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Are seasoned tradeline legal? So what kind of tradelines do we sell?
Im sure you’ve heard old cliché: if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. This is no exception. Of course there is mis-information out there also, so let's get the facts straight.
First of all any advice from the credit bureaus is false, unless it is legal rights which are mandated by the
federal government. For example, they advised you not to use credit repair, but of course they don’t want you to do this because then they make no money once the illegally posted items are removed.
The concept of a seasoned tradeline is that you pay a stranger hundreds or thousands of dollars to add 
you as an authorized user or joint account holder on their credit card. The goal is to get the score high 
enough to qualify for a new loan, or better interest rates.
There are several problems with this concept. One is if the joint holder adds more debt doesn’t pay on 
time it will negatively effect your credit. The scheme works, but the goverment says it is illegal, 
although they do not regulate the practice. The other problem is that once an underwriter sees
this or someone who has already pulled your credit, they are going to ask, how did this show up 
so fast, yet be aged? Also, depending on the type of loan, the seasoned tradeline may not even 
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