yellowstone national park: We May All Be Connected But There is Nothing Fair Nor Equal About Life - 06/20/11 02:30 AM
I went to Tower Theatre in Land Park yesterday to see The Tree of Life so you don't have to. This is not a bad movie and, in fact, I liked it, but I would not give it a 4-star rating. Primarily because it's not really a movie as movies go. I'm not sure what you would call it. In the beginning, it made me think about how cool it would probably be to watch this movie stoned on acid, you know, LSD. I haven't had a thought like that roll through my head since I was 17.
But that's what … (7 comments)

yellowstone national park: Goodbye to Yellowstone National Park - 10/04/10 03:15 AM

Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam, where the deer and the antelope play. Where seldom is heard a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day . . . this song was written in 1873, yet it's still true today, some 137 years later. And I couldn't get it out of my head as we were driving toward the Jackson Hole airport, ending our vacation yesterday at Yellowstone National Park.
I said goodbye to Old Faithful Inn and my heart felt really heavy. All my surroundings were so familiar to me, it felt like home. … (14 comments)

yellowstone national park: Here are Photos of Yellowstone Canyon, Mule Deer and Elk - 10/03/10 06:04 AM

If Julia Roberts filmed a movie in Yellowstone National Park, they would call it Eat, Sleep and Poop. Because that's how you feel when you're this close to nature; it's very basic. Of course, you can't touch anything or you'd burn off your hands. Many of the attractions have a warning sign of a kid jumping up startled because he fell into a scorching and boiling ground pit while his sister looks on horrified, hand clasped over her mouth.
We got up at 5:30, threw on some semblance of layering and teetered out into the darkness. Scraped frost from … (9 comments)

yellowstone national park: Check Out These Photos of Fairy Falls and Lake Yellowstone - 10/02/10 02:20 PM

I am pleased to bring you Saturday's edition of Not Eaten By a Bear Yet. Yup, still in Yellowstone National Park. The thing about walking around a bunch of people who are gazing at geysers is if somebody lets one rip, you couldn't tell the difference between a toot or the sulphur. The smell of sulphur is really strong. Coupled with carbon dioxide, the sulphur and a high altitude, it's not unusual for your nose to bleed. Small price to pay for paradise.
I generally get up around 5 AM, throw on my down jacket and walk the 15 … (42 comments)

yellowstone national park: Here Are Wildlife and Mammoth Hot Springs in Yellowstone National Park - 10/01/10 03:08 AM
They say the best way to find wildlife in Yellowstone National Park is to stop looking for wildlife and start looking for people who are watching wildlife. And it works. You just drive along the road until you spot a bunch of cars pulled off to the side. If the people are holding cameras and not zippers, all the better. That's how we spotted our first bison. But it's funny how your attitude changes when you're the person who finds that perfect picture-shooting opportunity and somebody else pulls off the road beside you. The first thought in my head wasn't about … (8 comments)

yellowstone national park: Check Out Old Faithful and Upper Geyser Basin in Yellowstone - 09/30/10 03:39 PM
I'm crying the elliptical blues this morning. Ouch, ouch, ouch, oh, what's my penance: elliptical, why did I forsake you? We climbed to the overlook yesterday for Old Faithful. They say it's a half mile, but that's just to fool you into thinking it's a piece of cake. Let me tell you, it's more than a half mile and it was no piece of cake. Why didn't I wear hiking socks? I'm so lucky my husband brought mole skin. Little anklet socks don't cut it when you're hiking in Yellowstone.
We did see a bison, though, and I didn't have to … (5 comments)

yellowstone national park: Surprise: Here Are Photos of Jenny Lake and the Grand Teton National Park - 09/29/10 03:43 AM
We were informed that Yellowstone National Park had no Internet but that turned out to be a fallacy. While there is no Internet available at Old Faithful Inn, there is indeed WiFi service a few buildings over at Old Faithful Snow Lodge. The only problem is I might get mauled by a bear on my way there at 6:00 in the morning. Early morning and dusk are prime times that wildlife like to move around, my husband says.
As predicted, with all the stops and a lunch break, it did indeed take us 4 hours to drive from Jackson Hole, Wyoming … (11 comments)

yellowstone national park: Here Are Photos From Snow King Lodge in Jackson Hole, Wyoming - 09/28/10 03:47 AM
I had considered booking a reservation at a different hotel in town, a place that costs $1,000 a night. I figured we'd be here only one night so it might be nice to stay at a really swanky place. But when I figured out we would get to the hotel around 9 PM and be out first thing in the morning to drive to Yellowstone, it seemed sort of foolish and unnecessary to spend that kind of money for such a short period of time. I'm sure some reading this blog will think it's stupid to spend that kind of money … (7 comments)

yellowstone national park: A Trip to Yellowstone and a Land Park Tudor Offered at $499,000 - 06/19/10 03:34 AM
How did I get to be almost 60 years old without ever going to Yellowstone National Park? Besides Old Faithful, Yellowstone has almost 300 waterfalls and it's the world's first national park. It's bigger than Rhode Island and Delaware put together. It has 10,000-some thermal features, petrified forests, exotic plants, calderas, weird wildlife and, at more than 2 million acres, a person can't see it all in a week.
So, come this fall, my husband and I are taking a vacation to Yellowstone. We planned this trip last year just before The National Parks by Ken Burns was released on DVD, … (10 comments)

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