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Murder In Sanford Florida - No One Has Mentioned This
Since the shooting of Trayvon Martin the "Stand Your ground Law" has come under extreme criticism. 
Earlier this week I wrote another blog about this before it gathered nationwide steam. There is a movement a foot to have George Zimmermans concealed gun permit revoked.
There are other voices demanding that Stand Your Ground be repealed. CBS NEWS REPORT CASTLE LAW Most states have a version of the Castle Law.  Basically it says your home is your castle. If an intruder forces you into a position in your own home where you have no place to flee, and you fear for your life,  you are justified in shooting them. STAND YOUR GROUND The Stand Your Ground law operates on the same premise as the Castle Law except it is applied outside the home.  If you are being attacked out in the open, like a parking lot in a mall, and have no way to escape, and no help is available,  and you fear for your life, you are justified in shooting the perpetrator. The onus is on the shooter to make a case that they indeed feared for their life or safety.  The threat has to be real. OPEN ... more

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