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A Solution for the Leaf Assault
If only Autumn's gorgeous colors could last forever!  Sadly, our seasonal eye candy is slowly disappearing, which means work for us to keep the landscaping well groomed.  However, there are ways to put nature's gift to work for a little while longer.  There are much better things you can do with autumn leaves than bag them, even if you're not an avid gardener.
Just running over them with a lawn mower a few times might shred them enough so that they filter down into the lawn, to the lawn's benefit.
If leaves are so abundant that they would smother the lawn, go ahead and rake them -  let the kids have their way with them - then move them beneath your shrubs. A blanket of leaves there keeps the soil from washing away and exposing delicate feeder roots. That blanket of leaves also keeps the soil warmer in winter and cooler in summer.
The result: Your shrubs should grow and look better.
As far as nutrients, leaves are not much different in composition from much-touted horse manure. And as leaves decompose, they become increasingly able to sponge up water - something to think about in June as you haul out the ... more

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