bank: Waiting to sell? Here's 3 things you MUST know about the future of the Clark County Real Estate Market. - 12/08/09 10:45 AM
Everyone knows about the 2006 market crash that has resulted in devistated home values in our local Clark County area.  In all of my dealings with sellers I am finding that the big question is "what is going to happen next?".  Of course I am not a big time TV prognosticator but I do have a vast amount of real estate experience and I good head of common sense on my shoulders.  So if you are up for a quick common sense guide to the next 5 years in Clark County real estate keep reading...
My first common sense observation is that … (0 comments)

bank: How do you find the best deals in the county, before they're sold? - 01/19/09 10:16 AM
If you've been looking for a new home or investment property, you've probably already experienced the sour taste of getting to the best house... just after someone else did.  With everything you've been hearing on the news and in your social circles this must have left you a little confused about the market.
If the market is really so terrible, than why do the best deals seem to always be sold by the time you find them?  Shouldn't you be able to roam through the market and pick the best deals up whenever you get to them?  If everyone is using … (1 comments)

bank: Remember when buyers were camping out to buy homes... Wake up before you miss this! - 11/13/08 08:09 AM
By Team Leader Andy Elliott
Now that the market has been flooded, housing prices have dropped, and banks have tightened their financing why should anyone want to buy a home?  That's a great question and one that has some surprising answers that we can get to by first asking a surprising question.
 Why was everyone lined up to buy homes in a seller's market?  Just before the market began to correct itself in 2006 we had about a 3 year window in which housing prices were skyrocketing at an alarming pace.  With low interest rates helping to create additional buyers there … (0 comments)

bank: Share & Trade Tips Here: The Myth of Multi-Tasking & The Need for Focus - 10/28/08 02:55 AM
This blog is Posted by Team Leader Andy Elliott
Multi-tasking is not focus.  I saw this statement on the big board in Gary Keller's office when we went to Texas a couple years ago.  Gary is the co-founder of Keller Williams so when someone who has achieved such high success puts something on their board it's worth some attention.  In fact I've found that this one concept will completely change your business if you apply it. 
If you want to start an ant on fire with a magnifying glass could you do it if you chased all the ants or would … (3 comments)

bank: Turn the market on it's head... sell for LESS & make thousands more than in a hot market. - 03/30/08 05:18 PM
If you are moving up in price to your next home then waiting to make that move may cost you thousands of dollars!
Here's How:
Perhaps you want to sell your home and move up to a larger home and you are considering waiting until the market "improves" so that you can get more money for you home. Everyone wants to get the most for their home but the reality is that the home you will be buying will be priced higher too. So by waiting for a better selling season you may lose overall by paying more for your new home.
Example … (5 comments)

bank: Buyer's Guide to Short Sales, Foreclosures, and Bank Owned Homes - 03/24/08 09:37 AM
So you've heard all of the news reports about bank owned homes, foreclosures, and maybe you've even heard of short sales.  Great!  Now the question is do you know what they mean and do you know how they affect you as the home buyer or seller?
 Let's start with a timeline.  When a seller that does not have any equity in their home comes into a position where they "have to" sell they are in a situation they will progress through the following stages in order: attempt to short sale, court house auction if short sale fails, and finally their home will … (0 comments)

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