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If you are moving up in price to your next home then waiting to make that move may cost you thousands of dollars! Here's How:Perhaps you want to sell your home and move up to a larger home and you are considering waiting until the market "improves" so that you can get more money for you home. Eve...
You've probably heard the old saying " if you can't beat them join them."  Well if you are planning on selling your home than this timeless saying will be of special interest to you again.  The days of competing against other home owners to sell your home are rapidly becoming the glory days of ye...
So you've heard all of the news reports about bank owned homes, foreclosures, and maybe you've even heard of short sales.  Great!  Now the question is do you know what they mean and do you know how they affect you as the home buyer or seller? Let's start with a timeline.  When a seller that does ...
Well it is time to saddle up on the repo horse and learn to ride.  It is becoming increasingly clear that it will be difficult to call yourself a real estate professional without intimate knowledge of the foreclosure, bank repo, and short sale markets.I recently took a client out to look at home ...
So real estate can be a very low recognition type of business.     There can be a lot of rough moments in the process of buying a home including; negotiating the price, negotiating the inspection repairs, navigating the appraisal, and negotiating a closing extension.  The idea is that you keep th...

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