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Spalling Concrete due to rusting steel
     In modern construction the use of steel reinforcement in concrete has become the norm.  It was not always this way.  There are not usually too many problems that arise as a result of doing this as long as the concrete is of good quality and the steel is far enough away from the surface.  The concrete itself creates an environment that “naturally” protects the concrete from corrosion.  If a pathway for water and other corrosive elements like salt can find there way to the steel, rusting can then happen.  As steel rusts, the oxides build up on the surface causing the steel to expand.  This causes the concrete around the steel to “spall”----to peel away.  This then exposes the steel to even more direct adverse conditions leading to an even faster rate of corrosion. 
     In this first picture one can see where the surface of the wall has been pushed away exposing the rusting steel.

     In brick homes, steel lintels over doors and windows can cause the same sort of problem resulting in lifting of the bricks that cause diagonal cracks that radiate away from the ends of the steel.
     I saw some of the ... more

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