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New Housing Bill Will Force Loan Modification
Courtesy of Claudette Millette
I will join the dissenters on this one.  This would be a bad thing for America.  I see this as a process that could blow up in many Honest Americans faces.  We have enough government in the middle of 'free enterprise'.  As someone above mentioned - Barney Frank is one of the key authors that got us in this mess in the first place.  Should this pass, WE will be on the hook for billions more that we simply cannot afford.
Look at the billions already handed out that we will never see a dime back on to the various financial institutions (to include Freddie and Fannie) and the auto industry.  Enough is simply enough.
When does it end?  Do we retro this?  Do we give Honest Folks who lost everything their homes and their 401K's back?  Who is the judge and jury on who is Honest and who is not? Acorn? (Sorry, couldn't help myself on that one).
Seriously, we need to step back and let our economy fix itself.  The dollar is currently a joke on the global market - it will only get worse if we don't start holding people accountable and that includes ... more

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