ellensburg: How to submit flood damage to Kittitas County - 01/19/11 08:06 AM
The following information was taken from the Ellensburg Daily Record news paper on 1/19/11 
How to submit flood damage information to the county:
• Go to the county's website at www.co.kittitas.wa.us.

• Call in the information. For Ellensburg, call the city at 962-7239. For the county, call 962-7525.
• Schedule an on-site inspection. Call the city at 962-7239 or the county at 962-7506.
• Stop by the Kittitas County Sheriff's Office during business hours and complete a form. Forms can be dropped off at the sheriff's office or Community Development Services on 411 N. Ruby St.
Damage should be estimated and reported so … (0 comments)

ellensburg: Parks in the City of Ellensburg - 08/10/09 07:50 AM
The City of Ellensburg maintains several quality parks in Ellensburg Washington.  Many of the parks in Ellensburg are home to sporting events such as soccer and softball, but they are equally enjoyed by folks who want to spend some time with friends and family in a beautiful outdoor environment.
The flagship of all parks in the City of Ellensburg is Irene Rinehart Riverfront Park.  Known by locals as Carey Lake, the 117 acre facility is very popular in summer time as a good place to cool off in one of the lakes, and for its family friendly atmosphere.  Follow Unptanum Rd. west from Canyon … (0 comments)

ellensburg: Craig's Hill in Ellensburg Washington - 08/06/09 01:23 PM
Craig's Hill in Ellensburg Washington is a wonderful neighborhood to drive through on a summer drive, or in which to spend a lifetime living in one of the classic homes which grace Craig's Hill.  I want to take you on a picture tour of some of the outstanding homes and interesting features on Craig's Hill.  I hope you enjoy the photos.

Craig's Hill is considered to be the area bordered by 1st Avenue to the south, Chestnut Street to the west the Ellensburg Rodeo Grounds to the north and some open space land which makes up the border to the east.

ellensburg: Umptanum Falls in Ellensburg Washington - 08/02/09 08:35 AM
Going to Umptanum Falls in Ellensburg Washington is a nice way to spend part of an afternoon.  Umptanum Falls spill over with the waters of Umptanum Creek in an larger area called the Wenas.  They are a great example of the beauty that can be found around Ellensburg. 

Pictured above are my wife and myself at Umptanum Falls.  It is a pleasant surprise when you get to the falls, I say surprise because the falls are located in a remote desert area near Ellensburg Washington.  It is about a 20-25 minute drive to the Department of Wildlife designated parking area … (1 comments)

ellensburg: Sanders Mill in Ellensburg Washington - 07/31/09 03:33 PM
Sanders Mill in Ellensburg Washington is simply the nicest, best thought out and best designed subdivision in Ellensburg Washington.  The developer has maintained stringent standards for the homes and amenities. Pictured below is a working water driven mill wheel that was custom manufactured for installation on the business office in Sanders Mill. 

Pictured above is a view showing the charming landscape in front of two of the homes in Sanders Mill.  The project has been under development for several years.  The homes from the earlier phases of the project naturally have more mature landscape. 

The developer uses many different … (2 comments)

ellensburg: Grasslands in Ellensburg Washington - 07/29/09 01:07 PM
Grasslands in Ellensburg, Washington, is a premier Ellensburg neighborhood. Grasslands was originally designed as an equestrian community. When Grasslands was first offered to homeowners in the 1970's it offered property owners large lots, commonly 2 acres along with horse riding trails along the road borders. Prices for a generous home with nice amenities were in the 40's and 50's.

Pictured above: The landscape is mature in the original development, although this home is brand new. It was just built as a replacement for an older home which was on this same site. The owners did a wonderful job, it is simply beautiful.

ellensburg: Hiking the Ridge Trail in Ellensburg Washington - 07/29/09 05:32 AM
Hiking the Ridge Trail in Ellensburg Washington is a favorite activity for outdoor enthusiasts, hikers and those just looking for some exhilarating exercise. Close to Ellensburg, the Ridge Trail is just a short 6 miles from downtown Ellensburg.

Many local folks hike the Ridge Trail for condition training. It is a pretty good hike to the top, so first time hikers may wish to stop part way. Go at your own pace. Generally there will be others sharing the Ridge Trail with you. Everyone is very friendly and out to have a good time. Bring some water and a snack if … (2 comments)

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