oak hill: August 2015 Market Reports - 10/06/15 02:38 AM
The market reports for August 2015 and going forward are now available on my newly redesigned website.  This also means the large, Brentwood East of I-65 report is now available in one, condensed report! 
Oak Hill August 2015 Market Report
West Meade August 2015 Market Report
Sylvan Park August 2015 Market Report
12 South August 2015 Market Report
Brentwood East of I-65 August 2015 Market Report (and now available all in one, condensed report!)

oak hill: Nashville Homes near Natural Beauty Part I - 08/11/15 03:59 AM
Nashville Homes near Natural Beauty Part I
This new series of blogs focuses on some of the best areas in which to buy a home in order to enjoy hiking, biking, walking or running through some of the natural beauty Nashville has to offer.
Radnor Lake
In south Nashville is nestled an amazing state park boasting more than 1,200 acres of paved walking, in-the-woods trail hiking, natural wildlife, breathtaking plants and an incredibly picturesque lake.  Radnor Lake features a variety of hiking trails that vary in length and intensity.  Open during daylight hours year-round from 6 am until sunset allows for before or after … (1 comments)

oak hill: Oak Hill to Provide Recycling Pick-Up - 02/04/11 03:12 AM
Oak Hill to Provide Recycling Pick-Up

It has finally happened!  Oak Hill has partnered with Earth Savers to pick up trash and recycling.
Having moved from Green Hills to Oak Hill, I was shocked to learn that there was no option for recycling in Oak Hill.  In Green Hills, Metro had provided as many containers as someone wanted in order to be able to recycle.  They would not recycle glass, but everything else was a go.
For the past four years since I moved into Oak Hill, I have been hauling my recycling (which is a substantial amount as I … (1 comments)

oak hill: We are Nashville, I am Nashville - 05/17/10 10:31 AM
We are Nashville, I am Nashville
Many of you know that I grew up in the Oak Hill area of Nashville, TN and absolutely love it that I am living here again.  I have remained silent on the Nashville flood so far - I have only commented about it on my facebook page and through my twitter account.  The reason for this is that I have been very saddened by the flooding of Nashville and it has taken me awhile to be able to talk about it.
Saturday, May 1, 2010 I drove down to Spring Hill to meet with some … (8 comments)

oak hill: Special Weather Alert from the City of Oak Hill in Nashville! - 01/29/10 03:47 PM
Special Weather Alert from the City of Oak Hill in Nashville!

As a resident of Oak Hill I received this email today, January 29, 2010 with regards to our current (and beautiful!) snowy conditions...
Special Weather Alert
On Thursday afternoon the City of Oak Hill began a pre-salting program for our roads in preparation for today's weather. The trucks rolled back out this morning to try and keep the streets clear while the precipitation fell. Unfortunately, the mix of snow and ice have overwhelmed our efforts.
At eight o'clock Friday evening we are halting our efforts as the precipitation … (2 comments)

oak hill: Crunching the Numbers: How Nashville Home Owners Can Take Advantage of the $6500 Tax Credit! - 01/19/10 03:43 AM
 Crunching the Numbers:  How Nashville Home Owners Can Take Advantage of the $6500 Tax Credit!

Hey Nashville, you've probably heard about this!  The illustrious $6500 "move-up" government tax credit for home owners!  And maybe you are on the fence, or, if you're like me, you've been so busy that you haven't really had time to look into it.  Well, search no more!  Here is the skinny on that $6500 tax credit, straight from the Government's Website.  As usual, there are stipulations that you must adhere to.  Have a look!
Who is eligible to claim the $6,500 tax credit?Qualified move-up or repeat … (6 comments)

oak hill: Hey Nashville: 9 Tips for Improving Your Credit Score! - 01/19/10 03:19 AM
Hey Nashville: 9 Tips for Improving Your Credit Score!

Recently, I wanted to check on my credit score - after all, when it comes to purchasing, credit is EVERYTHING! 
I was divorced in 2006 and, for those of you who have been through the same, you know that your credit is damaged a lot!  I have slowly been repairing it over time and it is starting to look good again!  My message here is that YOU CAN IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT SCORE!!! 
Here are 9 tips to show you how (these did not originate with me, but through RIZ MEDIA):
1. Review your … (5 comments)

oak hill: Nashville Area Oak Hill Home Sales: August 2009 Market Report! - 09/07/09 04:14 AM
 Happy Labor Day! 
Well, if you were hoping for another great month of sales in Nashville's satellite city Oak Hill, then you are in for somewhat of a disappointment. 
Only two real estate closings this month in this area of Davidson County.  The good news is that they did not take too long to sell - an average of 57 days! 
The house on Caldwell needed a lot of updating, not so much with the house on Forest Acres. 

Sales typically slow down in August - it's the end of the summer, children are headed back to school, etc.
I'm … (2 comments)

oak hill: Nashville Area Oak Hill Home Sales: July 2009 Market Report! - 08/21/09 03:06 PM
I feel like I am always on the late side with these market reports, but this time I do have some legitimate excuses...
I was out of town (trying to escape the heat) and also my little wiener dog of 13 years just passed away.  I didn't realize how difficult that would be, but after having that sweet dog around for so long, it has been pretty tough.  But I digress...
The Oak Hill Market Report for July 2009!  Fairly healthy!  Despite our recent strain of robberies in the area, we did manage to get a handful of sales in our … (0 comments)

oak hill: Nashville Area Oak Hill Home Sales: June 2009 Market Report! - 07/20/09 04:49 AM
The booming month of June 2009 proved to have only two closings in the Oak Hill area of Nashville, TN.  One of them is a bit misrepresented here on the Comparable Market Analysis Chart and I will disclose the reason.  Have a look at the closings first, though:

Despite the fact that the Omandale Drive house says that it has been on the market only 134 days, it has actually been for sale since its construction was complete in December of 2007.  The price on it had also adjusted approximately $100,000.  Choke! 
While I seem to be having no … (0 comments)

oak hill: Nashville's Oak Hill Area Sales: May 2009 Market Report! - 06/10/09 09:54 AM
Well, after the abysmal report from last month, a couple of Oak Hill homes DID actually sell in the month of May 2009!  And in two completely different price ranges! 
There are currently 45 properties on the market in Nashville's Oak Hill subdivision, ranging in price from $320,000 to $5,950,000.  Four of these 45 properties have contracts on them.  So things are looking up!
If you are a resident of Oak Hill or if are new to Nashville and don't know anything about the Oak Hill area, I welcome you to check it out!  It's where I choose to live myself, although I'm … (0 comments)

oak hill: April 2009: Nashville's Oak Hill Market Report - 05/07/09 07:50 AM
Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but after a great March 2009 in Oak Hill, there were NO CLOSINGS in April 2009.
There are currently 35 homes on the market in the Oak Hill subdivision of Nashville, TN, and two of them have contracts on them, so we may see them close in May. 
Currently, the average LISTED price per square foot in Oak Hill is $263.18, with a median LISTED price of $224.25.  The price range is from $349,900 for 2460 square feet to $5,950,000 for 10,822 square feet.
Well, here's to hoping for a better … (0 comments)

oak hill: March 2009: Nashville's Oak Hill Market Report - 04/20/09 06:54 AM
I am greatly cheered to see we had 4 closings in March 2009 right here in our Oak Hill subdivision in Nashville.  Seeing how I was born in Oak Hill, lived in Oak Hill growing up and currently reside in Oak Hill, it means a lot to me to see that Oak Hill does well in every possible way!
Here are the four closings from March:

Funny little extra story about that 970 Overton Lea Road house.  A long time ago they were selling off some art pieces and my mother bought a beautiful stone "pot" that weighed oh, … (0 comments)

oak hill: January 2009: Nashville's Oak Hill Market Report - 03/08/09 02:18 PM
Well, this blog post is certainly a long time in the making.  Completely forgot to do the Oak Hill Report in January, so here it is, March 8 and I'm just going to say the old "better late than never!"
Sooooo... without further adoo. here it is:

January seems to have been a fairly healthy sales month, especially given the pathetic situation in February!
I will say that things are definitely picking up around the office - there has been a definite increase in activity since the Stimulus Package was passed.  I think maybe people were holding their breaths waiting … (0 comments)

oak hill: February 2009: Nashville's Oak Hill Market Report - the word is OUCH!! - 03/08/09 01:59 PM
I went to check out the sales for Nashville's Oak Hill community in February 2009 and... OUCH!!! 
There was only ONE SALE!!!
To me this is really discouraging.  I mean, I know it's the slow season for real estate, but COME ON!!!???!!!!  This speaks volumes to me in terms of what we are dealing with economy and market wise.
So here it is:
The only property sold in Nashville's Oak Hill Community in the month of February was:
5329 Forest Acres Drive - 4 BR, 3 BA, 2 car garage, built in 1969 with 2694 square feet.  The asking price … (0 comments)

oak hill: December 2008: Nashville's Oak Hill Market Report - 01/03/09 03:22 PM
So the results are in:  December's Oak Hill Closings!  Very interesting group of them actually!
 If you are one of the 31 current sellers or are thinking of selling your home in Nashville's Oak Hill Subdivision, the homes on this market report show that the highest dollar per square foot is going to the renovated homes.  To obtain top dollar, you may want to make sure yours is up to par. 
The Omandale Drive house was completely renovated, but a little closer to I-65 than the renovated home on Evans Road - could that have made the difference in … (0 comments)

oak hill: November 2008: Nashville's Oak Hill Market Report - 12/13/08 10:26 AM
Well, Oak Hill, November 2008's Market Report looks remarkedly similar to Octobers!  Only two closings to speak of.  However, it IS looking more promising for December.  There are 38 active listings in Oak Hill ranging in price from $314,000 to $4.9 million and 5 of them have contracts on them!  So maybe things are picking up a little!!!
If you would like to know more about the Oak Hill Real Estate Market, or if you would like any information on Middle Tennessee / Nashville Real Estate, please feel free to call Emily Lowe at 615.509.1753!
Happy Holidays Oak Hill!!!

oak hill: A Hit and Run on My Oak Hill Driveway - Nashville, Can You Help??? - 11/07/08 01:04 PM
The morning after Halloween this year (2008) I awoke to find part of my driveway destroyed and car parts, cds, a Ron Jon surf shop sticker, and other junk strewn about the yard.
This vehicle (most likely an SUV) should be missing a wheel cover part, a front license plate holder, a fog light and some other parts.
 If anyone knows who did this, would you please contact me at 615.509.1753 - THANKS!!!


oak hill: Market Report on Nashville's Oak Hill - October 2008 - 11/07/08 12:33 PM
The Oak Hill area in Nashville's Real Estate Market definitely was moving slow for the month of October 2008.  Go ahead and check out the closings - but don't blink - you might miss them!
Well, I guess the numbers speak for themselves.  40 active listings and 2 CLOSED?!?!?!   October 2008 = SLOW MONTH FOR OAK HILL!! 
So if you are one of those sellers in Nashville's Oak Hill right now, hang in there - you are not alone!
And for you buyers, what are you waiting for?  There's a lot to choose from here and take it from … (0 comments)

oak hill: Great Information on Nashville's Oak Hill - Check It Out! - 10/13/08 04:21 PM
I live in Oak Hill, so I am always looking for more information on it. I was on http://www.city-data.com/ looking at the statistics for Nashville, TN and when you scroll down a little bit further you can find more information on Oak Hill!  Click below to view! 

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