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Are You Hiring?
Are You Hiring?
As a Real Estate Virtual Assistant I have built contact forms and encrypted email links into my websites to enable potential clients to contact me quickly and efficiently.  I spent my time and money on that.  I have certain filters set up so that if a message comes in from one of these forms or links I can respond thought behind this of course, is that if I don't answer the potential client quickly, they might go on to the next Real Estate Virtual Assistant down on the list and I will have missed out.  I love it when my little "potential client" alarms go off...I think of the possibilities as I rush to open the message...sometimes only to find out that it is - yet AGAIN - someone abusing my contact forms to ask me if I am hiring!  Here's how I answer that question:
Dear Jack:
While I applaud your tenacity in researching potential firms to partner with, I have to wonder if spamming business owners' contact forms that were obviously specifically designed for client inquiries is the best way to go about it.  Perhaps instead you should use a generic email link or ... more

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