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Circuit Breakers: What To Do When They Trip in Stamford, CT
A circuit breaker is a device that’s specifically designed to prevent dangerous electrical situations from happening. Those dangerous situations include a short, which means that the hot and the ground or the neutral are touching before getting to the light bulb or load on that circuit. And it can produce a lot of heat and it can eventually lead to fires. That’s why we use breakers that trip to prevent that kind of situation. Besides that they also trip when there is an overload. An overloaded circuit typically happens when you’re using several devices that require a lot of electricity on the same circuit at the same time. In general devices that either get really hot or really cold draw a lot of power. So those devices include hair dryers, freezers, refrigerators and air-conditioning as well as microwaves and toaster ovens. You should try and avoid using several power hungry devices on the same circuit at the same time.
So for instance let’s say you have a whole bunch of relatives over for the holidays and everybody’s trying to get ready at the exact same time. In that situation multiple hair dryers are going on at the same time and ... more

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