davidson county: Understanding Real Estate Absorption Rates Before Selling Your Nashville Home - 02/04/14 05:12 AM
There is far more to selling a Nashville home than cleaning the carpets, slapping on a fresh coat of paint, upgrading fixtures and having a Realtor post a “For Sale” sign in your front lawn. First things first, you need to understand your current market conditions and absorption rate in order for you to price your home competitively.
So what is a real estate absorption rate?
Simply stated it is the number of weeks it takes to sell the current inventory at the present rate of sales – an extremely important element all sellers must factor … (1 comments)

davidson county: 4 Safety Tips For Parents With Children Going Trick-Or-Treating - 10/30/12 06:57 AM
4 Safety Tips For Parents With Children
Going Trick-Or-Treating
Boo! It’s that time of year again; crazy looking jack-o-lanterns; glitter & fake blood; witches and broomsticks and bags and bags of those sugar infested cavity causers! Halloween just wouldn’t be the same without trick-or-treating, and although it’s the highlight for kids it can be a rather worrisome event for parents when safety is concerned. So in light of the ghouls and goblins of trick-or-treating here are 4 safety tips for parents that will help keep their children safe while out on the candy prowl.

1.      Make Sure Your Child … (0 comments)

davidson county: Nashville's Green Hills Area Condos: August 2009 Market Report! - 09/07/09 04:37 AM
 This month in Nashville:  the Green Hills Condo Sales were healthy again! 
A very desirable area of Davidson County to reside in, Green Hills offers a variety of shopping, night life and eateries with the convenience of being just 10-15 minutes south of downtown and even less than that to Hillsboro Village, Vandy, Belmont and Music Row!
This month's 37215 real estate condo sales shows the popularity of Green Hills very well!  Have a look!

There is plenty more to choose from, so if you are in the market for a new condo or you are wanting to take advantage … (1 comments)

davidson county: Nashville Area Oak Hill Home Sales: August 2009 Market Report! - 09/07/09 04:14 AM
 Happy Labor Day! 
Well, if you were hoping for another great month of sales in Nashville's satellite city Oak Hill, then you are in for somewhat of a disappointment. 
Only two real estate closings this month in this area of Davidson County.  The good news is that they did not take too long to sell - an average of 57 days! 
The house on Caldwell needed a lot of updating, not so much with the house on Forest Acres. 

Sales typically slow down in August - it's the end of the summer, children are headed back to school, etc.
I'm … (2 comments)

davidson county: PBR Stands For Something Other Than Pabst Blue Ribbon: Professional Bull Riding! - 09/04/09 01:55 PM
Okay, I was born in Nashville, TN.  I was raised right in the heart of Davidson County (Nashville).  I have heard a lot and seen a lot related to Western and Country Music and the whole lifestyle of it. 
Now let me say this before I start my story... My parents were both loving and supportive and generous, providing me lessons in a variety of athletics, art and music.
Let's just say that my parents didn't exactly raise me to appreciate the finer points of being a "cowgirl" in the "big city" and, while they did love that I excelled at my … (1 comments)

davidson county: A Series for the First Time Homebuyer, Nashville Style! STEP NINE: THE CLOSING! - 09/01/09 10:11 AM
A Series for the First Time Homebuyer, Nashville Style!  STEP NINE:  THE CLOSING!
So you have decided that you want to take advantage of the First Time Home Buyer's $8000 Tax Credit?!!  This may be a great idea for you because in Middle Tennessee, you have got LOTS of homes to choose from!  Your dream of homeownership may soon become reality!
If you have never bought a home before (believe it or not, a "first time home buyer" just means that you have not owned a home in the past three years), the idea of it might be a little … (1 comments)

davidson county: A Series for the First Time Homebuyer, Nashville Style! STEP EIGHT: Odds and Ends - 08/31/09 05:03 PM
A Series for the First Time Homebuyer, Nashville Style!  STEP EIGHT:  Odds and Ends
So you have decided that you want to take advantage of the First Time Home Buyer's $8000 Tax Credit?!!  This may be a great idea for you because in Middle Tennessee, you have got LOTS of homes to choose from!  Your dream of homeownership may soon become reality!
If you have never bought a home before (believe it or not, a "first time home buyer" just means that you have not owned a home in the past three years), the idea of it might be a … (1 comments)

davidson county: Nashville Just Declared to Be in the Top 10 Cheapest Cities to Own a Home! - 09/29/08 03:25 PM
That's right.  Nashville, TN has been hailed as one of the top 10 cheapest cities to own a home in!
I saw this report on the Realtor.org website - apparently this report was researched by Forbes and they got their information from the 2008 Census Survey.
My boyfriend has been telling me for a long time now how cheap it is to live in Nashville.  He has lived all over - New York City, San Diego, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and now Nashville.  The reason he has STAYED in Nashville is because it is a great little city that is VERY … (1 comments)

davidson county: August 2008: Nashville's Green Hills Condo Closings - 09/27/08 04:24 PM
Davidson County, Nashville, TN - 37215 - Condo Market Report August 2008
Green Hills Condos sold in the month of August 2008:
2116 Hobbs Road APT M16     List Price:  $139,900     Sales Price:  $135,000     DOM:  39 356 Summit Ridge Circle                        $145,500                       $141,000               67 5025 Hillsboro Rd, #12-F                       $169,900                        $160,000              139 2025 Woodmont Blvd, #308                   $184,900                        $181,250              222 403 Ashlawn Court                                $224,900                        $217,000               71 3315 Golf Club Lane                              $239,900                       $223,000                53 203 Boxmere Place                               $249,900                        $235,000               197 4210 Hillsboro Road, Apt 209                  $299,000                       $290,000              262 119 Westover Park Ct                            $299,900                        $293,000               68 4400 Belmont Park Ter Apt 230               $344,900                       $300,000              149 3826 Bedford Ave                                  $599,900                        $500,000              211 2411 Crestmoor Road                            $639,000                        $639,000              … (0 comments)

davidson county: August 2008 - Closings in Nashville's Sylvan Heights / Sylvan Park Area - 09/27/08 04:04 PM
Davidson County, Nashville, TN 37209 Market Report
Here's a list of closings that occured in August 2008 in Nashville's Sylvan Heights and Sylvan Park Area:
3809 Nevada Ave            List Price:  $174,900          Sales Price:  $169,000     DOM:  88 408 McAdoo Ave                             $296,900                            $289,000               95 4312 Westlawn Drive                       $525,000                            $516,000               96 4301 Dakota                                  $574,900                            $579,900               124 Average List Price:  $392,925
Average Sales Price:  $388,475
Average Square Footage:  1998
Average Sales Price Per Square Foot:  $194.43
Average Days on Market:  100
For more information on this report or for other real estate information in the Nashville area, please call Emily Lowe at 615.509.1753

davidson county: Ease Your Lunchtime Hunger Pangs at Caesar's Restaurant in West Nashville! - 09/27/08 03:14 PM
It's inevitable:  I have been up working for a while and it hits me.  Those lunchtime hunger pangs.  Those "I can't go on if I don't have FFFOOOOOODDDD" feelings. 
Well, Nashville, if you're near White Bridge Road near West End, then pop in to Caesar's Italian Restaurant where you can get TWO buffets plus two soft drinks for $12.48 (with your Clipper Magazine coupon, that is)!  It's kind of tricky to find - not obvious at first.  Look for the Target, Stein Mart and the Office Max.  Caesar's is to the right of the Office Max in the corner of Lion's Head … (0 comments)

davidson county: Remodeling my Potting Shed in Nashville's Oak Hill, Part I - 09/27/08 02:55 PM
I live in the Oak Hill subdivision of Nashville Tn, close to David Lipscomb University.  My Davidson County house was built in the 1940's.  A lot of the homes in my neighborhood and on Glendale Lane have small barns and/or potting sheds in the backyard. 
Because my Glendale Lane home is an older one, there are a LOT of projects that I have been wanting to do. 
One of these "fixing up" projects was to paint my house.  Well, that has turned out to be the easiest of the projects, although I can't say that painting the house was any fun.  … (0 comments)

davidson county: August 2008: Nashville's West Meade and Hillwood Area Real Estate Residential Closings - 09/25/08 02:16 PM
In Davidson County, the West Meade and Hillwood subdivisions are a popular area to reside - they are so close to Vanderbilt and Nashville's West End area!  Here are August 2008's single family residential closings:
6728 Fleetwood Drive     List Price:  $285,000     Sales Price:  $276,500     DOM:  21 5800 Vine Ridge Drive                   $324,000                        $323,000              151 6647 Clearbrook Drive                   $333,000                        $322,500              265 783 Saussy Place                          $335,000                        $328,900              42 612 Davidson Road                       $339,900                        $308,000              80 730 Templeton Drive                     $349,900                        $325,000               0 115 Haverford Drive                      $366,500                        $345,000               79 5711 Stoneway Trail                      $379,900                        $335,000               96 6312 Robin Hill Road                    $424,900                         $395,000             133 661 Brook Hollow Road                 $449,900                         $430,000              133 715 Summerly Drive                     $499,000                         $489,000               20 302 Hillwood Boulevard                 $999,000                         $950,000              14 133 … (0 comments)

davidson county: August 2008 Report: Nashville's Green Hills Home Closings - 09/24/08 12:31 PM
Here are the homes closed in Nashville's Green Hills (37215 zip code) in the month of August 2008:
3804 Abbott Martin     List Price:  $295,000     Sales Price:  $290,000 1411 Otter Creek Rd                  $379,000                       $379,500 4102 Oriole Place                      $399,000                        $390,000 3818 Dartmouth Ave                  $425,000                        $420,000 5886 East Ashland Dr                 $429,000                        $419,000 4202 Estes Road                       $529,000                        $510,000 6105 Stonehaven                      $549,500                        $545,000 1004 Estes Road                       $599,000                        $582,500 3802 Auburn Lane                     $799,900                        $745,000 208 Woodford Place                  $825,000                        $751,500 4121 Elder Place                       $845,000                        $797,900 3436 Hampton Ave                   $974,900                        $875,000 3631 Woodmont Blvd                $995,000                        $950,000 3601 Hampton Ave                   $1,095,000                     $1,000,000 1208 Beddington Park               $1,350,000                     $1,150,000 Average Days on Market were:  128
Average Square Footage was:  3,439
Average Sold Price … (0 comments)

davidson county: Ola! Some Las Chivas for You, South Nashville style? - 09/24/08 07:55 AM
Named for a popular soccer team, Las Chivas is a great Mexican restaurant in South Nashville on Nolensville Road near the intersection of Harding and Nolensville. 

The service is fast and the food is great!  There is hardly ever a wait - just walk in and be seated. You can tell from the moment you walk in that this place is going to be good - there are four television sets blasting soccer games and Mexican soap operas!

I usually order fajitas - they have them every way you can imagine.  While waiting on the fajitas, I like to munch on the … (0 comments)

davidson county: Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch and AIG: What they Have in Common - 09/17/08 02:10 AM
We have all heard the buzz around the sinking of the great Lehman Brothers ship this week.  The overzealous news reporters are calling it "Black Monday".  As in, get ready to stand in the breadlines again, folks!
Well, as Bank of America throws a lifejacket to Merrill Lynch and AIG struggles to find a way to keep its head above water, we at least need to ask why did this happen?  And what does it mean to us in Nashville, TN?  What does it mean to buyers looking for a home loan in Davidson County?  Are we all in for some … (3 comments)

davidson county: We Heard the Bad News, Now Here's the Good News for Nashville Home Buyers! - 09/16/08 05:46 AM
Last night, I watched the National Evening News and it seemed almost surreal as they were describing the three big companies falling apart.  The DOW dropped 504 points and they were talking about long term recovery issues.  STOCK MARKET CRASH!!!!
I could not help but think to myself that really this does not affect me very much.  I will still get up and go to work the next day and continue to do so probably until I am dead.  It won't keep me from leaving some money in stocks and maybe even buying some now.  (Buy low, sell high).

davidson county: Recent Oak Hill Closings - 09/14/08 03:16 AM
Oak Hill had the following closings in the month of August 2008:
3524 Crestridge     Listed:  $279,999     Sold:  $270,000 4033 Russellwood Drive     Listed:  $339,500     Sold:  $330,000 720 Elysian Fields Road     Listed:  $349,500     Sold:  $312,000 1002 Grassland Lane        Listed:  $524,900     Sold:  $515,000 4105 Crestridge Drive       Listed:  $749,000     Sold:  $705,000 797 Elysian Fields Road     Listed:  $799,000     Sold:  $765,000 3600 Franklin Road           Listed:  $999,000     Sold:  $875,000 4931 Franklin Road           Listed:  $1,750,000     Sold:  $1,725,000 Average Bedrooms were 3.88
Average Year Built was 1950
Average Garage fit 2.33 Cars
Average Square Footage was 3805
Average List Price/Square Foot was $190.24
Average Sold Price/Square Foot was $180.58
Average Days … (0 comments)

davidson county: Just Sold - Downtown Nashville Living - Sweet Place to Live! - 08/29/08 03:21 AM
I had one of the smoothest closings ever yesterday. 
In Davidson County, Nashville's Downtown Area offers a variety of cool places to live.  Edgy, urban and contemporary, they offer a very trendy home environment at a very reasonable price!
Just check out this place in Nashville's Hope Gardens, near the Farmer's Market and the Bicentennial Mall, with a GREAT view of Downtown!
Enter Ireland Street:

Built in 2004, with over 1600 square feet, 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms, not to mention loads of windows, a deck viewing downtown and a garage as well!
Check out this cool kitchen!

And … (1 comments)

davidson county: Want to Know How Much to Spend on Your Green Hills / Lipscomb Area Remodel? PART 1 - 08/24/08 02:11 PM
We are all aware of it.  We are all living in it and with it.  What is IT?

Now fortunately (if you live in the Lipscomb area of Green Hills), our Davidson County market has held fairly steady with maybe just a slight decline in price value - especially in the non-remodeled homes.
So, whether you are planning on staying in your home for a while or if you are wanting to put your house on the market and get the highest value possible, a remodel is a good idea.
Not just ANY remodel will … (0 comments)

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