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Here is an Idea to Run an Effective Government
Why do we keep electing officials who have no ideas to solve the problems we face?  It seems many of our elected officials know nothing about balancing a budget.  We continue to elect and reelect the same people with the exact same qualities, or lack thereof.  I propose we fashion a test.  Before a person is allowed to run for any public office they must first prove they can manage money.  If they can survive for one year on an income of $25,000, they qualify for public office.  They can live any where they choose.  The $25,000 must pay for their families housing, transportation, food, clothing, education and medical coverage. This will give our elected officials the experience of seeing how the average person lives.  This should force them to think before raising taxes when the economy sours. Imagine what the average family faces.  Prices rise, government falls short of cash, so they increase taxes.  They charge another $25 to license your car.   Another $1 to fill the tank.  Another $2 to shop for clothes.  Another $2 to use the phone.  $5 a month more to heat the house will not effect too many people.  Just before Christmas, when the shopping ... more

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