I have tried to put my round peg into a square hole, but it didn't work out very well.
You know what happens nowadays when a customer writes a letter of appreciation about the exceptional performance of an employee at a … (6 comments)

wells fargo short sale: Approval for a HAFA Short Sale From Wells Fargo in 14 Days - 03/05/13 11:16 PM
Although I have been doing short sales in Sacramento and Elk Grove for almost 8 years now, it is still exciting to get short sale approval. Especially for a HAFA short sale, because all that red tape tends to slow down the processing. It's like any time you get the government involved in something, it causes delays. I don't know if it's Wachovia's streamlined procedures that has affected the way Wells Fargo does it short sales, but Wells Fargo has come a long way in the short sale world.
I used to tell sellers it would be about 3 months from … (5 comments)

wells fargo short sale: A Wells Fargo Short Sale Fund Wire and its Return to Title - 08/18/12 12:33 AM
It's like Wells Fargo burped and threw up fund wires. A bunch of Wells Fargo short sale fund wires yesterday were returned to a local Sacramento title company. It's sort of been trickling in throughout the week. I couldn't figure out what was going on. After all, it's not like we haven't been closing Wells Fargo short sales left and right for a long time. Why would there be a glitch in the system of all a sudden?
A while ago, Wells Fargo changed how it was issuing its short sale approval letters. It used to just issue the approval letter, … (8 comments)

wells fargo short sale: You Don't Always Have to Be Delinquent to Do a Wells Fargo Short Sale - 06/29/12 12:18 AM

One of the things they don't tell you about success is there are people who will become obsessed with you. And not in a good way. It's like who in the world could hate somebody as sweet as Ellen DeGeneres, who wouldn't hurt a fly, but there are crazies who do. It might not surprise you to know some of the hatred is due to her sexual orientation, which is simply inexcusable. Some people hate her because she is wealthy. Others don't like her politics. Some, undoubtedly, hate blondes.
Some people are flatout mean who don't even know you. They … (28 comments)

wells fargo short sale: Short Sale Approval Letters Require Accuracy to the Penny - 06/19/12 11:37 PM
I am seeing more and more short sale approval letters that require revisions upon receipt. Like yesterday morning I received an approval letter from a Wells Fargo first lender position that was off by $500 on the sales price. And it was the $500 increase that Wells Fargo had demanded in its Equator counter offer. What kind of lender asks for an additional 500 bucks? Wells Fargo. All parties signed an addendum agreeing to the increase; we had sent Wells Fargo both the addendum and a HUD, yet the approval letter was still off by $500.
My assistant asked why this … (7 comments)

wells fargo short sale: A Nail-Biter Tale of a Wells Fargo and Citimortgage Short Sale in Sacramento - 02/28/12 11:09 PM
A short sale seller called me yesterday after his short sale in Rancho Cordova closed. He reminded me that he was unable to close this short sale with his previous agent. He thanked me profusely for closing this short sale for him. I had forgotten that this was listed before with another agent. That's how long I've hung in there for this seller. But it's all coming back to me now.
OK, I don't remember why his previous Sacramento short sale agent couldn't sell this home. Maybe he sold it but couldn't close it? Maybe he had little short sale experience? … (4 comments)

wells fargo short sale: Will a Buyer's Agent Tell a Buyer Not to Buy Her Dream Home Because the Agent is Not Paid Enough? - 02/27/12 11:23 PM
The thing about being a Sacramento short sale agent is the surprises just keep coming. No matter that I've been in the business for more than 35 years, I still haven't heard it all. Even though I've been selling short sales pretty much exclusively going on 7 years. See, one of the reasons I write this blog is because there is an abundance of new stuff every single day to blog about. There's always something horrible happening. It's the way of the short sale, grasshopper.
For starters, all of my listings contain verbiage in MLS that discloses to buyer's agents the … (7 comments)

wells fargo short sale: You Can't Take A Darn Thing for Granted in This World - 02/08/12 02:13 AM
It's not what you don't know that will kill you. It's what you know for certain that you know that will do you in. And when you're a Sacramento short sale agent like me, you get the opportunity to be constantly amazed at crap. It sort of comes with the territory. Believe me, I do not profess to know it all. I don't think anybody can know it all. Not even those who own a Magic 8 Ball. Which has its own website now through Purdue University.
For example, after a long battle with Wells Fargo, we are finally ready to … (4 comments)

wells fargo short sale: Just Because Wells Fargo Has a Small Title Company Doesn't Mean It Should Use It - 02/02/12 02:07 AM
This is not the first time it has happened. Unfortunately, it won't be the last. And it wouldn't be nearly so much fun if every time I called the Wells Fargo office in Des Moines I wasn't disconnected after holding. If you don't know your party's extension, press 2. And you're zapped into voice mail hell or hung up on -- one or the other.
But I stop to consider the fact those employees at Wells Fargo in Des Moines had to get out of bed in Des Moines. I try to have empathy for them. It's 28 degrees in Des … (4 comments)

wells fargo short sale: Do You Want to Cut Off Your Nose to Spite Your Face? - 08/15/11 03:17 AM
Unreasonable demands. It would appear that today is filled with unreasonable demands. Part of that is because I am a Sacramento short sale agent. Yeah, I know, nobody forced me at gunpoint into this profession. I chose it willingly, walked in with my eyes wide open -- I wasn't blindsided. Still, doesn't mean I can't yip about it.
The root of the problem is often two-fold. Either a person isn't thinking straight -- and let's face it, nobody says a bank negotiator has to think to stay employed; they don't pay them to think -- or a person is uninformed. In … (7 comments)

wells fargo short sale: Short Sale Extensions, Postponing an Auction, and Goldilocks and the Three Bears - 06/30/11 03:18 AM
I've got news for all you fans of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We've been lied to all these years. We, as busy people, tend to take whatever has been shoveled our direction as the truth -- like FOX News -- without ever thinking about it.
With Goldilocks, what you have here are 3 hungry bears who went for a walk in the woods. They come home to find out a stranger has a) broken into their house, b) eaten all of their food, c) broken their furniture and d) a little defenseless girl with a bloated stomach is sleeping right … (7 comments)

wells fargo short sale: A Wells Fargo Short Sale Closing in Natomas and Celebration at Lounge on 20 - 06/18/11 03:37 AM
I recall a dinner I attended and planned for sales reps from Linotype-Hell in Minneapolis some 20 years ago. Reps came from all over the Midwest. One of them was Bud -- from Iowa. Bud was a big guy who wore plaid shirts, a meat-and-potatoes-and-corn kinda man. The first course was an appetizer. Scallops. Two large scallops. Served on a big plate. Bud looked down at his plate and then glared at me: "Where's my dinner?" he asked.
Last night my husband and I had dinner at one of our favorite outdoor dining spots in Midtown Sacramento, Lounge on 20. I … (5 comments)

wells fargo short sale: Should Sacramento REO Agents Convert to Short Sales? - 03/25/11 04:39 AM
Lyon Real Estate sponsored a luncheon yesterday for its top producers from our office in Midtown. This is an annual event that I've missed the last 4 or 5 years because of schedule conflicts, but yesterday, come hell or high water, I planned to attend. Turns out it was high water. The rain and flooding did not let up. Awful weather.
The wind turned my umbrella inside out, twice. That's how bad it was, and I only had to walk a block from my dentist's office on 22nd through the alley to 21st. We had lunch at Kupros Bistro, which is … (18 comments)

wells fargo short sale: Which California Agents Are Tickled Pink With Their Short Sale Banks? - 03/08/11 03:30 AM
Both Inman News and the Sacramento Bee covered a story this morning about the C.A.R. short sale survey in which 2150 real estate agents shared their views about short sales. What I want to know is who are the 1 out of 5 agents who said they were satisfied or extremely satisfied with the timeliness of lender response time?
Because these are the agents on drugs. Or the ones with double-digit IQs. Or the ones who should be locked up and taken off the street because they are a menace to society, and oh, wait, since Reagan days we don't do … (9 comments)

wells fargo short sale: If You Can't Stand the Heat, Get Out of that Short Sale Kitchen - 02/23/11 03:46 AM
If you are trying to buy a short sale in Sacramento -- or anywhere in the country, for that matter -- unless it's a Wachovia short sale, you have no idea how much your mortgage rate will be. Sorry. You could try a loan lock for 90 days, but you'll pay for that privilege, so it's hardly worth it. This is one of the drawbacks to buying a short sale.
You've got to wait for bank approval. You can't lock a loan rate. At the moment, one of my short sales is through Wells Fargo. Readers of my blog know that … (7 comments)

wells fargo short sale: A Bank of America Short Sale vs. Wells Fargo, Plus, a Short Sale Home in Roseville - 02/05/11 02:22 AM
Why is it that Bank of America can be so easy to work with on a short sale and Wells Fargo is so dreadful? They both use Equator. Wells Fargo promised us last January that it had approved a short sale and was sending the approval letter any day now, at least by the third week of January. The buyer was excited. Yet, that third week came and went and no approval letter. OK, drop-dead date of February 4th, promised Wells Fargo. No letter. So, yesterday, the buyer canceled.
I don't have that problem with Bank of America. When Bank of … (8 comments)

wells fargo short sale: The Main Problem With a Wells Fargo FHA Approved Short Sale in Sacramento - 12/19/10 03:22 AM
You know what's worse than a Wells Fargo short sale? A Wells Fargo short sale with two loans held by Wells Fargo. And do you know what's worse than a Wells Fargo short sale with two loans? A Wells Fargo FHA short sale.
A Wells Fargo FHA short sale is generally an approved short sale. It's sort of like a Wachovia short sale but not as streamlined. I'd say it's probably closer to a HAFA short sale because it can take forever to process and close. The main difference between a Wells Fargo FHA short sale and some HAFA short sales … (8 comments)

wells fargo short sale: Every Toss of That Quarter is an Independent Event - 11/11/10 02:42 AM
Every so often I have to get up from sitting in front of my monitor and venture out into the real world to meet up with people. I pretty much have to, you know, in order to stay sane. When asked to lunch by another Active Rain member whom I greatly respect, I immediately said yes. I guess you would call Cathy McAlister and I competitors since we work in the same field in the same market. Some agents refuse to befriend other agents in the same market. I don't really know or understand the reasons for jealousy or insecurity or … (10 comments)

wells fargo short sale: Communication and Keeping Your Wits About You Are Key in Sacramento Short Sales - 11/04/10 04:42 AM
I pride myself on my ability to communicate effectively but sometimes, like any busy short sale agent, I might slip a notch. I'm not infallible. Like a few days ago when a client asked me a question, and I answered by beginning my sentence with the word "no," followed by a fact. In retrospect, if I had not been sending the message via email on my BlackBerry, I would have gone into greater detail. The client blew a gasket because my message a) was negative and b) made it appear as though I was calling the client a liar.
You never … (11 comments)

wells fargo short sale: Sometimes Squirrels Are in Charge of Sacramento Sales - 11/02/10 03:10 AM
Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. Have you ever noticed how complete decades can sometimes be defined by a single, silly, television commercial jingle? And how sometimes for absolutely no reason at all that jingle will pop into your head and you can't get it out? Well, since the invention of VCRs and TIVO, much of that has gone away. Does that make us lucky? Lucky in the sense, I suppose, that my cat threw up in his cat box this morning at the same time he was, um, using it. Gross, but fortunate for me.
I can't … (21 comments)

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