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Texas' Ron Paul to the Rescue! Proposed Fed Audit. for role in Finanical Meltdown.
Here's the story on Yahoo about auditing the Fed and making Wall Street pay for the bail-out:

What's interesting here is that once again, Barney Frank, while appearing to support something akin to Congressional oversight, actually is against a full-blown audit of the Fed. 
A lot of this mess can be largely laid at his feet.  Not because he intended for this to happen, but by him and his coleagues crafing financial legislation for cramming social engineering down the throats of Americans via financial institutions.  He has repeatedly been against cleaning up Freddie, Fannie and the Fed (our financial house) since the mid 90's.  Check out his voting record and bills and the results of those votes.
Why? One may ask.  Hint: Follow the money!
This Congress is so far in the hip-pocket of special interests, its disgusting.  And while the previous Congress was bad, we just put a lot more the this type of BS in office!
Ron Paul proposed the audit and has over 300 members of Congress on board.  But the Finance Committe Chair (BF) is against it.
Go figure.
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