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Wall Street Gone Wild!
Wall Street Gone Wild! Strategic Defaults? There was a fraud perpetrated on the American people by no less than Wall Street and the Federal Government. And, if you don't believe it, I have a bridge I'd like to sell you that goes from Brooklyn to Manhattan. Or, you have your head buried where the sun don't shine. Most of my clients were put in positions due to no fault of their own and homes values went up so much so fast they were afraid if they didn't buy at the "artificially" inflated prices they would not be able to buy at all. While they can make the payments why should they be the one's "caught holding the bag" when Freddie, Fannie, et al and all their CEO's, and Wall Street execs got and continues to get millions and million of dollars in bonus'? What am I missing? These traitors made millions if not a few billion in salaries and bonus' off the back of the financially destroyed American home owner, and just as catastrophic, a collapsed American economy. Let's point our fingers at the right people. The bubble burst and prices dropped 40 -60% ($10 trillion for the 130 million homes) ... more

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