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One Thing Leads Us To Another
Hansel and Gretel out in the woods left a trail of breadcrumbs to follow back home. Unfortunately, being children they did not realize, all though I would suspect a few adults would not have seen the error, bread was a bad choice for a trail marker. Without their doughy clues to follow, the children become lost in the dark and sinister woods. Eventually, as so often happens in fairy tales, things worked out for the best for the two wayward children.
Now if Hansel and Gretel had attended a survival training course, they would not have wasted their food leaving an edible trail marker through the woods. Their schooling would have taught how to look for subtle clues to where they had been and natural signs to indicate their direction. Clues are everywhere, you just need to learn where to look and recognize.
Not unlike inspecting a house. The task requires knowledge and observation. The order of the skills is necessary. Without understanding, recognition can not occur through examination.
As is often is the case with a buyer inquiring about a home inspection, a comment is made to the effect of;
"I/we, my uncle, dad, best friend walked through the entire ... more

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