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Water - Waste Not Want Not Even in the Northeast USA.
Water is not an infinite source with only about 2.5% is fresh water with 68% of that in glaciers and ice caps. So it is important that we conserve water use in the home as well as around the yard.
Here are two great links for tips on how to use water efficiently:-
     ~ In the house and yard.
     ~ Sustianable Lawn care.
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Is there a more precious resource than water? We live in a desert and you'd think that people who live in a desert would take great care to conserve and protect our water supply. You'd think, but everyday, especially in the summer we see water being wasted.
There are many ways to waste water but one that really puts my teeth on edge is putting water in the street while watering a lawn. Someone turns the water on to water their lawn and forgets about it. Within a very short period of time there is water running down the street sometimes for blocks and blocks.
Yesterday, on my way home, I saw water running down a street in my neighborhood and decided to ... more

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