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Have We Been Duped?
If you have been a member of Active Rain for a while you've probably run across Nutsy S. Wallenda, Steven Smith's certifried home inspection assistant. Nutsy's a self proclaimed adventurer, entrepreneur and all around mans man. He's without question quite an interesting least in his mind. Recently the nutty one has been, according to him, taming bare in Alaska.
I'm here to say to you Nutsy, poppycock! Rounding up bare indeed.
Recently as I was driving down the Wilbur Cross Parkway here in Connecticut on my way to an inspection (when Nutsy was purported to be in Alaska) I was startled by a car whipping past me at break neck speed. The vehicle was moving around the road like a pinball swerving into my lane nearly clipping my bumper. This crazy fools maneuvering resulted in me stringing together some colorful descriptions of his ancestry while simultaneously flying the one finger salute.
Suddenly the license plate caught my eye. It wasn't really that hard to miss since it was filling up a good part of my view since this idiot's rear end was in my face.
I did a double take, no it couldn't be.
Let me stop here for a ... more

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