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The day the DEA came to my Dad's place...
A post on Facebook reminded me of the time when DEA agents doing a fly-over spotted my Dad's flourishing garden in a clearing several hundred yards down from his house.  They landed and plotted the coordinates to Dad's garden, stopping in town to ask directions to the "Demps England place." Of course, they were wearing the signature blue jackets with DEA emblazoned across the back (DEA, by the way, as in Drug Enforcement Agency).
Word gets around quickly in a small Arkansas town in hill country. Of course, Dad heard within minutes that DEA agents were on their way to his house; and he set out for his home, which was located on a gravel lane off of a gravel county road. He arrived in time to see them setting fire to a huge pile of uprooted tomato and okra plants, the plants he had carefully planted, fertilized, staked, and tended in the spot he had cleared by hand. Surrounded by trees, the garden received full sun only part of the day; and located in a low spot, it received maximum moisture during the dog days of summer.
It still bothers me that Dad neither sought or received any compensation for the incident. No apology was ever issued, and no ... more

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