home: What??? Are these 2010 Clark County Tax Assessments for Real? - 12/11/09 03:31 AM
If you have received your 2009-2010 tax assessment for the Clark County area you will see that your home value has been lowered.  You may be excited to see your taxes come down this next year but don't be lulled to sleep, you may still be getting overtaxed.
Our team sells a lot of property and as a result I do a lot of home price evaluations.  The new taxes may have just come out but I can already tell you that there is a consistent occurrence of the tax assessments still being significantly high.
So what can you do?  The … (1 comments)

home: What if my realtor isn't doing a good job? - 09/02/09 05:00 AM
written by Team Leader Andy Elliott
You wouldn't believe what I ran into last night on a listing appointment... or would you?
One of the things I do is call the sellers of homes that were on the market but expired without selling.  I talk with the sellers try to figure out why they didn't sell and then I help them successfully sell their home.  So I went on an appointment last night and the seller asked me why their home came off the market (they didn't even realize that their listing agreement was over because their agent didn't communicate with … (1 comments)

home: What do you want from your Realtor? Comment and Share Here - 11/03/08 12:31 AM
Posted by Team Leader Andy Elliott
You know what you want but has anybody ever asked you to share it with them?  Here's your chance to be heard...
What is the most important thing that you want from your Realtor? Why do you use a Realtor as opposed to just going it alone? What do you believe is a fair commission to pay to get your home sold in today's market? What is the number one area you believe that Realtors on average need to improve? How would you prefer to be helped by a Realtor who is helping you buy … (0 comments)

home: Share & Trade Tips Here: The Myth of Multi-Tasking & The Need for Focus - 10/28/08 02:55 AM
This blog is Posted by Team Leader Andy Elliott
Multi-tasking is not focus.  I saw this statement on the big board in Gary Keller's office when we went to Texas a couple years ago.  Gary is the co-founder of Keller Williams so when someone who has achieved such high success puts something on their board it's worth some attention.  In fact I've found that this one concept will completely change your business if you apply it. 
If you want to start an ant on fire with a magnifying glass could you do it if you chased all the ants or would … (3 comments)

home: How does the Bailout and Bad Market Impact For Sale By Owners - 10/19/08 10:14 PM
Did you know that over 80% of buyers use a real estate agent to buy there home? That’s a pretty high number and it should be a real red flag to anyone who is thinking about trying for sale by owner. How can they possibly sell their home for the most amount of money when they are missing a huge portion of potential buyers? The basic law of supply and demand says that the more buyers that are looking for what they have the more they can sell it for. With all of today’s market challenges the presidential candidates even debated … (0 comments)

home: Turn the market on it's head... sell for LESS & make thousands more than in a hot market. - 03/30/08 05:18 PM
If you are moving up in price to your next home then waiting to make that move may cost you thousands of dollars!
Here's How:
Perhaps you want to sell your home and move up to a larger home and you are considering waiting until the market "improves" so that you can get more money for you home. Everyone wants to get the most for their home but the reality is that the home you will be buying will be priced higher too. So by waiting for a better selling season you may lose overall by paying more for your new home.
Example … (5 comments)

home: Beat them or join them: The coming price wars between the banks and the people - 03/30/08 07:06 AM
You've probably heard the old saying " if you can't beat them join them."  Well if you are planning on selling your home than this timeless saying will be of special interest to you again.  The days of competing against other home owners to sell your home are rapidly becoming the glory days of yesteryear.  A new day is dawning in which your primary competition will be with the banks or with sellers who have lost the ultimate control in sellng their homes to the bank.
In the past competing mainly with other home owners meant that there was delicate balance of importance between price, … (1 comments)

home: He's been there too.. - 03/03/08 04:37 PM
So real estate can be a very low recognition type of business.     There can be a lot of rough moments in the process of buying a home including; negotiating the price, negotiating the inspection repairs, navigating the appraisal, and negotiating a closing extension.  The idea is that you keep the boat running smoothly so the clients don't get sick from the ride.
A lot of the tough negotiating and hard work is done behind the scenes and if you are doing it right your clients may never even know it is going on.
So today I had a pretty funny experience.  I have … (3 comments)

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