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Jobless Recovery
Jobless Recovery?
What is a Jobless Recovery???  It is where we claim that he recession is over and that everything is back to normal.  Manufacturing, housing and retail sectors are back to business and we are fine. 
Are you kidding!!!
If I am out of work there is no recovery, being jobless is a very serious situation.  Jobs give us the money to spend to purchase the things that are made.  Houses, cars, groceries, goods, stocks, anything that makes this economy work.  How else could we have a recovery?  I guess if we were exporting goods to other countries and they had the jobs to purchase our stuff.  That is not happening.
What about government paying us (unemployment or welfare) but government does not have money unless it taxes us and takes it from those that have it and give it to those who don't.  Or government could keep printing money until the dollar is worthless.  Either way that does not work, therefore, without jobs we only have a false recovery.  Do not tell me we have a jobless recovery. 
The economists tell us that the unemployment rate is now over 10 percent and climbing.  More people are losing jobs and getting ... more

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