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Isn't It Funny How, When It Rains, The Phone Doesn't Ring!
We're all expecting a bombarded day in the beginning and then it starts to rain.  Isn't it funny how, when it rains, the phone doesn't ring!  Unexpected weather can turn an appointment filled, expected busy floor time schedule and planned open houses or broker opens into a dreadful wasted day.  Client cancellations, no walk in customers or calls and no attendance at open houses.  What do I do with all this "TIME".  What's your Plan B? 
Customize, Revitalize, Organize, Prioritize (CROP). 
Customize: to build, fit, or alter according to individual specifications.  Revitalize: to give new life or vigor to.  Organize: to arrange by systematic planning and united effort.  Prioritize:  to list or rate in order of priority.Rainy days are awesome!  They lend to uninterrupted thought!  
WOW, at last a day where we can actually plan for the future (even if it's just for tomorrow), instead of hastily making one decision after another, one appointment back to back, one phone call after another. 
Clear your mind, CROP, (if you will) all the other stuff out of the picture and take this "TIME" to benefit your business.
Consider updating your photo, schedule an appointment to have it taken.What's your BRAND?  Most Agents are too busy getting leads, returning emails, researching for Clients, etc... they never ... more

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