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Piling it On

A comedy of errors can describe events that from a small misunderstanding snowball into a near catastrophe. Thankfully no gets maimed or killed, but some damage is done. Being a home inspector I view quite a bit of what I would call comedic measures that stem from a misunderstanding and a lack of general knowledge. Often the intention is noble, while the result is far from what had been intended.
Climbing through a scuttle hole to inspect an attic not long ago, I was immediately confronted with a large yellow mound. This hill it turned out was a long ridge of fiberglass insulation batts extending a good ways down the attic. Seeing an air handling unit and duct work, I suspected this heap of insulation was made while the HVAC equipment was installed and then never replaced. It was a good assumption as in my experience out of the way places like attics are often where some contractors leave messes.
I entered the attic and wended my way to the end and back. Along the way I saw several items of interest. The most apparent was the black stains on the roof sheathing. The stains were almost exclusively on the ... more

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