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Vetting those Urban Legends
One of the little aggravations of email and Facebook, is the mostly false rumors which are circulated time, and time again.   Some have been recirculating for years, while others are more recent.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if folks vetted these type of emails before they hit the “forward” button and perpetuated the myth? 
Here are just a few I’ve seen just this past week.  I’ve put them through or other sites which authenticate the urban legends populating the internet.
(1) Did Chipotle employees refuse to serve 8 NYPD officers, and put their hands in the air and say, “Don’t Shoot?”  This information has been deemed “Mostly False” by Snopes.  Here’s the link to that information:
(2) A video currently being circulated purports to capture killed teenager, Michael Brown beating and older man over the theft of a backpack.  Snopes has found this video is not of Michael Brown, and has deemed the posting as “FALSE.”  The link to it can be accessed via:
(3) An email which has been circulated via email and Facebook, has claimed that the Australian Prime Minister told Muslim immigrants they must learn the English language, and adapt to Australian culture, or leave.  This email and postings to Facebook have proved “False.”  Here’s what an “Urban Legends” site has to say:
However, among the ... more

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