green hills: History of the Georgian Style Home - 01/29/14 04:42 AM

Like many cities in the Southern U.S., the Mid-West, and along the East Coast, the city of Nashville, TN is adorned with one of America’s most consistently popular types of homes – The Georgian Style home (also known as the Federal Style). The Georgian Style stamped its way through the colonies between the 1700’s and the Revolutionary War. In Nashville today Georgians remain spread throughout many neighborhoods such as Belle Meade and Green Hills.
Tied to the work of English architect Sir Christopher Wren, the Georgian was undeniably the more dominant trend in architecture during the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. … (2 comments)

green hills: Great Green Hills Rental Home - Close to David Lipscomb and Belmont University! - 05/19/10 09:39 AM

green hills: Crunching the Numbers: How Nashville Home Owners Can Take Advantage of the $6500 Tax Credit! - 01/19/10 03:43 AM
 Crunching the Numbers:  How Nashville Home Owners Can Take Advantage of the $6500 Tax Credit!

Hey Nashville, you've probably heard about this!  The illustrious $6500 "move-up" government tax credit for home owners!  And maybe you are on the fence, or, if you're like me, you've been so busy that you haven't really had time to look into it.  Well, search no more!  Here is the skinny on that $6500 tax credit, straight from the Government's Website.  As usual, there are stipulations that you must adhere to.  Have a look!
Who is eligible to claim the $6,500 tax credit?Qualified move-up or repeat … (6 comments)

green hills: Hey Nashville: 9 Tips for Improving Your Credit Score! - 01/19/10 03:19 AM
Hey Nashville: 9 Tips for Improving Your Credit Score!

Recently, I wanted to check on my credit score - after all, when it comes to purchasing, credit is EVERYTHING! 
I was divorced in 2006 and, for those of you who have been through the same, you know that your credit is damaged a lot!  I have slowly been repairing it over time and it is starting to look good again!  My message here is that YOU CAN IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT SCORE!!! 
Here are 9 tips to show you how (these did not originate with me, but through RIZ MEDIA):
1. Review your … (5 comments)

green hills: Nashville's Green Hills Area Condo Sales: October 2009 Market Report - 11/17/09 05:34 AM
Nashville's Green Hills Area Condo Sales:  October 2009 Market Report
The Green Hills area of Nashville is proving itself to be a popular place to live with 18 condo sales for the month of October 2009!
During the month of September 2009 in Green Hills there were 15 condo sales, so we are up by 3 for October!
Here is the data:

Burton Hills made the list three times (I love Burton Hills) and I see that there was a closing at the Whitney, a gorgeous new Green Hills condo complex. 
If you are wondering if Green Hills is the right … (0 comments)

green hills: Nashville's Green Hills Area Condo Sales: September 2009 Market Report - 10/29/09 02:25 PM
 Nashville's Green Hills Area Condo Sales:  September 2009 Market Report
In September, sales were a little bit slower in the Green Hills Condo Market than the previous booming August month!  But there were still people moving into condos!  Have a look:
Nashville's Green Hills continues to be a place that people want to live, with its easy access to interstates, dining, shopping and relative safety.  Go Green Hills!
If you are interested in finding a home in Green Hills, Downtown, 12th South, or Oak Hill area of Nashville, or would like to look at other real estate for sale in the Middle Tennessee … (2 comments)

green hills: Nashville's Green Hills Area Condos: August 2009 Market Report! - 09/07/09 04:37 AM
 This month in Nashville:  the Green Hills Condo Sales were healthy again! 
A very desirable area of Davidson County to reside in, Green Hills offers a variety of shopping, night life and eateries with the convenience of being just 10-15 minutes south of downtown and even less than that to Hillsboro Village, Vandy, Belmont and Music Row!
This month's 37215 real estate condo sales shows the popularity of Green Hills very well!  Have a look!

There is plenty more to choose from, so if you are in the market for a new condo or you are wanting to take advantage … (1 comments)

green hills: Nashville's Green Hills Area Condos: July 2009 Market Report! - 08/21/09 03:55 PM
The numbers are in!  In the month of July 2009, there were 16 closings in the Green Hills Condo real estate market!  Just south of downtown Nashville, Green Hills is a desirable place to reside, with easy access to interstates, loads of shopping, eateries and the infamous Hillsboro Pike, which is constantly packed with traffic! 
Within this 37215 zip district, there are many selections for condos, ranging in price from just over $100K to in the millions for a top-of-the-line pad!
But anyway... here's the market report!

There ARE some strange things happening in this market report, though.  Note the … (1 comments)

green hills: Green Hills Condo Sales: June 2009 Market Report is Healthy! - 07/20/09 06:38 AM
The Green Hills Condo Market was very healthy in June 2009!  This is such good news!  It appears as though people are out and about shopping for a new condo dwelling in this part of Nashville. 
The most popular places in June to buy a new condo in Green Hills were Hobbs House, Hillsboro Station and Jefferson Square, but also represented were Arden Place, Four Seasons, Fairsted Park Condos, Park Green, Burton Hills Village, The Hillsborough, and Westover Plantation.

Green Hills continues to be a very desirable part of Nashville to live in, with close proximity to shopping, eating … (2 comments)

green hills: Green Hills Condo Sales: May 2009 Market Report! - 06/11/09 08:54 AM
Good news everybody!  The Green Hills Market Report is quite healthy this month!  It was pretty good last month as well, but picked up just a bit more for the month of May 2009. 
If you are looking for a condo to purchase in Nashville, you might want to look in the Green Hills area!  With 130 active listings, these condos range in price from $110,900 to $1,225,920!  Quite a bit to choose from and something in nearly EVERY PRICE RANGE!!!
So here were the sales for May...

If you are interested in finding a home in 12th … (0 comments)

green hills: Green Hills Condo Sales: April 2009 Market Report! - 05/07/09 08:45 AM
Well here it is - the April 2009 Market Report for Green Hills condos - there were not as many closings in April as there were in March 2009, but there were several closings anyway!
The Hillmont, Arden Place, Georgetown, The Villager, Burton Hills, Versailles, The Hillsborough, Estes Glen, and Hillsboro Place Condominiums were all represented in April's closings. 
I am really looking forward to seeing how the summer months fare! 
If you are interested in finding a home in the Green Hills area of Nashville, or would like to look at other homes in the Middle Tennessee area, … (0 comments)

green hills: March 2009 Market Report: Nashville, TN: Green Hills Condo Closings - 04/28/09 06:55 AM
There were LOTS of condo closings in the Green Hills area of Nashville the past month.  March 2009 showed a dramatic improvement over the previous months!!!  Are we on our way up??? 
Here is the market report on Green Hills Condos for March 2009:

Here's to looking at brighter times!!!
Want to search for condos or homes in Green Hills or in the greater Nashville area?  Start your journey HERE:
And please feel free to call me for a free market analysis, or to list your property:  Emily Lowe 615.509.1753!

green hills: Need to Nosh Now? Try Nashville's Noshville! Now say that Five Times Really Fast! - 03/13/09 08:40 AM
Whenever I need a quick sandwich, I love to go to Noshville's in Green Hills.  It's convenient, it's near my office, the sandwiches are delicious and it's an all around great place to eat!
Definitely try the potato salad, potato cakes, matzo ball soup, the egg salad, the fries, the pickles, and if you have any room left, the CHEESECAKE!!!
The original Noshville's is located over on Broadway and now there are THREE other locations!  I'm not going to type them all out here, but check out their website for all of the information!
Noshville touts itself as an authentic New … (1 comments)

green hills: February 2009: Nashville's Green Hills Condo Market Report - 03/08/09 02:34 PM
Nashville's Green Hills Condo Market remained fairly steady from January to February 2009.  The same number of sales occured (7).  I did notice a sale in The Whitney, which is a beautiful new upscale condo complex. 
So have a look and see what you think!

Now, given that there are currently 90 active Green Hills condo listings ranging in price from $105K to $1.2M, I guess the fact that only 7 sold is really not that great - we could really deal with a better absorption rate!  But, if you're looking at a half full glass, then the … (0 comments)

green hills: SHOW ME THE MONEY: First time buyers are KING in Middle Tennessee! - 03/02/09 05:11 PM
First time buyers, here's what you have been waiting for! 
Think of this as your very own infomercial, although I don't know if my voice actually sounds as good as Billy Mays...
Check it out HERE for all of the info!!!                             
There is a HUGE INVENTORY of homes out there in Middle Tennessee...
Whether you're looking for a single family residence in Nashville, Brentwood or Franklin, a farm in Williamson County or maybe a … (1 comments)

green hills: January 2009 Market Report: Green Hills Condos! - 02/20/09 03:13 AM
You may have noticed that it has taken me longer than usual to get this report out - please forgive me!  My old laptop died and setting up the new one has taken FOREVER!!!!!!  ARG!!!!  Technology is wonderful, but it is sometimes tricky to figure out the new stuff!
Anyway, here is the Green Hills Condo Market Report for January 2009.  Nashville's real estate market is slow right now, but there ARE some properties being purchased...  ENJOY!

So there you have it - 37215 in all of its condo glory for the first month of the year - I'll … (0 comments)

green hills: So I Switched Real Estate Brokerages... Let Me Explain - 01/07/09 04:40 AM
A couple of months ago, I got the word.  Prudential Woodmont Realty was going to be "consolidating" offices.  We had four, and we were going down to one.  The selected office of choice was going to be in Brentwood.
Now, I was a part of the Green Hills office.  And absolutely loved it there.  Loved the people, the owners, everything. And I really do MISS everybody!!!
But the Real Estate Market in Nashville and Middle Tennessee has been slow.  There is not a lot of argument about that.  It has, of course, been slow nation-wide.  The good side of it is that Nashville has … (4 comments)

green hills: December 2008: Nashville's Green Hills Condo Market Report - 01/03/09 04:08 PM
The Green Hills Condo Market turned out looking fairly healthy in December 2008 with 10 closings.  Of course, I use the term "healthy" very loosely, as there are still 91 active listings of Nashville's Green Hills Condos.  And, if you are currently trying to sell your condo and struggling, then this is no consolation to you!  Anyway, here are the closings:

Let me list where the closings were.  These are in order as they appear in the Comparable Market Analysis above:  Versailles Townhouses, Graybar Manor, Georgetown Condos, Brighton Court Condos, Hampton Place, Hillmont Condo, The Hillsborough, Hillsboro Quarters, Regency Park … (0 comments)

green hills: November 2008 - Nashville's Green Hills Condo Market Report - 12/13/08 10:05 AM
It seems that condo sales in Nashville's Green Hills began to move a bit in November 2008!  Have a look at what sold!
For more information on these Green Hills Condo Sales or for other Middle Tennessee Area Market Reports, please contact Emily Lowe at 615.509.1753.

green hills: California Pizza Kitchen Comes to Nashville's Green Hills! - 12/13/08 09:11 AM
So I FINALLY went to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch a couple of weeks ago.  When I had seen it previously, it was always packed out and I HATE to wait for a seat!  Anybody else out there with me on that one?
Anyway, I had a Thai Crunch Salad, which is probably not the "right" or "best" thing to get there.  Here is the description of it - Shredded Napa cabbage, chilled-grilled chicken breast, julienne cucumbers, edamame, crispy wontons, peanuts, cilantro, julienne carrots, red cabbage and green onions tossed with a lime-cilantro dressing. Topped with crispy rice sticks and Thai … (0 comments)

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