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If you have received your 2009-2010 tax assessment for the Clark County area you will see that your home value has been lowered.  You may be excited to see your taxes come down this next year but don't be lulled to sleep, you may still be getting overtaxed. Our team sells a lot of property and as...
Everyone knows about the 2006 market crash that has resulted in devistated home values in our local Clark County area.  In all of my dealings with sellers I am finding that the big question is "what is going to happen next?".  Of course I am not a big time TV prognosticator but I do have a vast a...
written by Team Leader Andy Elliott You wouldn't believe what I ran into last night on a listing appointment... or would you? One of the things I do is call the sellers of homes that were on the market but expired without selling.  I talk with the sellers try to figure out why they didn't sell an...
Written by Team Leader Andy Elliott Today I'm going to be taking a look at the Brush Prairie and Hockinson Area in Clark County.  I'll be diving into different areas over the next 30 days and looking at how they are doing on an individual basis.  The reason I'm doing this is because just like the...
by Team Leader - Andy Elliott Is it just the first time buyers that get to take advantage of the tax credit?  Are they the only ones that the government was targeting when it was trying to stimulate the housing economy? In a word NO!  The idea that the tax credit is only for first time buyers is ...
I am writing this because of an email I just received from one of my great friends.  After reading his email I feel like I need to get this out right now and I hope that you will take a few seconds of your busy schedule to read it and see if you can help one of your friends. My friend recently fo...
For years finding affordable health insurance has been a major obstacle for real estate agents.  That is why am so excited to write in this Blog that Keller Williams just announced that they have negotiated a national health care plan for KW agents. What is so incredible is that it really is affo...
The stimulus bill made a few incredible changes to the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit, including the fact that it no longer has to be paid back on purchases from 01/01/2009-12/01/2009.   The picture below shows an easy to understand breakdown of the new changes.  If people never thought they co...
If you've been looking for a new home or investment property, you've probably already experienced the sour taste of getting to the best house... just after someone else did.  With everything you've been hearing on the news and in your social circles this must have left you a little confused about...
By Team Leader Andy Elliott Now that the market has been flooded, housing prices have dropped, and banks have tightened their financing why should anyone want to buy a home?  That's a great question and one that has some surprising answers that we can get to by first asking a surprising question....

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