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A Question To Ask Yourself To Maintain Perspective
We have all seen those people in our lives around us or on TV or the movies. With egos the size of Montana. Self importance. Self grandizement. The world revolves around them. Where is the humility in these people, that OTHERS count too?  For all of us with power, fame, wealth as we climb the ladder,
A Question To Ask Yourself To Maintain Perspective.
That question is, Is what I am doing or worrying so much going to matter in a 100 years? Probably not.
Pearl Harbor and a 9/11 event stick. What you are doing that you think is so important, most likely no one will know about or remember even.
I say that, because we really have to stop thinking we are all so important in everything we do. You see high levels of narcissism on Twitter especially by celebrities telling you of their latest projects or what restaurant they ate at. Even Facebook posts by us commoners. It is entertainment at best but importance NO.
You are driving your car to the Grand Tetons. 100 years from now? What was your name again? Perspective is good, cause it helps us focus on MEANINGFUL things not so much drivel which ... more

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